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  1. Queens v Montrose

    Lyle's goal is even better than it looked at the time. Dobbie's is worse, the Montrose goalkeeper will be disappointed with that.
  2. Queens v Montrose

    Perhaps I'm alone in that view as Sloop rated him as our best midfielder in his post. In a game like tonight you need the calming influence of an Allan Johnston/Derek Young/Mark Kerr type figure. Rankin I felt was as guilty as anyone of being hurried on the ball and trying too hard to force things to happen instead of being patient. Fortunately McFadden came on and was able to do exactly what was needed. I really hope McFadden's future appearances for us are in the middle of the park either alongside Jacobs, or with Jacobs and Rankin in behind him.
  3. QoS v Livi

    That was a real battle tonight and will have taken a lot out of the team. Plenty of time to recover before Saturday though. Kerr will come in for Rooney of that I am almost certain. I'm not sure what Kane has done to deserve drafting straight into the starting XI, or who you think should drop out at his expense?
  4. Queens v Montrose

    That was a truly dreadful display from us. It's hard to imagine anyone has ever played as badly yet dominated for 90 minutes. The only way we were going to lose that was by throwing it away ourselves. Which of course Queens being Queens felt highly likely for large spells. We're through though, and thankfully won't have to play Montrose again this season. To say we've struggled against them would be an understatement! We didn't get to grips with the conditions at all, and the importance of the game was clearly playing on the minds of the players as our touch and passing was nervy, hurried and largely woeful. Montrose sat in as you would expect and looked extremely comfortable as we gave the ball away either through slack passing, or aimless punts. With the game not really getting anywhere it started to look like a set-piece might be our best chance, and so it proved. The foul was contested but it looked like a free-kick to me. I can't remember the specifics but it found it's way to an unmarked Dobbie at the back post who fired past the 'keeper. Cruel on Montrose perhaps, but you get what you deserved leaving the best player on the park on his own inside the box. You could sense the collective sigh of relief amongst the players after that, and we actually started knocking it about and looked a lot more confident in our play. It didn't lead to any more great chances that I can remember, but the play was a bit more pleasing on the eye and you felt that if it continued that way second half we would see the game out easily enough, and probably add to it. Cue a well placed cross on the stroke of half-time that Rooney looked to get caught under, and a well taken header put us back to square one. The entirety of the second half panned out in the same manner as the start of the first with everyone far too scared of making a mistake to try anything remotely positive with the ball. This over cautiousness of course just made everyone even more nervous leading to loose play and mistakes all over the place. The game was crying out for the introduction of McFadden to add a calming influence to the middle of the park as he did in Oswestry, and it was his long throw that found Lyle who buried it in the top corner to seal our victory. Again we looked a bit calmer after we scored and created a few more half chances without really threatening to put the game to bed. Templeman was brought on to try and cause havoc and we did our usual defending on the 6 yard line for the last 5 minutes, but in truth Martin had nothing to do all game. I found it interesting that Montrose played the same game throughout. Whilst their containing tactics made sense at the start of the game, I was surprised they didn't increase the tempo when they went a goal down. They got the equaliser from their only attack of note, but given how absolutely rattled we looked I tend to think I'd see it as a massive opportunity wasted if I was a Montrose fan. If they had got in our faces a bit more, the way we were flapping I think we would have been forced into making mistakes at the back. Instead they seemed happy just sitting in. Martin had a quiet night but can be too rooted to his line for my liking. The two centre-halves strolled it as they usually do. Marshall played his normal game but struggled with Dobbie in front of him. Dobbs just plays his own game, and to great effect, but it doesn't allow Marshall to make the usual overlapping runs he is used to with no-one to cover for him. Rooney had an absolute nightmare, although somehow in between all his basic howlers manages to do two or three brilliant pieces of play. I like him and want him to succeed, but he needs to up his game and up it quickly. I'll be ecstatic to see Jason Kerr back on the pitch on Saturday. Rankin was atrocious, he had two types of pass tonight. A slack pass that gave the ball away to the opposition, or a cautious, wrong pass back the way when there was a better option on. Hopefully tonight's progression can fund the central midfielder we so desperately need in January. Murray isn't ready, physically or ability wise. Dykes continues to impress with his workrate. He is still very raw and the things he tries probably only come off 50% of the time. However while he is putting in a shift like that most fans will give him the benefit of the doubt. He nearly scored again after chasing a lost cause of ball forward in the first half. The lovely close control followed by sclaffed volley probably sums him up at the moment. Lyle had a poor game but his finish was a touch of class. McFadden as already mentioned turned the game in our favour I felt. If we want to get the most out of him he needs to play centrally where he can get on the ball and make things happen. He showed his guile towards the end when he kept trying to hold onto the ball to see the game out, where as the rest of the team where still inexplicably gifting it to the opposition. Tapping was the wrong sub to make, and did nothing. I just don't know what he offers. Into the next round which is all that matters. We always make heavy weather of it in games we are the favourites. I can guarantee right now we will raise our game for Partick in the next round and give them a good game. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. Queens v Montrose

