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  1. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Hawick and Vale would go into South of Scotland would they not, rather then East of Scotland? Like Threave did?
  2. East Kilbride FC TV Match Highlights

    That's the worst red card decision I've seen in quite some time. Was there even any contact other than running into each other? 4th goal was a peach.
  3. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    I think he is saying they have taken 28 from the last 30 after a slow start, not that they need 28 from their remaining games. Talking about current form.
  4. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Whatever people think of the Lowland & Highland league, you'd be as well knocking them off the bottom of the pyramid if this goes ahead. What's the point in all the teams in those leagues putting in the effort to get licensed / join the pyramid if they get usurped by SPFL youth teams?
  5. Old Firm Colts in L2

    It was a joke, as you had mentioned Cumbernauld Colts, in the post I quoted. No idea why you have brought up the other two Cumbetnauld teams.
  6. Old Firm Colts in L2

    Surely if the Old Firm are getting Colts teams parachuted in further down the pyramid then the converse of that is that Cumbernauld get a team parachuted into the spl. [emoji14]
  7. Amazon echo

    Couldn't live without it. Tied into home automaton it adds voice control to my heating, lights, plugs and TV's. Allows me to group devices (which the native platforms don't) to control in a oner. Walk in my front door "alexa turn on downstairs lights" and they all come on. End of the night "Alexa turn off downstairs turn on bedroom" and everything downstairs goes off, bedroom lights and TV are on for me getting upstairs. Changing colours/brightness of lights, boosting the heating, listening to music plus all the general things we use it for (paired with "our groceries" so my wife and I have the same voice controlled shopping list for example) and we couldn't live without it. Have 3 in the house. Everyone's use case is different I guess, but with the right set up is far from gimmicky. I can see how that would be the case if you dont have/use other things with it.
  8. Pro Ev 2018

    I'm not an online gamer really (too old [emoji4]). I mainly play master league, if I want a change my club. Have always been a Pro Evo guy (since 2!) so have plenty of hours in it. Probably played 2017 for a good 1000+ hours. 2017 I was comfortable at superstar, started 2018 at top player. I'm just finding it frustrating. Obviously you expect to lose games, especially when you start in ML mode than you win. I don't expect to win every game of anything. It's the way that I'm losing that's annoying me. I'm 2 seasons in now and find the overall experience frustrating. Some of my issues: - the opposition scores from like 70% of their efforts on average, many games 100%. - my attackers at times couldn't hit a barn door, at other times always hit target but the 70 rated keeper is clawing out of every top corner - players stand and do nothing (or run away!) when the ball breaks near them if you don't change cursor - defending is useless, particularly in and around your box - players needlessly run to cover space they don't need to cover, leaving men open where the film always then goes, if one of your other players move. - when you do manage to challenge a com player lots of times they fall in front of you and sit there for a second while you can't get round them to get the ball, they retain the ball - when the ball breaks in the opposition box, all my players run away (even holding square) leaving them ready to get out. In my box I get dammed swarmed if it drops (rightly) Overall, it feels like the COM AI has improved dramatically and I do like the changes in the passing mechanisms. But at the same time it seems that the player AI has been dumbed down to a level that at times its like watching Chelsea play Hawick RA!
  9. Pro Ev 2018

    Next game, 3 shots against, 3 on target, beat 3-0. It's not fun at all this game. Just hugely frustrating watching your team stote around like they just wandered in off the street as the opposition waltz around. Back in the box before I smash the telly me thinks.
  10. Pro Ev 2018

    Hate it more I suspect. Last game I had 18 shots, most from inside 18, 12 on target. Opposition 2 shots, 2 on target. I got beat 2-0. That seems to be the story at least every other game, regardless of opposition. It seems a nonsense.
  11. Pro Ev 2018

    Been playing this for two days and think it's the worst pro evolution game in years. Every opposition goalkeeper is better than De Gea regardless of stats and every opposition striker, regardless of stats, finishes like Ronaldo. And don't get me started on your players just standing around like dummies when you're not controlling them. What have Konami done here!
  12. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    You sure? If he is it must have been a fairly long time ago. Montrose before Colts and full time with Aberdeen for at least two years before that. Edit: Don't think he ever was. Hence my confusion at the link.
  13. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    I'm sure it'll be on the highlights, but looked to me like the shire player got annoyed at not getting a foul on the touchline and chased the (different) Colts player till he got close enough to have a lunge from behind and wipe him out, the ball no where near in any sort of playing distance. You could take your pick from violent conduct or endangering an opponent, it was a mix of both. "tripped him" seems more than a little blinkered. As I said, sure the highlights will show it, so it may look different to one of us on second viewing. Didn't see what followed, but was described to me as "handbags" so I'll assume there was nothing in it. No idea what the link to Falkirk Academy is. [emoji4]
  14. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Aye, he should have gone, everyone in the ground other than the one who makes the call could see it was 100% a red card. Just one in a long list of nonsense decisions against both teams on the day from what is the worst display I've seen in quite some time from a team of officials (all 3 made some bizarre calls). Thankfully, didn't have much of an impact on the result. Shire were by some distance the better side all over the park and in the end 3-0 flattered the visitors somewhat. But for a few cracking saves and a few poor misses it could / should have been more for the home side, the home keeper not having to make any sort of save in the 90. Better team won comfortably, no doubt.
  15. TV Shows of 2017

    1/ Stranger Things S2 - Netflix 2/ The OA S1 - Netflix 3/ Startup S2 - Amazon 4/ Fear the Walking Dead S3 - AMC 5/ The Punisher S1 - Netflix Noteable mentions for: Ozark - Netflix Halt and Catch Fire - Amazon Sneaky Pete - Amazon Goliath - Amazon Mindhunter - Netflix Vikings - Amazon Shooter - Netflix Silicon Valley