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  1. The Star Wars thread

    FWIW, I said the same about TFA. Though there didn't seem to be as many instances in that and they at least seemed in the right places. This one started out that way, in the opening scenes, which I thought set the wrong tone for the whole movie. Plus, as above, I don't like Poe, which didn't help. Just my opinion, I know folk will disagree, I'm not trying to convince anyone.
  2. The Star Wars thread

    Mostly agree. I was pretty disappointed. From the opening scene where Poe is taking the piss out of Hux for cheap Disney laughs it felt (unfortunately as my daughter has that on all the time) like a descendents film. I half expected a musical interlude. It totally detracted from the seriousness of the situation for me, and not in the way Ford depicted Solo in the originals where it added to the scene. This was just forced Disney pish that added nothing. Similarly when Luke threw away the lightsaber. Luke has never, ever, been that jovial. The Leia scene, less said about it the better. For me, Adam Driver saves the film from getting the worst of the franchise tag. His portrayal of Kylo Ren was excellent, and along with Ridley and Hamill, carried the film. There was nowhere near enough of them and far too much pointless storylines. The Finn/Rose half hour was cringe worthy and a total waste of screen time that should have been devoted to Kylo, Ray and Luke. And there was far too much of Poe. As a character I have no time for him. I think of I was part of the rebellion he'd 100% be the victim of a friendly fire incident. Every time he comes on screen I think Nick from "New Girl" has wandered onto the wrong set. He's just totally out of place for me and when compared to, for example, Cassien in Rogue One, who is a similar character, he just comes across as a complete child. Overall, pretty disappointed, but for the 3 main characters who I didn't get enough of and the throne room scene. Of the new films, Rogue One pisses all over this. Too Disney, not enough Star Wars. One last thought. I thought they missed an opportunity for those of us who grew up with this franchise during the Kylo/Luke fight scene. Master, Apprentice, fighting, Luke surely knowing he was about to enter the force, surely "if you strike me down I will become more powerful than you could ever imagine" had to be the line. Even though I didn't like the film, I still reckon that would have had me welling up.
  3. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    Wow. Verge of tears type nonsense. Take a breath. BSC right back bought the foul with a big scream as he kicked the Colts striker while clearing the ball. You see it at every level. He's done well to get it and was straight up running away. A red? Behave. Also let's not forget the same BSC right back should have been in the shower by that point anyway for what actually was a shocking challenge from behind on the Colts winger 2 minutes after coming on. Anyway, back to reality and a draw was probably a fair result in the end. Colts might see it as a chance missed having been 2-0 up and cruising before BSC scored with their first shot on target on 46 minutes, a scrappy goal on the second phase of a long ball (shocker) that Colts never cleared properly. One of the few occasions over the two ties Colts haven't dealt with that threat. Second half BSC changed shape and scored early with a good effort from 25 yards from Murray. Each keeper really only having one save a piece of note after that. At least BSC tried to play some football second half to their credit, having spent the previous 135 minutes of this two header hoofing the ball up to Paulo as early as possible and playing of seconds. And they actually looked more then capable at it, so maybe they will do that more often as the season progresses (6th time I've watched BSC this year and first time they have deviated from "Plan A" in any of those games). Penalty was a big moment. Think the Colts player probably bought it with minimal contact in the same way the BSC right back did above.Good save from the BSC keeper though, leading to Paulo having a moment of madness and rightly getting sent off for it as BSC became more and more "industrial". I think the final foul count I saw on the stats was 6-19, some of that 19 pretty poor. The visitors were never likely to finish with 11 men and really it seemed quite fortunate they finished with 10. Anyway, good couple of weeks for the Colts and hopefully Spartans and EK can capitalise on the favour Colts have done them by taking 4 points from BSC. Personally I think it would be a shame for the Lowland League if aggression and hoofball were to end up champions over two genuinely good footballing sides in Spartans and EK. I still maintain Spartans are the best I've seen this season. Yes, before anyone criticises, it's fair to say BSC's 'style' is not to my taste. That's my personal opinion. Plenty will be happy with it and to be fair to them they have been good at it this season and getting results, so good luck to them. Not for me though.
  4. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    2-2. Colts missed a late penalty and BSC finished with 10 men.
  5. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Yep. A better comparison for the BSC>Alloa, Stirling>Falkirk argument might be, for example, Clyde playing in Cumbernauld, which no one bat's an eyelid about (quite rightly as location is largely irrelevant to the merits or otherwise of any club really, I don't buy that argument either).
  6. Berwick v Cowden

    Best stonewall penalty I've ever seen. What happened next, footballs funniest moments type genius.
  7. Breaking Bad

    Just finished watching this again from start to finish. Absolutely first class TV, beginning to end, in so many ways. The final season is some of the finest I've ever seen, with the third to last episode one of the best, pillar to post, heart and mind messing TV episodes ever. Everything about it is spectacular, the closest thing I've ever found that could rival S01E13 of Sons of Anarchy which I still hold as the finest episode of TV I've ever watched. If anything, the second run through was better then the first and that has prompted me to start rewatching the other series in my all time top 5 to see how they stack up second time through. Nearly finished first season of Battlestar again already.
  8. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    It is though. They have chosen not to join the South of Scotland league, which is the only current option open to them. That is most definitely a choice they have made themselves, the door is not closed for them or any other West side. The suitability (or perceived lack thereof) of that league doesn't remove any West teams option to join it. So it is most definitely their choice.
  9. Will this be Spartans year?

