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  1. Colts lost their keeper to a red for handling outside the area (daft as there were no strikers anywhere near the ball) 5 minutes into the second half at 0-1. Gretna immediately lost a defender for dangerous play, which looked harsh, a yellow probably right. Ref perhaps evening things up after realising a mistake with the keeper red maybe? Colts, with a central midfielder in goal for 40 minutes, had the better chances to score but didn't take them, conceding in the 91st minute. On paper maybe not a bad point having played with no keeper away from home for 40 minutes, but in reality they'll likely see it as 2 points thrown away, given the chances and the bizarre decision from the keeper.
  2. Surely any negotiation would also have automatic promotion on the table. Can't imagine the ambitious clubs in LL and HL would not, at the very least, look to get the winner of their playoff into league 2 without having to beat the bottom team.
  3. Cheers, but I can't take any credit for taking the video, that was one of our dedicated club officials. I got a copy for doing analysis of the game more than anything, but seemed like the goal should be shared and was a good chance to learn something new (creating the opening credits). I'll probably get round to doing full highlights for this one, while the club finalises who is doing the filming and editing going forward. Toe in the water this game, hopefully Colts TV will kick off from here (for home games at least).
  4. Surely you meant to have a question mark at the end of that question, not a full stop? Typos are easy done. Sorry, couldn't resist. [emoji3] Sorted all the same, at least I got it right in the actual video, that would have been trickier to fix.
  5. Only so much music you can get royalty free. :-) Wouldn't have been my first choice either.
  6. Winning goal from yesterday :
  7. Same Management Team. James Orr & Craig McKinlay Co-Managers.
  8. No worries. It's CEC by the way. My phone auto corrected and I didn't notice. :-)
  9. Turn on CEDC/passthrough in kodi and on your TV (and amp if you have one) and your tv remote will control kodi. I have 3xPi3 in different rooms, all set up that way and all working with the TV remote when you switch to the CEDC enabled HDMI channel. Mrs uses it fine too. Saves you spending any more money.
  10. Top 2 would be about that. Auto entry to Scottish second round = £2k (r1) + £4k (r2) and challenge cup R1 about £3.5k. That's without winning a game in those competitions the next season. Win in round 2 it's another £6k for r3 and win the challenge cup first round I'm sure it was around £5k more. Winner gets more (league cup entry on top of that). Does second get league cup too, I can't remember? Third and fourth would be £2k for auto Scottish first round entry and £3.5k for challenge cup. No prize money for the LL itself that I'm aware of, it's the competitions you qualify for and at what stage the next season based on where you finish, plus how far you progress in those competitions. FYI - if a team get relegated from SPFL2, they get the same as the winners of the LL based on previous seasons standings (Scottish r2, League cup and challenge cup), on top of their 40k (has been quoted in press but I've not been able to verify) year 1 parachute payment, plus the (again, quoted in press but I've not verified) ~32k for finishing bottom of SPFL2, meaning they have a huge financial advantage over the rest of the league. This season was an anomaly in that regard as EK had the Celtic money to compete with the Shire.
  11. "In a separate development, a cross-party group of 50 senior European politicians have pledged their "full support" for an independent Scotland's membership of the EU in a letter to the Scottish Parliament's Presiding Officer Ken MacIntosh. The MEPs and parliamentarians from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Greece and Malta, say "Scotland would be most welcome as a full member of the European Union" if Scotland votes for independence and pledged to make the process "swift, smooth and orderly as possible". The European politicians criticised the UK government for pursuing a hard Brexit, and for refusing to "properly take into account the preferences of Scottish citizens in the withdrawal process". They said they recognised that "Scotland voted strongly to remain in the EU" and that now "the question of Scotland's constitutional future, and your relationships with the UK and EU, are for the people of Scotland to decide."" Seems to be more of this coming all the time as the EU look to strengthen a negotiating position while at the same time dismantling one of the fundamental scaremongering tactics of past and present. That's from the BBC by the way, not an indy friendly source, before any accusations fly. :-)
  12. Yes, 1-0 at K Park. Also beat Spartans home and away. Huge injury list has hampered consistency in their league standing, but lots of good individual results. Also worth pointing out that 5 lads were 19 or under on the park again last night, 4 of them starting and 2 of them getting goals.
  13. For Battlestar fans, left Katie Sackhoff (36), right Tricia Helfer (42).
  14. First time I've seen either of them this season. Decent game to watch but Celtic a million miles ahead of Rangers. As an observation, do Tavernier, Waghorn and Keirnan have something on Warburton? They are, Tavernier in particular, hilariously terrible footballers. There's not many fullbacks you could call a poor man's Mo Ross! If those two play at the back every week its no wonder they lose goals.
  15. FWIW I think they will try and put them straight into L2, ignoring their own Pyramid and pandering to the OF (Warburton quoted today as saying putting them in LL would be detrimental to their development), increasing L2 number and proposing nothing else. If the SPFL clubs do the right thing and tell them to bolt, which is a big if, then yes the LL is full. That will mean nothing to our overlords quest to make sure their favourite sisters are happy though. What they will then try and do is split LL east and west, creating the necessary places for a good few colts teams and invite interested juniors to join also. This will be sold as "doing the right thing", which to be fair splitting LL probably is, but for completely the wrong reasons. There will of course be no restructure above LL/HL, which should really be a prerequisite, having more teams in L2 to allow automatic promotion/relegation plus a second playoff spot from the now 3 leagues below. Or maybe there will be and come teams will take up the created spaces in L2. Whatever happens, it won't be thought through, it won't be cut the good of scottish football, certainly won't be as good fit developing Scottish talent as say a rule which means the top teams must start at least 6 Scots (but that doesn't suit the OF preference to pay over the odds for second rate foreigners) and the lower league teams and fans will just be expected to take it.