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  1. For Battlestar fans, left Katie Sackhoff (36), right Tricia Helfer (42).
  2. First time I've seen either of them this season. Decent game to watch but Celtic a million miles ahead of Rangers. As an observation, do Tavernier, Waghorn and Keirnan have something on Warburton? They are, Tavernier in particular, hilariously terrible footballers. There's not many fullbacks you could call a poor man's Mo Ross! If those two play at the back every week its no wonder they lose goals.
  3. FWIW I think they will try and put them straight into L2, ignoring their own Pyramid and pandering to the OF (Warburton quoted today as saying putting them in LL would be detrimental to their development), increasing L2 number and proposing nothing else. If the SPFL clubs do the right thing and tell them to bolt, which is a big if, then yes the LL is full. That will mean nothing to our overlords quest to make sure their favourite sisters are happy though. What they will then try and do is split LL east and west, creating the necessary places for a good few colts teams and invite interested juniors to join also. This will be sold as "doing the right thing", which to be fair splitting LL probably is, but for completely the wrong reasons. There will of course be no restructure above LL/HL, which should really be a prerequisite, having more teams in L2 to allow automatic promotion/relegation plus a second playoff spot from the now 3 leagues below. Or maybe there will be and come teams will take up the created spaces in L2. Whatever happens, it won't be thought through, it won't be cut the good of scottish football, certainly won't be as good fit developing Scottish talent as say a rule which means the top teams must start at least 6 Scots (but that doesn't suit the OF preference to pay over the odds for second rate foreigners) and the lower league teams and fans will just be expected to take it.
  4. Few games missing hibbee. Leith have played cumbernauld 4 times competitively in the last two seasons: South Cup: Colts 0-0 Leith (Colts 2-1 in et) Scottish: Leith 0-0 Colts Replay: Colts 1-0 Leith South Cup: Leith 1-4 Colts Aside from the last one, all close games with only one goal in 270 regulation minutes. Hard to tell in one off games, but having seen Leith in all 4 of these I would confidently say they would more then hold their own in the LL. Very good side with a couple of players in particular who could slot into the top LL sides no bother in my opinion.
  5. Don't be daft, you are as entitled to your opinion as any of the rest of us are to counter that opinion with ours. Unless you mean you want to be able to put your opinion out in the wild with no-one allowed to scrutinise it, which is both a little hypocritical and not how the Internet works. Craig and James are indeed doing really well at the Colts and I'm happy to be able to help them out with that. Incidentally, wasn't one of your previous opinions (or one that you backed at least) on social media) that the five year stability they had brought to the Pace wasn't good enough and they should leave, which they did? Think I said at the time that opinion was flawed as well, which both their success and the Paces troubles since would back. FWIW I've seen a few games recently and I think club are heading in the right direction with the right people involved. Sure, every junior club could use more help, but the guys in charge are the right ones in my opinion. Gaffer also seems a good guy, has found some good young players, just missing a little bit of experience at times but that comes with games. I think, from what I've seen, they will hold their own this season with a fit squad (a team worth of injuries at present) and if the group sticks together they will be better for it. Also saw a young lad from the youth setup score his first goal in a recent friendly, which is also encouraging. It's not quite the doom and gloom that this thread sometimes suggests. That's my opinion.
  6. All of them are stupid when asked on a public Internet forum rather than to the people you know could answer them directly face to face. You know who they are, where they stay, where the park is and you're about 5 minutes from all of it. This isn't rocket science. If I want to know how much an apple costs in Tesco, I don't post it on a feckin random shopping forum on the Internet then get my panties in a bunch when Tesco don't answer, I go to tesco and ask the right feckin people. Unless of course it's not the answer to the questions I'm actually interested in, it's making people think there's a problem that's more important to me. #not-very-good-at-this-trolling-lark
  7. Pretty self explanatory I would have thought. Given you're so keen, consistently, to play this or any other disagreement out online, rather than with the people you already know can answer your questions in person, there would have to be be a high probability that any information given would be used in this forum or social media to further whatever petty agenda you have at any given time, or just for your own point scoring/amusement if for whatever reason you (or anyone close to you with whom it was shared) decided that day you didn't agree with something. You've very much backed yourself into that corner by your actions, no one else. As I said, you make your bed you need to lie in it. I'm afraid, as far as I'd be concerned, until you proved I could trust you, you'd get nadda. That said, I'm nothing to do with nor do I speak for Dunipace, just a fan, so maybe if you went about it in the right way those who are might still answer whatever questions you have. Given your recent history though, they'd be taking a chance with anything sensitive, in my opinion.
  8. Again Pricey, seriously? Given you know EVERYONE in a committee position at the club and live within a couple of miles of all of them (and the park itself), how about going and asking the question sensibly in person rather than continually trying to ask it on a public forum like anyone sensible would tell you anything important on here? To be fair, given your habit of troublemaking publicly, you've already shown you probably shouldn't be trusted with information anyway, so if it were me I'd probably tell you to do one. You make your bed and all that...
