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  1. There's no money in the prelims outside of a gate receipt split as far as I'm aware. Prize money starts at 2000 for all teams in first round proper, then goes 4000, 6000 (cumulative) for rounds 2 & 3. So any non league club getting to round 3 gets 12000.
  2. NLC own the stadium, CC funded the 4G, I believe.
  3. Seriously, this "expenses" line is fairly tedious. EK are spending more on their playing squad than anyone in the LL. You only have to look at the players they have and where they came from to know that. There's nothing wrong with this, they earned the right to do it through performance in the Scottish and by being a well run club even before that. They are ambitious and want to get into the SPFL and are spending the money (pretty well it seems, not as if they are bringing in poor players) to give themselves the best possible chance to do so. I don't understand why anyone has a problem with that or would feel the need to try to convince anyone that their squad is expenses based to any great degree (obviously there might be a handful). If its sustainable for the club and gets them where they want to be, fair play to them.
  4. As before, I didn't say there aren't issues to overcome in the pyramid, just like you're not saying there aren't issues (some pretty fundamental ones like fixture lists and floodlight use) to overcome in the juniors. I am stating, again, that none of the issues stem from the LL being a closed shop and I reject that as the main premise of your original post I answered. Its very much open, in every sense. That there's a shortage of teams who meet the requirements or have the ambition to play in it is a different matter. The league is 4 years old and in every season it has moved forward in terms of interest, quality and structure (league cup access, challenge cool access etc), it's top teams proving themselves on the park against all grades (for the most part). By contrast, I played in the West for over a decade and I find it hard to think of a single thing that changed in that time, other than crowds falling and the standard dropping (at regional level). Consider this though, if the junior superleagues East and West were to implement a minimum at of requirements such as entry level license, which is actually a pretty sensible set in terms of safety, facilities, behavior etc., would they be in the same position as the LL with teams electing not to go into then because they want to avoid being held to those standards? I think you'd probably find they would. And that is the main crux of the issue with future turnover of LL clubs. But, you have to draw a line somewhere in terms of those standards and tier 5 seems appropriate. Having been to lots of LL games the past season it is noticeable. Now some people will like that and some won't, but the important thing here is that the opportunity for any Sunday league amateur side who wants to progress into the senior game has a defined route to do so. And it's not actually that complicated. In terms of Junior involvement, that ship has sailed I'm afraid. To move en masse they would have had to engage 4 years ago. The only route now (and in my opinion the most sensible anyway - keeps your regional setup but still provides another step between that and full national) is for the Junior structure to plug in at tier 6 in its entirety, merging with SoS and EoS. Pride (and in many cases arrogance about the standard of the LL) means that will never happen. What it needs is someone in charge to enforce it.
  5. The reality is, no matter how much you wish it, the LL isn't a closed shop. Your own team, if they had the ambition to do it, could get licensed, move to the EoS, win it and the LL would have no option but to let them in. Same applies for any team at any level. In fact, the very definition of not being a closed shop, "effectively" or otherwise . As I said, big difference between being closed and some teams not being interested in it. There have been 5 team additions at LL level in the last 3 seasons. CSS, HRA, Colts, BSC and East Stirling. That's 1 away from a third of the league. Bit silly calling that a closed shop and clearly there are teams with ambition who are interested. There may be issues, granted, but heading into its fourth season the league is going in the right direction. Inventing issues, such as this closed shop nonsense, really isn't required.
  6. No, it's clearly not a closed shop. There's a route into the LL for anyone who has the ambition to take it. That there are a shortage of clubs with said ambition is a different issue (and a different question), but what you suggest is that an open door is actually a closed door just because no one wants to walk through it? That's some "if a tree falls in the woods" philosophical sh*t. :-)
  7. Friendlies are for a lot of things, the result isn't one of them or you're doing it wrong. Looking at friendly games as a measure of how teams or grades stack up against each other (in either direction) tells you absolutely nothing.
  8. Money starts first round proper AFAIK, £2000 R1, £4000 R2, £6000 R3, £8000 R4.
  9. Only one way to find out how you fair and here's a junior club looking to find a keeper. Seems like an opportunity to see if you can get along to training at least to see if you can win a deal no? If nothing else you'll be better for the experience. :-)
  10. Unlikely. He's started his coaching career (he's early 30's now) with one of the Uni's other sides I think. Looks like he's started planning for life after playing and the Uni are supporting that. To be fair, in LL the Uni is as good a place as any to do that given their football programme. Doubt the Shire could offer anything similar.
  11. Probably on the community club website mate, try the lowland league one: Headings at the top, section for squad in there. Not all new signings added yet, guy who does it is on holiday.
  12. Big Gus laying the smackdown on STV. Goan yersel Gus.
  13. So, at this stage, the whole of Scotland = Top Bois. Magic. I'm torn now between a Brexit win, or a remain due to Scottish votes. Scenes either way.
  14. Even moreso if that Scotland remain vote keeps England in if they vote leave. That would be funny as f*ck.
  15. Lowland league season starts that day mate, unlikely to get any interest in here.