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  1. really? well ill be going off the top board on the fifers cause im convinced we will lose with a whimper
  2. we are utterly dreadful at the back...with some fanny with a peter grant mask on losing almost every header & been caught woefully out of position. Watson is the centre half equivalent of sooty & christ knows what gallacher is good at but it aint football..how we have got ourselves in a financial pickle again after being sound eighteen months ago is beyond me meaning we will be persevering with theses diddies & our league "challenge" will be over within 6 games...wish to christ i hadnt given this piss taking board my season money again
  3. he had three one on one chances against a bunch of uber diddies & missed them all..its like drawing with boness united
  4. we will get an absoloute tobering I'm not going...that's all
  5. good get crunchie & stainrod on it
  6. how Dumbarton never scored from those two corners in quick succession in the first half is unbelievable....three centre halves in a back four & we are shite in the air...grant got bullied by nade...Watson just isn't good enough ..
  7. ker has been shite for half of last season & has been awful so far...I didn't think he was worst player on the park today ...that was tony gallacher with a clearly unfit rory loy not far behind...gasparotto will never be carlos alberto but if he keeps that up hes better there than muirhead...Houston is a stubborn fucker...ohara on for loy earlier we would have won...our misery against part time teams continues
  8. The last time shepherd done anything was last season at tannadice when he caused them all sorts of problems ... unfortunately this happens very rarely...but can be the only possible explanation for him playing over O'Hara ..who actually always looks dangerous so em this makes no sense
  9. Yes very amusing...mid table would be a massive increase in your relegation battle last season
  10. Craigen needs to start . He & Joe McKee have goals in them..forget Kerr he's done..we need to play him in central midfield
  11. He will though..& maybe he is vindicated in doing so...every bairn would have picked that team & we got a doing..it happens I'll accept it with grace & say we deserved to lose
  12. on paper thats a very attacking side ...kerr needs to prove he still has it in him after a poor end to last season
  13. ........will be a sub...feel free to boo his sitting posture