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  1. Scottish Cup 2017/18

    I was there when Whitehill's capacity was set. Although the SFA guys visited for the license, it was actually 2 guys from Midlothian Council who set the capacity. They had never done a football ground before as there were no other licensed clubs in Midlothian. They allocated 700 to the uncovered terracing and the covered terrace would've been similar except it was recently seated so it was about 130. However for the grass banks they allocated only 2 rows of spectators all the way round even though one goes back pretty far. final capacity 2640. Previously it was always reported as 4000.
  2. Gala Fairydean Rovers / Netherdale blog

    Wow. That's some article. Many WW people can be seen including yours truly, Tommy and Sir Peter Here's a reverse photo of the author who flew up from Eastbourne for the day:
  3. Keith vs Clyde

    As long as Goodwillie keeps control of his own tackle he will stay out of trouble Anyway they're all distillery workers up there Haufdaft.
  4. World Cup 2018 Qualifying

    Wouldn't happen. However, referring to UK as England ...
  5. Teachers of P&B

    I taught maths for 31 years. Surds is just the icing on the cake for people wanting an 'A' pass (if such a thing still exists). Higher is all about factorising. If you can't factorise, forget it.
  6. Guess the ground

    St Andrews Utd.
  7. Inverness v Queens

    Shame QOSTV couldn't film from the west side for whatever reason. Mind you it would only show how empty the main stand was. Shame they couldn't find room for Dobbie's free kick in the 15 mins though
  8. Heard it before but have a greenie anyway, made me chuckle.
  9. Guess the ground

    Aye, spot on.
  10. Guess the ground

    Aye but you had the decency not to crop/clone the name off, unlike that shitebag from Clydebank That madasafish address is defunct now.
  11. Guess the ground

    OK quite an easy one in Scotland. Where is Rab this famous P&B poster going?
  12. Guess the ground

    10 October 1992. Peterheid 1 Caley 0. Wow, 25 years ago next week.
  13. Guess the ground

    I know this one
  14. See what you started Sandy you daft c**t
  15. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    Aye but I was there Alan, had to do the filming too, didnae report it as it wasnae random enough