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  1. Money starts first round proper AFAIK, £2000 R1, £4000 R2, £6000 R3, £8000 R4.
  2. Only one way to find out how you fair and here's a junior club looking to find a keeper. Seems like an opportunity to see if you can get along to training at least to see if you can win a deal no? If nothing else you'll be better for the experience. :-)
  3. Unlikely. He's started his coaching career (he's early 30's now) with one of the Uni's other sides I think. Looks like he's started planning for life after playing and the Uni are supporting that. To be fair, in LL the Uni is as good a place as any to do that given their football programme. Doubt the Shire could offer anything similar.
  4. Probably on the community club website mate, try the lowland league one: Headings at the top, section for squad in there. Not all new signings added yet, guy who does it is on holiday.
  5. Big Gus laying the smackdown on STV. Goan yersel Gus.
  6. So, at this stage, the whole of Scotland = Top Bois. Magic. I'm torn now between a Brexit win, or a remain due to Scottish votes. Scenes either way.
  7. Even moreso if that Scotland remain vote keeps England in if they vote leave. That would be funny as f*ck.
  8. Lowland league season starts that day mate, unlikely to get any interest in here.
  9. I find it hard to believe anyone could watch that and believe Boris is ever PM material. I'm not a huge fan of Salmond but debates line that are absolutely his wheelhouse, he f*ckin destroyed Boris, made him look like a complete amateur.
  10. To be fair, I know he's a good player, I was more meaning why do you think he's steped down a level. I was just wondering if you'd seen any LL is all. Though it has been fairly well covered already, I've seen a fair bit of East and West juniors and this season a lot of LL. From what I have seen the top 6 in the LL (and East Stirling will be in that) would comfortably compete on the park in both regions of the juniors. Outside of that, not so much. I think recent results in the Scottish would back that logic: Linlithgow comfortably beating a team in the bottom half, with Talbot (who won the league in both seasons and the junior Scottish in one) put out two years running by top 6 LL teams, having comfortably beaten a lower team the round before. In my opinion, top 6 from all three leagues would be a superbly competitive league at teir 5. There's not as much between the teams on the park as many in the juniors think, off it the LL is stretching ahead, which should be more of a worry for junior fans then it seems to be.
  11. First round is 03/08 BTW, second 17/08. Midweek fixtures rather than Saturdays, presumably site to there being more teams and thus more round this year?
  12. Selection, like all other cups for the following season, based on previous season league position. That means East Stirling qualify based on finishing bottom of League 2. City, Spartans, Stirling Uni and Cumbernauld Colts as top 4 of Lowland in 2015/16. So, this seasons Lowland participants are Spartans, Colts, The Shire and Stirling Uni.
  13. Out of interest, an opinion based on?
  14. 2-4 (Spartans, Stirling Uni and Colts) from last season and East Stirling based on their league finish last season too (they were still in league 2, same reason they get into league cup I think)
  15. Make sure they water it for you, the Recs is the stickiest astro in the world on a nice day. Other than that, you're right, it's a very good setup for our level.