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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Needs a section in the programme to explain rule changes. That or a flier. I particularly like the new offside rule and the rage created when its taken from the attackng players own half
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Looking at that Aitkens team is miles better than Murrays imo. And as much as I like the players Adamson signed, I'd say that only the forwards are better than what we have now
  3. Not talking to you two ^ So there!
  4. No goalie, dowser, dick or boomer. A back 3 of gal, mango and dill?
  5. Sons' sorrow

    This is what I was trying to highlight in a post earlier in the week. If things are that bad then that should absolutely be communicated to the support. Aye, the Trust doing the hard work again to attract fans is a welcome reaction. But why aren't the club asking for our help earlier in the season? Why are these initiatives only considered when we're skint at the end of the season?
  6. Championship Play-offs

    I'm not overly scared of the 1st Div teams, although I'd like to avoid Ayr. If someones going to beat us please make it Alloa. As well as a strong ex DFC contingent (top boys) they've got a great burger van (rolls and pie) and seem like a well run, tidy club. I dont know much about Arbroath and dont mean them any disrespect. I think the Championship next year would be a great league if Ayr and Raith were in it together.
  7. Were you at the game tonight? Did you hear Carsy shout at Walsh (I think) to fuckin win the ball? These players have not chucked it at all. They're knackered and some arent great players, but they've not chucked it imo. Players have gone off form or been injured and Stevies had to manage that as best he can. I wont single out individual players, but I think the creative or attacking players as a group have underperformed this season.
  8. Our only decent chance in the second half came when Gal overlapped Froxy and let him cross onto Stewarts head. Dowie's not going to make that run, and imo Galls a better rb than Dowser. I was glad to see Hill play tonight and I thought he, Dowser, Mango and Carsy showed a good attitude and played well. I dont see that the players have chucked it at all. I'm going to give Stevie the benefit of makng the righy decisions regarding player selections because I dont see them in training.
  9. Sons' sorrow

    I've been surprised how many regulars at dumbarton games have asked me about the new stadium knock back, that and how little they know of our ownership and brabco's involvement. There's a real lack of knowledge and understanding amongst the support about some big issues around dfc that insinuation and rumour doesnt address. The trust are again stepping up to do the legwork.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    Might be to do with training on benburbs astro. Might not.
  11. Grant Gal having to start at right back is a concern, I thought we'd see Dougie Hill coming into defence instead. Looks like Stevies standard selection of hard working players, hopefully come an hour of play we'll be even when we open up and bring on Birt or Froxy and have a go.
  12. World Cup 2019 Qualifiers

    Went last night with my football daft daughter. Enjoyed it and the child focussed fans zone before the game. Poland were very direct and had the better chances right up to the penalty miss. Thought Little had an excellent game with her colleague in cm. Assuming the daughter wants to, we'll be back.
  13. Seen Iredales goal on twitter; looks to me like Birt is trying to stay up p