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  1. Games off 20/1/18

    Kilsyth v Carnoustie OFF
  2. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    Decio Espinha remember that name!!! Linesman today on paper but quite the worst display I have witnessed, and I have seen some belters!!!!!! Second time we have had him and today was worse than the 1st and that took a bit of beating. Off side from goal kicks in last visit and he went on today to repeat that feat and then had a 15 min spell of utter madness. The ref obliged every time. Some of the decisions were farcical surely he could recognise this guy on my lime is not up to it, but no, he then goes and awards a pen of the harshest nature. A hate getting beat just like everyone else but when you get 3 guys totally destroy your efforts it's a bitter taste to swallow. Well done Darvel you win and we move on, that's what I'll tell myself ..... just no the night [emoji21]
  3. Sat 12th Aug 2017. Goals, & gossip.

    Rob Roy score?
  4. Kilsyth Rangers manager resigns.

    The club computer and scanner and other forms to be processed were all lost in the fire. There will be another 6 players added very shortly.
  5. We have lost 7 games over the entire season in all competions. Have scored more and conceeded less than any other team in our league this season. We have however drawn far too many and more than anyone else in our league. We are more than capable of beating Kilwinning, as we did did at their place last season. We have lost only once at home this season. We have at last,!!! a near full strength team, available for the first time in months. Talk of 6 or 7 over the 2 games?? Bring it on
  6. kilsyth rangers 2016/17

    Think some how this is to do with Cambuslang Rangers and no us!,
  7. kilsyth rangers 2016/17

    Manager Keith Hogg. Assistant Kev Mcbride coach Allan Mackin. Physio Jd Peacock
  8. kilsyth rangers 2016/17

    3 defensive howlers as you put it and a 4th from a missed pen from Kilsyth and yet you deserved a point ??? . 1 shot on target second half and how you should have been 3 or 4 up first half?? Fortunate goal from free kick and then in the swirling wind from the same passage of play our keeper makes 2 saves from crosses under his crossbar both of which were tricky in the conditions but would have been disappointed if he hadn't dealt with them. We were poor for spells and understrength at the back, but you never once, 'opened us up' as you put it, and a dont think Zok had a shot on goal all day. You got in a very good position to inflict out first home defeat of the season for approximately 2 mins after the 2nd goal and then we woke up and the arse fell out your trousers and you capitulated. You deserved to win win over 50mins and deserved to lose over the 90. No hard luck story just fitbaw
  9. Games OFF

    Must be soul destroying. Crunch time of the season all big games but being hampered by these call offs. There are a few other games off today but the weather really hasnt been that bad in this area. Should improve in the coming weeks but its just no viable for 2 teams on that pitch over the course of a season. Perhaps sharing with peasy next year if Rossvale move on as planned is the soloution for next season

    Red and blacks got to be Rob roy guy surely ?? However much he tries to mask it hes still a knob.
  11. Kilsyth Rangers v Bonnyrigg Rose F.C Sat 28th Jan.

    Just a break down in communication really. Usherd into area 'ticketed' but one area set aside for committee and other for hospitality. Not clear and some of the boys were rather unserimoniously advised that they had straid into the wrong area. Not a big deal really but could have been handled better. Nothing like an over offiscious committee man.
  12. Having now read two interviews with the new manager at Cumbernauld I am some what confused as to what it was he inherited when he took over at Thorniewood. I quote "Jp and I had stepped up from Whitefield Rovers to take the Thorniewood job when the club was at a very low point with just one signed player on the books so we were forced to rebuild from scratch to get on an even keel". In fact he had taken over a team that had finished 4th 2 seasons running. "I think the club needs to stabilise a wee bit so hopefully I can have the same effect there as I did at Thorniewood". ? That would mean relagation then? Quite how they managed to oust the then manager Kieron Mcguinnes remains a mystery to most and was why he ended up with 1 player as the rest left out of respect for there previous charge. Now he did have sucsess in a cup and credit where its due but to suggest hes left Thorniewood in a better place than what he inherited!! Now at the first sniff of something perhaps more appealing he has jumped ship. Quote "It’s been a brilliant two and a half years. But ultimately Cumbernauld at the moment, what they’ve got in place just now, the facilities and what they can offer is just a bit better at the moment" A wonder now as Thorniewood plug away back in the district leagues to those commiittee men who decided to part company with the man who guided them to the stability of 4th place in the super league 2 seasons running on probably one of the lowest budgets in the league. Was it a good move ? Perhaps someone could tell us why you brought those guys in and turned your whole playing staff upside down for these guys ? They now leave you mid season going nowhere, and telling everybody on the way out what a good job they done ? Its a funny old game !! Karma springs to mind
  13. kilsyth rangers 2016/17

    Both players are out and out for a few weeks a hear
  14. Kilsyth Rangers v Bonnyrigg Rose F.C Sat 28th Jan.

    Anyone coming from the train or through Croy on Sat should note that the road between Croy and Kilsyth is closed for repair and a detour via Twechar and Queenzieburn will be required unless making the journey on foot . It's about a 5 mile detour or a walk of around 2 miles from the station