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  1. If I didn't know you better I'd swear you were enjoying this.
  2. Been told "my husband is a very keen golfer. Do you have golf in Scotland?"
  3. Harsh. He notched 2 in an 8-1 win at Buckie pre season.
  4. Nice pic. Must be one of haufdaft's. Billy Stark's lugs have stood the test of time.
  5. Think it was about 1917 or thereabouts
  6. As if you bring hundreds to TCS even though you only do the trip twice a season. Plus it costs us extra to replace the hubcaps.
  7. No wonder Rothes are poor. Playing in alcohol fumes every second week. I was pished just watching.
  8. When I took this I desperately wanted it to be the dream combination of a football ground with a distillery behind it, but even though there are 4 distilleries in Rothes that isn't one. Forget now what it is. Think the sheds on the right belong to Glen Grant though.
  9. I half agree with you but from my insider contacts it seems Regan was like many other English imports. He 1) didn't really understand the concept of the Juniors and their impact on the culture here, and 2) Thought a quick fix English solution was easy and we were just all a bit slow/thick up here.
  10. Can you change your name to Einstein's dad? You're comparing a league with a dozen clubs to a setup with 160 clubs and expecting the forum to be busy
  11. Nah. That pub's fairly new isn't it? It was always the County Bar and I'm over 60. I don't live there now but wasn't it a Chinese in recent times? I think the Mayflower was just another team name like Thistle, Bluebell etc.
  12. Apologies, I forgot Edu makes 4. Did Clyde actually start with history and support then? Seriously though, the East-West issue behind all this needs rectified, as the LL was seen as EOS under another name. IMO there's too much prejudice against the LL as I doubt many people in the West have any experience of the LL beyond these boys clubs as you call them. I watch a fair bit of Juniors too and I come through for games. The West Super Premier is an excellent 'product' and as most people say there should be a West/East split.
  13. Exactly. FTFY but keep trying haufdaft!
  14. Yeah, it was nothing great. Forthbank's actually ok, but I'm not a fan of these funny wee enclosed terraces behind the goals. Ross County had one too before they put the seats in the away end.
  15. Very impressed. Don't get this Eidon Hill though. The Eildons are away to the south of the park and I even googled Eidon Hill but found nowt. That looks like the 250m hill with the mast above Langlee.