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  1. Confirmed January Transfers

    Its either a jobby or its a joabie. Eh?
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Would I buy merch to allow others to join the Trust or buy flags? Probably
  3. Peterhead v Dumbarton

    Wouldnt be a shock to most of us I think if peterhead were to win this. Despite the 2 league gap. Is mcallistar cup tied or suspended by any chance? Is willy gibson still with you and hows he doin?
  4. He played first half as the cm behind nade and was regularly the out ball for a pressurized defence. Not easy to be creative when nades the one guy in front of you. I thought he repeatedly took the ball when under pressure and kept possession for the team well. The fact he picked the ball up so often and had to turn back towards the players behind him is down to him wanting to or being told to keep possession. I thought at times or passing through midfield was pretty decent today. Ally roy was hugely frustrating.
  5. Aye, I thought the poor pitch condition would have impeded you more, but it didnt.. Thought your rb smith was excellent today.
  6. Who to? I thought Handling played well today considering how deep the rest of the team were
  7. Hoping for a good game and no problems with tickets/attendance. Dowie being fit would be a big boost for us, he's been playing well. Hutts should come straight in and I would nt be against wilson starting. I expect it'll be SeaGal, Walsh, Wilson and Roy as our front four to start with Nade and Wilson coming on later.
  8. Did I read that St mirren have beaten us once in seven games?
  9. Worst Manager in the league

    Paul Hartley. Purely because of the toys out the pram reaction to dumbarton beating his alloa team. I like the way Brechin try and play and they seem well organized, so not Dodds for me.
  10. Sons' sorrow

    Also training with Airdrie, his boyhood team. Hope we could get him but if Airdrie can match or beat our terms I think he'll go to them.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Seen on the Livy thread that they're keen on Hardie. Raith fans saying that he's no target man and better where theres space for him to run into, particularly good at 1 on 1s. Not convinced we'd suit him or that we could afford or attract him.
  12. How is the care home working out?
  13. Sons' sorrow

    Facebook search for sons supporters trust travel group
  14. Sons' sorrow

    Watching the sons tv video from yesterday and I'm amazed Mango is still so handsome. He throws himself at everything whether its head first, hip or full body.