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  1. Dunfermline V League Leaders

    Personally think that Williamson is the full back that has given us the most problems all season and has been decent across the 3 games.
  2. If I understand it correctly if we take the contract offer off the table for McLean then we would no longer be entitled to compensation. Better leaving it open to him and see what happens
  3. Heart of Midlothian vs St Mirren

    We're getting better though with decreasing gaps between winning the trophy in major cup competitions, from club creation... 49 yrs to 1st win, 34 yrs to the 2nd, 28yrs to the 3rd, 26yrs to the latest
  4. Agree with the rest, but for this one, and looking ahead to a reconstruction later on, I think we probably need to try and future proof it by looking at the percentage of the vote required, rather than numbers... and also put in place rules around no abstentions permitted.
  5. Just on the prospect of Sky either walking or dramatically slashing the amount paid to the league...has anyone referred them back to their own corporate responsibility document, the 1st image and associated caption is quite interesting http://corporate.sky.com/thebiggerpicturereview2011/
  6. Apologies if posted further on...playing catch up. But can I direct the scene where The Yank looks at the books... I have in my head the scene from the 1st series of The Wire where the only thing they say for minutes is F**k or variations of it.
  7. We should insist it forms part of Rangers application to the SFL... "we The Glasgow Rangers would like to be considered a Diddy Club" of course it should be insisted that McCoist or Cardy Man reads it at a press conference rather than delivering it by letter. Of course the response should be that you are not big enough to be a Diddy, and then welcome Spartans or someone else into SFL.
  8. Was speaking with a 3rd Division Manager who painted an optomistic scenario for an ambitious 3rd division club (assuming zombie Rangers were able to win the league) is that the club follow them up via the play-off and get 2, or 3 (best case sceanrio), years of bumper crowds.
  9. Possibly done elsewhere, but as things stand ... Old Rangers SPL Membership SFA Membership Included in fixture lists from Monday On the spike for BTC On the spike for all SFA/SPL penalties Players until TUPE/Liquidation All the debt, but running costs for players/staff No stadium No training ground No discernable income New Rangers No SPL/SFL Membership No SFA Membership Not included in fixture lists Off the hook for BTC Off the hook for SFA/SPL Penalties No players unless TUPEd across (also no new registrations would be allowed if not SFA members). None of the debt, but running costs for stadium/training ground Stadium Training Ground No discernable income
  10. Neil Simpson will deliver the message at a press conference just to make sure the message hits home with the Rangers fans.
  11. I'm sure if you speak nicely to Celtic they will let you borrow the Seville Calculator
  12. Given the way the SPL treated the SPL re stadium criteria, please let the SFL come up with a X thousand standing rule or something else that would get it up them.
  13. Now you are giving us tough choices ...existing bawbags or new bawbags
  14. Right... this is now likely to breeze through 1690 pages... can we set new targets for Thursday please. 1873 seems ambitious, but I'm sure with some effort, and a few pleasing gifs we can make it
  15. Absolutely... they save it up for their travels every 2nd week