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  1. The Photography Thread

    Yeah I have one for landscapes and occasional portraits but I use a 7dii for all the rest. The 6D replaced a 5Dii as I couldn’t afford a 5Diii, and I got the 7Dii recently which replaced a 70D which was great, but the 7Diii was going for £800.
  2. Origins of Football Stadia Names...

    Even in recent times the glebe was the land accompanying the manse. This thread is making me feel even aulder than usual Brock is simply the Scots word for a badger.
  3. They might have waited till the guy in the background had finished his pish.
  4. Rangers 2 Bayern Munich 0, April 1972. The Bayern team included Maier, Müller, Breitner, Schwarzenbeck, Beckenbauer and Hoeness, all of whom won the World Cup with West Germany two years later.
  5. The legendary Benni McCarthy scores for the legendary Whitehill Welfare, July 2014.
  6. Sreaching Junior Badges

    Own up Tam - you're the saddo that took this
  7. ICTFC v Crusaders

    That's me committed now. Train and match tickets. Maybe I should be committed.
  8. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    This guy? http://www.flickriver.com/photos/holygate/16424428739/
  9. P&B Bird Watch

    This one was at Linlithgow Loch recently, ehm, checking the date it was actually Jan 2010 how time flies. There was a big freeze and all the birds were crammed into a wee spot right next to the car park.
  10. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    Last I heard they ran about 6 teams anyway, with 3rd and 4th XI playing ammy.
  11. The Photography Thread

    Met a guy from Ayr once at Chanonry Point, said he travelled up there a lot and he seemed to be getting on fine with the 300. Think he was called Harry.
  12. The Photography Thread

    But nobody will be pointing and laughing like the rest of P&B so fill your boots
  13. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    I was there in 1975 when the main stand was still a bit of a novelty for England, never mind what we were used to in Scotland. The ground still had those funny curved cut-outs behind the goals which you can see in footage from the 1966 World Cup when they occasionally forget to show the winners and show N Korea v Italy or Portugal instead.
  14. Junior football, what is the future?

    It's called The Scottish Cup.
  15. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Faroe Islands! Games every 2 minutes #Nordic