  9. I think that could be applied to most of the teams at the top end of the Lowland league, East and West. Cumbernauld, East Stirling, Whitehill, Spartans etc all have players who otherwise would be playing (or came from) top end of the junior game. Hardest thing for many of those LL clubs to overcome with players is the money available in the Juniors playing budgets. Despite what people think (EK and Shire left aside) there's not as much in the playing budgets in the LL, that's an area the juniors have the edge. The appeal is different though (Facilities, Fixture Lists, Night Games, Scottish Cup etc.), something different. Bottom line, the LL do a lot of things right and so do the Juniors. Neither are 100% right or wrong, they are just "different". I don't see either going away any time soon and I don't see a merger unless there's a full restructure of the lower leagues (for East/West/Highland I think there needs to be at least two promotion spaces, one automatic, from the 3 regions, so a 10 team L2 doesn't work, would need 16-18). It is hard not to say the LL is getting stronger year on year though, so in 10 years who knows where we will be.
  10. Other Junior clubs are free to spend the time and money required to get licensed in order to get the same level of grants as the Colts Lowland team (just like Linlithgow Rose and Girvan), no? They don't get any more from their investment in a licence than any other licence holder does not any extra grants from their community club or quality mark then any other holder. Not sure it's entirely rational to hold a grudge against another club in your area because they are benefiting from their long term planning, effort and investment and your own club isn't for no other reason than it's own choice not to follow that path. That's not a criticism of United or Kilsyth in any way by the way, played at both many times and both good clubs with a good setup. Just saying you can't have your cake and eat it. If you are envious of another club benefiting from being a licence holder/Quality Mark club/Community club, do what they did and put the effort into getting all of that for yourself. They didn't get there without significant effort, not like they are handing these things out for no reason.
  11. There's no money in the prelims outside of a gate receipt split as far as I'm aware. Prize money starts at 2000 for all teams in first round proper, then goes 4000, 6000 (cumulative) for rounds 2 & 3. So any non league club getting to round 3 gets 12000.
  12. NLC own the stadium, CC funded the 4G, I believe.
  13. Seriously, this "expenses" line is fairly tedious. EK are spending more on their playing squad than anyone in the LL. You only have to look at the players they have and where they came from to know that. There's nothing wrong with this, they earned the right to do it through performance in the Scottish and by being a well run club even before that. They are ambitious and want to get into the SPFL and are spending the money (pretty well it seems, not as if they are bringing in poor players) to give themselves the best possible chance to do so. I don't understand why anyone has a problem with that or would feel the need to try to convince anyone that their squad is expenses based to any great degree (obviously there might be a handful). If its sustainable for the club and gets them where they want to be, fair play to them.
  14. As before, I didn't say there aren't issues to overcome in the pyramid, just like you're not saying there aren't issues (some pretty fundamental ones like fixture lists and floodlight use) to overcome in the juniors. I am stating, again, that none of the issues stem from the LL being a closed shop and I reject that as the main premise of your original post I answered. Its very much open, in every sense. That there's a shortage of teams who meet the requirements or have the ambition to play in it is a different matter. The league is 4 years old and in every season it has moved forward in terms of interest, quality and structure (league cup access, challenge cool access etc), it's top teams proving themselves on the park against all grades (for the most part). By contrast, I played in the West for over a decade and I find it hard to think of a single thing that changed in that time, other than crowds falling and the standard dropping (at regional level). Consider this though, if the junior superleagues East and West were to implement a minimum at of requirements such as entry level license, which is actually a pretty sensible set in terms of safety, facilities, behavior etc., would they be in the same position as the LL with teams electing not to go into then because they want to avoid being held to those standards? I think you'd probably find they would. And that is the main crux of the issue with future turnover of LL clubs. But, you have to draw a line somewhere in terms of those standards and tier 5 seems appropriate. Having been to lots of LL games the past season it is noticeable. Now some people will like that and some won't, but the important thing here is that the opportunity for any Sunday league amateur side who wants to progress into the senior game has a defined route to do so. And it's not actually that complicated. In terms of Junior involvement, that ship has sailed I'm afraid. To move en masse they would have had to engage 4 years ago. The only route now (and in my opinion the most sensible anyway - keeps your regional setup but still provides another step between that and full national) is for the Junior structure to plug in at tier 6 in its entirety, merging with SoS and EoS. Pride (and in many cases arrogance about the standard of the LL) means that will never happen. What it needs is someone in charge to enforce it.
  15. The reality is, no matter how much you wish it, the LL isn't a closed shop. Your own team, if they had the ambition to do it, could get licensed, move to the EoS, win it and the LL would have no option but to let them in. Same applies for any team at any level. In fact, the very definition of not being a closed shop, "effectively" or otherwise . As I said, big difference between being closed and some teams not being interested in it. There have been 5 team additions at LL level in the last 3 seasons. CSS, HRA, Colts, BSC and East Stirling. That's 1 away from a third of the league. Bit silly calling that a closed shop and clearly there are teams with ambition who are interested. There may be issues, granted, but heading into its fourth season the league is going in the right direction. Inventing issues, such as this closed shop nonsense, really isn't required.