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  1. Did you hear about the deaf pirate? He had nae buccaneers.
  2. Think I should be over for this. Looks like being 1pm kick off. Rab probably means he's got an ammy fixture at 11am
  3. But for away defeats it's 'win ugly' hoofs out the park
  4. What sarge said, but keep checking soccerway right up to matchday for changes in kickoff time (he says from experience).
  5. I remember both of those too. The 2-0 was no shock but the 5-1 was out of the blue as we were going well under Steve Paterson. All I remember is us having loads of the ball and getting hit at pace on the break. We all forgave Pele blips like that as we were a great team, maybe their minds were on the Challenge Cup Final the following week. Terry Christie was watching too and used it to his advantage as his Alloa team beat us in the final. That's possibly the first time ever ICT got giantkilled instead of being giantkillers. Three months later we went to parkhead and won 3-1.
  6. Compared to ICT I think you got off lightly...
  7. Was there about 2 weeks ago watching the Scotland Women, thought the cube houses were incredible. Also de Kuip if you can get away from the missus for a couple of hours. Oude Haven (Old Harbour) right next to the cube houses. Under an hour by train from Amsterdam anyway.
  8. I'm old enough to remember the days when we only got a handful of live games a season, usually Scotland games away. Don't think we even got the cup final in those days. So crowds were much bigger. Went to my first game in 1966, enjoyed going right through my teens in the 70s and keep going even though the excitement only happens occasionally now. Scottish fitba was of a much higher standard than now compared to everybody else (although I think at the elite level the standard is higher now). But because it wasn't on live, there was more mystique about the game, more romance etc. Even if it had been shite we wouldn't have known because we didn't have wall to wall coverage. It goes without saying that I think tv coverage is killing the game and we've bred a couple of generations who can come on here and blab their opinions about any player or team or even other sports, without ever attending a live event. Sad for the likes of me but we can't turn the clock back.
  9. Just as importantly, it was our first ever game in Div 1 after coming up along with Livi. And yet a few short months later (February 8th) we were going ballistic at Celtic Park.
  10. Wyness and Dargo. When will we see their like again.
  11. Not really sure why people make these comments apart from getting in some lazy stereotyping about hairy-ersed hielanders. Since we last played in the same league 5 seasons ago (which incidentally included a 3-3 at yours) we've had 2 or 3 different managers and squads. The only recent result was when Foran's team, which couldn't bully their way out of a wet paper bag, ground out a 5-1 in the League Cup last year
  12. What, maybe two posts, three at the most. Why don't you challenge the individual posters? Most people seem to be objecting to the blatant bias. I've actually been at the tournament and last night I watched back the England - Scotland game. The coverage was utterly cringeworthy. Token Scot Kim Little is expected to join in with all the adulation as we watch the England team stroll to the trophy. Graphics showing the path to the inevitable England-Germany final. Sampson saying they don't need to be at their best to beat France, etc, etc. Boak.
  13. They're passant rather than couchant. Not sure if you dreamt the leopards bit
  14. Updated with 3 reports from Euro 2017 in The Netherlands
  15. Aye it seems an obvious quick fix to get ahead. As I said, I've never seen the top teams in the world so I don't know how they play, but against us, England obviously had more class but they didn't half rack up the fouls. A few cynical ones in amongst them.