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  1. In what remote parallel universe is that in any way embarrassing ?
  2. Or Glencairn, the real and original "Glens".
  3. A few years ago, he was on Clydebank's books but I don't think he got much action. Round about the same time as you had Del McNab with you.
  4. Rutherglen Glencairn have confirmed the signing of goalkeeper Jack Baker from Maryhill FC, previously with Cumnock Juniors, Clydebank, Glasgow Perthshire and St Anthony's.
  5. How about an interactive public vote like they do on Eurovision and X-Factor and stuff ?
  6. We've re-signed 15 of last season's squad, and promoted 3 players from the Under 21s, as well as adding Boyd and at least one more to come that I know of.
  7. Rutherglen Glencairn have confirmed the signing of striker Graham Boyd from Irvine Meadow XI, previously with Ardrossan Winton Rovers and Kilbirnie Ladeside.
  8. The West AGM has not taken place yet.
  9. When has that ever been a requirement ?
  10. Lol, thanks for that, but I'm quite happy with the level I'm at just now. :-) The West Region Secretary role will be decided at the West Region AGM next week. Usually the opening fixtures are given out at the AGM by the current secretary, but with his position under challenge this year then that may not happen as normal. However, the potential replacement has already made it public that he has fixtures ready to announce if he is voted in, so we may not need to wait too much longer than normal.
  11. Our guys are back this Saturday.
  12. Less than 3 weeks for us.