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  1. [emoji16][emoji476]
  2. Pictures and a full match report from today's match at Renfrew (from the official club website) are here.
  3. Pictures and a full match report (from the Glencairn website) are here.
  4. You're not wrong I'm afraid. The second half performance was terrible and we paid the price. It all started so positively as well, playing well and scoring a really well worked goal. Then we shot ourselves in the foot by gifting Renfrew an equaliser, I actually felt sorry for Craig McGregor as he clearly had no idea that Jamie Docherty was behind him and thought it was a safe easy header back to big Jack. The second half, though, we huffed and puffed and passed and passed and gave the ball away cheaply far too often. Then we lost two more goals to free headers from crosses, our glaringly obvious deficiency so far this season. The problem today was that Andy Neil felt a twinge in his knee pre-match as he struggles on the astro pitches, and with Dempsey absent Tony Fraser had to fill in at left sided centre back. This left a massive hole in our system as Ndlovu isn't really suited to that role in my opinion. You are right, we need a centre half, and possibly two. The good thing though is that the management are well aware of that.
  5. Renfrew 3 (Jamie Docherty 3) Rutherglen Glencairn 1 (Gary Smith) Pictures and full match report to follow.
  6. Yoker Athletic v Wishaw is off due to a waterlogged area of the pitch at Holm Park. More rain is forecast - any more in doubt ?
  7. Congratulations to Jamie Hunter for getting the captaincy at Rossvale. It didn't really work out for Jamie at Glencairn last season, but his attitude and attendance were second to none, despite him not playing much. He is a great choice for Rossvale and I'll be watching with interest.
  8. Here's hoping, but take nothing for granted. The four automatic promotion places are a huge carrot for everybody and there are a lot of candidates. Last season means nothing now, we have a lot of work ahead of us.
  9. Agreed, you can't tell from either angle on the video whether it's a penalty or not, so it'll just have to stay as inconclusive. I said to you at the game and on here afterwards that I hadn't seen it properly and would wait for the video before commenting. That didn't stop your pal Beckenbaur making up phrases that I've supposedly said and putting quotation marks around them (e.g. "stone wall penalty") to try and give himself some credibility. Instead he just did the polar opposite. [emoji23] Anyway, what a miss from Deco, it was even closer than I realised, how did he manage that ? I don't think the video shows Jack Baker making a save in the game (apart from at the first goal), please correct me if I'm wrong. He wasn't to blame for either goal, and I note that Beckanbaur hasn't responded to me asking him to clarify his bizarre "sieve in goals" comment, there's a surprise eh ? 🤔 The straight red card was for dissent, although Hay was already on a yellow and was getting a 2nd yellow anyway. You can see the referee has the yellow card in his hand, then Hay says something because he knows he's going off anyway, and the ref changes it to a straight red. Silly boy, he'll get a couple of games of a ban now, whereas he wouldn't have for just the double yellow. The disallowed goal is marginally offside, the referee got it right. The Lang goalie stopped when the whistle went just as Smith slips the ball past him, but the defender didn't stop his sliding challenge. I reckon even if the goalie doesn't stop then Smith would still have slipped it past him anyway, I guess we'll never know for sure. Anyway, thanks once again to Gerry for the video, it's cleared up a few matters that were being debated on here, and it hasn't changed my opinion on any of them. We move on, more important matters await, like the start of the league season today... See you in a couple of weeks Jim. [emoji106]
  10. I also don't recall anybody saying it was a "stone wall penalty". I certainly didn't anyway.
  11. I don't do the highlights. And I didn't reply to you, I posted without referring to your post in any way, as the question wasn't one for me to answer. Once again you make an idiot of yourself.
  12. Seriously, what is the point of a reply like that ? It just makes you look like a stupid wee boy. This is a thread for things to do with Glencairn, if you're not interested then just ignore it. The Glens fans will all be extremely interested in watching big Brett, so it is extremely relevant to post details of it on here.
  13. You can watch former Glens top scorer Brett Agnew playing in the FA Cup for Bridlington Town on the BBC tomorrow.