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  1. Celtic v St Johnstone 29/8/15

    Routine 2-0 for the Pennies, I don't reckon this Celtic mob are up to much.
  2. Premier League 2015-16

    Palace are bang average.
  3. Is Sky's Super Sunday really super?

    I'm always amazed at just how angry some people get at Sky talking up their product, they are absolutely right to label it 'Super Sunday' and talk about 'the best league in the world' the try build up a sense that it's an event and that its unmissable and it's worked really well for them. I wonder if the same people are frothing at the mouth when the hear Carlsberg described as 'possibly the best beer in the world'?
  4. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Tonic has always been a firm favourite since the barmaid one Sunday was giving me double Glenlivet's for the price of singles.
  5. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    It was Tonic, great place that, I would have ordered a crocodile burger if I'd know mainly so I could have have told them to make it snappy when ordering lawl. I've never been the Phoenix despite being up the Perth roads millions of times.
  6. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Maaaaaate we got in at 11 and the Meat House didn't open until 11.30 so we went to that nice boozer over the road from the Queens hotel and ended up getting a roll in there, which was fucking gid like. Then we got on the batter, a wee bitty annoyed I didn't get my venison burger tbh.
  7. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Tam Scobbie is a fucking shambles of player btw back to the player who came in at left back a few years ago rarely in the correct position. I don't know if it's just a confidence thing because he was looking fairly accomplished for a period but whatever it is he needs to be out of the side for his good and the good of the team.
  8. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    I thought that was a decent game with Dundee just about deserving it although if Bain doesn't make a great save and it's a draw I don't think there could be many complaints. Low was excellent for Dundee what a cracking player whilst O'Halloran Is getting better and better, it's really good to see consistency from him, those two were the stand out players I thought. Also it was Really upsetting to see two of my favourite association footballers Chris Kane and wee Greggy not getting on, I hope that was just a one off. I was fairly close to that and didn't see any spitting or stamping but then again I was pretty mortal.
  9. Premier League 2015-16

    Definitely worse than the Moyes side IMO, they could have done with putting over 90 crosses on to a 6'7" opposition centre half's head before struggling to a draw. Hard to judge after two games but it seems pretty obvious that defensively they have made big improvements, the right back looks excellent the left back is fit but more importantly the quality of the midfield is so much greater that they are less exposed, this is why I don't feel that the goal keeper is going to be as important for them as is being made out. The problem comes in the final third, there is a clear lack of pace in there. Depay looks fine to me but is very young and make a big step up. Mata, two passes aside was awful last night and Rooney looked like he hasn't had a pre season looking back to his very pub player worst. I've never been that sure on how good Pedro is but if I was at United I'd sign him in a second simply for his pace and movement. I'd also Have Herrera in my team as much as possible, such a fine player who lifts the tempo of the side massively when he plays. All the that said they've played two games had three shots and looked pretty comfortable whilst doing so, if they can improve the forward third they should improve again this year.
  10. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Top boy Matty. I've got this app called LiveScore which will mean we can keep right up to date with what's happening at Dens in between the water sports.
  11. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Stornoway Black Pudding and two squirting waitresses? I might not bother with the game tbqh.
  12. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    I've paid £9 for a Byron burger a few times if it's of similar size and standard I'll live with that.
  13. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Cheers, I like the sound of this white wine I must say.
  14. Dundee FC vs St Johnstone

    Here Dundee people what's the Meat House on the Perth Road like? Think I'm heading there for some food before beers with the #ladz
  15. Premier League 2015-16

    That Payet is something else on today's evidence. Arsenal just didn't get going that happens with them from time to time and is why I doubt they will be in a title race in March. Looking forward to the Stoke game, I quite like the look of the Liverpool team, should be played at a decent pace, I'm hoping for a frantic high scoring game.