    Best footballing side I've seen this season, having seen everyone bar Civil now. Favourites for the title in my opinion, despite the good start BSC have made.
  10. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Yep, agree on the save. As well as the keeper did, he shouldn't have been given the chance to get anywhere near it. Anywhere but where it went it's a goal. Don't disagree Stephen hat a couple of niggles that I saw, but in the Refs defence Andy had one on him right in front of the dugout and Kyle (I think, may not have been him) hat another not long after. Didn't think any of them on either side warranted any attention personally, other than the one the two of them got booked for going head to head. Given the game (there wasn't really a bad challenge other than Dels, which was only stopping a break and no more than a booking). Nothing to warrant either team finishing with less than full compliment anyway I don't think. Ref never really had any impact on outcome. That was mainly poor finishing from Colts in the first 35 they were in control then a bit of class from Andy when he got his opportunities. That's what seperated the teams I think.
  11. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Cool, thought I was watching a different game. Good to confirm the ref was indeed happy to book players from both teams. IMO, Del (a yellow he knew he was taking for stopping a break) and Andy (going head to head with the Colts player who also deserved his yellow for the same thing) were both warranted. One of the yellows for each side was soft, so pretty even. I actually thought the ref was decent. Del was also a bit fortunate he was a decent ref when he had a wee tug at the jersey at the end of the first half (when the striker nicked beyond him). Not a second yellow for me but there are plenty of Refs in this league who having given the foul (which he did) would produce the card and claim letter of the law. I'm all for refs showing common sense, even if it is unusual! Overall, Colts better side for about the first 35 minutes, should have been at least 2 up having scored one and missed a 100% had to be goal chance (free header from 4 yards). Arguably could have been 3 as the 1v1 lob was also a good chance. Shire had only just a few efforts from distance at that stage. Last 10 minutes of the half though Shire got on top and following a warning where Andy hit the post they equalised in injury time through a tidy finish from the same player, the Colts a bit naive as it came from a breakaway from their free kick delivery into the box when they should have just seen the half out. First 20 or so of second half pretty even, both sides had decent opportunities without really threatening, then last 25 or so Shire the better side, certainly looked the hungrier for the win. Overall, the difference between the sides on the day IMO was Andy Rodgers quality /experience. Two good finishes, second one excellent (though poorly defended on edge of box) and an assist. Had he not been in the Shire team today it would likely have been a different result. Certainly had Colts had someone of his quality up top they would likely have been out of sight in that first half hour.
  12. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    ? Both teams got 3 bookings didn't they?
  13. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    Good debate is always worthwhile Jinky. [emoji106] [emoji2]
  14. Cumbernauld Colts 2017/2018

    I kinda get what they are trying to say, after reading it through a few times. I think the point is: Lots of people in football conflate age with experience without looking at the bigger picture. While in many cases, where you are comparing apples with apples, that's a fair "general rule", if you dig deeper in the Colts team though you find, for example: - Someone with near 50 games for Montrose in the league above - Someone who played nearly 30 games in the East Fife league winning team from the league above (having gone there full time from Aberdeen via loans to a couple of other L2 teams) and with a year in LL - Someone who played with Peterhead, East Fife and Montrose (via full time at Aberdeen) in the league above prior to joining Colts with 2 seasons in the LL now as well. - Someone who played in the league above for Queens Park then had a full two seasons in the LL with EK before joining Colts. - Someone with approaching 200 games in the juniors having played senior before and now in his third season in LL - Someone tome served in the juniors who has represented Scotland (in tournaments abroad) in another discipline of the sport - Someone who played a few seasons with Albion Rovers before spending nearly a decade in the Juniors Of those 7 examples they are 21, 23, 23, 25, 22 & 30. Only one really that fits into the age bracket most deem "experienced" when looking at age in isolation, but you'd be hard pressed not to agree certainly ain't inexperienced lads. I think the question being posed is: Would a different 30 year old with no experience in leagues above, or at LL level, or who wasn't a regular anywhere he'd played in Ams/Juniors (as an example) be more experienced than these guys? And more importantly would they be be a better player in terms of quality? That's a debate I guess, but I think that's the point the poster was trying to make and to be honest I think there's certainly merit in that argument. And let's be honest, if what the OP is actually suggesting (as the age of the squad has been mentioned a few times) is bringing in a number of older/more experienced (however you define experience) but also better footballers, I suspect they may be hugely overestimating the resources available to teams like Colts (and others in LL) in order to do that. As an aside, what is hard to legislate for I guess is so many of those guys from a single squad being out injured/unavailable at the same time. But any team would miss these sorts of players, not just Colts.
  15. Colville in the Senior Scottish

    Think it was a compliment. :-) I'd wager he means that Colville deserved to go through, they can only play against what's in front of them on the day and they took full advantage. But I'm sure they'd have been surprised themselves about how little they had to do for their win. CC players turned in a performance that was absolutely dire to a man (last sub the only exception). Never really recovered from the horror show that gifted a first goal inside 2 minutes. Sterner test for Colville in the next round, no question, but well deserved so enjoy the trip and hopefully you do well.