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  1. Is there any reason why Cumbernauld v Largs can't be played on Monday 28th May ?
  2. If we carry our approach to the Troon match into this Saturday's match v Meadow then we will give ourselves every chance.
  3. That depends on the results of Larkhall v Troon and Shettleston v Largs though. Lots of "ifs", "buts" and "maybes". I'm just concentrating on our job, i.e. win and we would be guaranteed at least a play-off.
  4. Another fixture moan

    You're probably correct, my money is on Monday 11th and Wednesday 13th.
  5. Unquestionably the game of the day in the central area is Rutherglen Glencairn v Irvine Meadow. So many different permuatations of results with so much meaning to so many clubs, not just the two teams who are actually playing.
  6. Another fixture moan

    Which now prompts the question of when will the play-offs be scheduled for ? No matter who is involved in the play-offs, this is now a big issue, as Girvan are definitely one of the teams involved. If Cumbernauld v Largs isn't going ahead until after 2nd June, that only leaves one Saturday (9th) left to play one of the legs of the play-offs. That means either a team is going to be sent to Girvan in midweek for a crucial play-off tie, or Girvan are going to be asked to travel midweek, or possibly both. Hardly ideal for Girvan or for the team who are sent down there, given the extreme importance of these ties.
  7. Another fixture moan

    Apparently our Central League Cup quarter final v Pollok or Wishaw is to be played on a Saturday evening 2nd June with a 7pm kick off, according to the fixtures issued today. I'll miss Casualty. [emoji22]
  8. Another fixture moan

    It seems that the either the management team requested the postponement without the approval of or consulting with the committee, or whoever does the official club Twitter wasn't informed of the reason for the postponement before he tweeted. Either way our sympathies go to the McColl family.
  9. Another fixture moan

    It seems that Cambuslang Rangers don't know why the game is off, if their official Twitter is anything to go by this morning :-
  10. A play-off to decide who goes into the play-off. [emoji16] Hopefully it won't come to that and Glencairn will win instead.
  11. play offs west div 1: Neilston

    I understand it will be a draw to decide who plays who in the play-offs between Super Division One and the District Leagues.
  12. Central League Cup

    Does anybody know why the Pollok v Wishaw 3rd round match can't be played this coming Wednesday 23rd May ? That was the originally scheduled date for the match, then it was deleted from the fixtures list, but neither team have a match that night.
  13. With the bottom two in the Super Premier League now confirmed, the play-offs will be 5th place v Arthurlie and 6th place v Girvan.
  14. Hopefully it's an omen. [emoji16]
  15. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Pictures and a full match report from today's terrific away win over Troon (from the official club website) are here.