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  1. The Relegation Battle

    Och I just made quick gut feeling predictions on the outcome of each game. Nothing scientific. Yesterday highlights that anyone can get points from anyone. Dunfermline could easily beat Raith, Dumbarton and Morton or Falkirk at home. A couple of other draws too seems quite likely to me. The teams will all be looking to take max points from the games against each other and currently even Dundee United look like they could be there for the taking. I have though been pretty generous with my projections.
  2. The Relegation Battle

    Good spot. That's why I thought a win next week would lift us to 8th.
  3. The Relegation Battle

    Fair point actually. Queen of the South Points: 35 Fixtures: Raith, ARABS, Ayr, Hibs, DUMBARTON, Falkirk, PARS One point from twelve and if the slump continues Queen of the South could find themselves in a very precarious position. Defeat at Starks Park next week will see them joined on points by the Fifers. Not obvious where the next victory will come from but it could be they only need one.
  4. Dunfermline Points: 32 Fixtures: Morton, HIBS, RAITH, Arabs, Sons, FALKIRK, MORTON, Queens Today's result has some people on here suggesting that they're in the mire alongside the rest of us. I don't quite think so and I doubt the Pars fans will have too many sleepless nights over the coming weeks. That said, the next two games are tricky and failure to pick up any points could lead to some twitchiness down East End Park. My prediction: 43 points Raith Rovers Points: 32 Fixtures: QUEENS, Falkirk, Pars, MORTON, Hibs, St. Mirren, AYR Hughes arrival never seen an immediate upturn in fortunes however there are now signs of improvement. Victory today over an under par Dundee United hasn't completely convinced anyone yet though. Very winnable fixture next followed by some daunting ones. It looks for all the world that the last fixture of the season v Ayr could define the season of both clubs. My prediction: 40 points Dumbarton Points: 31 Fixtures: Ayr, MORTON, St. Mirren, PARS, queens, Arabs, FALKIRK Will be severely disappointed to have lost ground today despite a very good result at Easter Road. An apparent terrible performance at Dunfermline aside they've been turning in very credible performances all year. Next weeks game at Ayr another cup final. My prediction: 39 points Ayr Points: 28 Fixtures: SONS, Arabs, St. Mirren, QUEENS, ARABS, Morton, HIBS, Raith A victory over Dumbarton will see Ayr climb out of the bottom two. Their away form has been very respectable but they will need to do more at Somerset Park. Prior to today they were beginning to look like certs for 10th but that result could be a shot in the arm. My prediction: 38 points St. Mirren Points: 27 Fixtures: AYR, SONS, Falkirk, Morton, Arabs, RAITH, Hibs St. Mirren have undoubtedly turned the corner and popular consensus is that they will now survive. They'll be looking to gather maximum points from their next two games to take them up the league. Failure to do so could leave them with work to do though and beyond the next two matches their run in is very tough. My prediction: 40 points. Today we learnt that Dunfermline aren't safe and that all of the sides below them have some fight left in them. Dumbarton will be disappointed to lose ground but arguably it's been a worse day for St Mirren who would have felt three points would have been likely to lift them to 9th. We're entering silly season and predicting results is nigh on impossible but how do we think our teams will fare in the run in?
  5. Doc suspended so expect that Cairney will play more centrally probably alongside Adams. McCall keeps saying he's looking forward to seeing Farid and Moore playing together so guessing we might well see two up front. I wasn't there yesterday so absolutely no idea as to the extent of McDaid's injury if he's out then I'd bring Crawford in. Fleming, Devlin, Balatoni, Meggat, Boyle, Adams, Harkins, Cairney, El Alagui, Moore, McDaid. 2-1 to the Super Ayr! We're due a win!
  6. Pretty vanilla compared to most of these but always gets a chuckle. I remember getting home smashed one night when I still lived at home. I tip toed through to the kitchen and decided I fancied some toast. Toast ready and into the fridge I go to see what to put on it. No cheese, no jam, no nothing... But wait what is this I spy on the top shelf? Hmm, a jar of mint sauce eh? That'll be delicious! I had two slices! Wolfed the lot and got back out my scratcher and made more. I tried it sober a few days later out if curiosity and it was absolutely foul.
  7. The Jinx

    Sorry big man! I did have a look in the last few pages and assumed there hadn't yet been a thread. Feel terrible about wasting your time but at least you could find a minute to write a snidey wee comment.
  8. The Jinx

    Anyone watched this recent HBO documentary? I watched it over the course of the past few nights and would recommend. it follows the story of a guy called Robert Durst, born into a hugely wealthy New York family, snubbed by daddy and resultanty the family's black sheep. He's linked with three murders over the course of twenty years but largely avoids heavy scrutiny. The documentary makers do well to earn his trust and get a few interviews about the allegations. The guys a complete creep! It was an interesting watch, not as good as Making a Murderer but if you enjoyed that then I'd stick my neck out and say you'd enjoy this too...
  9. Stranraer FC 2016/17

    Aye good signing I reckon!
  10. Fantasy Premier League 15/16

    I should have a full team, i made two transfers last week with this week in mind and haven't sold any players over the past three/four weeks who are playing this week. I've got 3 spurs, 3 leicester, 2 man city, 2 stoke, 1 swansea and 1 bournemouth.
  11. Fantasy Premier League 15/16

    A paltry 32 points for my lads and I think my progression in the cup will be determined by a virtual coin toss.
  12. Comedy OGs #1: A bit windy down Thurrock way

    Should that goal have stood? I was wondering whether it maybe should've been a corner?
  13. Before they were famous...

    My first gig ever was The Thrills at The Carling Academy (as it was then), I remember Keane were supporting them although I really, really don't consider myself to be a hipster because of this. I remember too seeing The View supporting Babyshambles at the barras. I guess that's a bit better. Edit to add that I seen Glasvegas a good few times before they released their debut.
  14. Ayr United, what now 2015-16

    Murphy signs up and Forrest signing an extension for a further year on Twitter.
  15. Ireland away - June 2015

    No if we beat Poland and finish on level points with them then we'll be above them because of our head to head record. Goal differences less important.