    If it goes to extra time I will be distraught over the looming prospect of penalties. I'm sure the manager would like to mix things up a bit tonight given the number of games coming up, but the number of absentees makes that unlikely. The back 5 will presumably be the same, and although he has the option to bring Tapping in for one of Jacobs or Rankin I don't think anyone would be particularly happy if he did. That leaves the two wide areas up for grabs, plus a place alongside Dobbie. How did Stirling do on Saturday did he grab his opportunity or continue his very beige form when played from the start in games? Dykes did well going by most reports. Dykes at his best starts every game but the problem is you don't know what you are going to get. He is far better up front than he is out wide. Does he deserve to start their over Lyle though that is the question? Despite looking more comfortable out wide than Dykes, Murray hasn't really made the position his own. McFadden's form makes him a starter but Naysmith will have to use him wisely in this congested period. I'll hazard a guess at the following - Martin Rooney Fordyce Brownlie Marshall Murray Jacobs Rankin McFadden Dykes Dobbie An early goal, followed by another one shortly after would be ideal to settle the nerves. It wouldn't be Queens without making hard work of it though. Montrose have already shown in two games against us that they are no mugs.
  6. Montrose v Queens

    The Fergusson miss isn't actually as bad as first described. Whilst it's clearly a bad miss it's certainly not Iwelumo-esque, the ball is behind him meaning he is always going to get under the ball. Given the respective experience and goalscoring prowess of the two I would say Lyle's miss is far worse. It was mentioned elsewhere he thought he might be offside. Surely it's better to stick it in and be given offside than to not make an attempt for it at all?
  7. I heard AFC Wimbledon were accredited with the SFA quality mark for increasing youth and community participation, before the accreditation even existed.
  8. http://www.falkirkfc.co.uk/our-people-our-town-our-time-season-tickets-20172018/ #ourtime
  9. Montrose v Queens

    McFadden was able to influence the game far more in the middle of the park. It’s no coincidence that his best game for us was also the game he saw more of the ball than his previous appearances. I’d be happy enough for him to play more centrally in this one just behind Dobbie, with Jacobs and Rankin doing his running for him in behind. Stirling definitely did enough to earn a start so I’d put him on one wing. It’s a toss of a coin over who to play on the other between Dykes and Murray. Really vital we win this one.
  10. RT @stephenpaton134: Me: Now that Tory party policies have been linked to 120,000 deaths, it's time we recognise Ruth Davidson for what she…

  11. Exclusive footage of his old nemesis Truthhurts from earlier today
  12. Who cares what method is used? When All is Said and Done, The Winner Takes it All.
  13. Montrose v Queens

    The only person worrying about Dobbie's confidence is serial knicker wetter Northfield. If Dobbie's mentality was as delicate as that he wouldn't have had the career he's had.
  14. Is MT seriously claiming that us taking a large, vocal support is anything other than a good thing?
  15. I haven't even listened to the interview yet so I'm not overly defending him and I've already said his use of the term lottery is incorrect. There is a random element to a shootout though, as most people have agreed. Otherwise your two star strikers and top ten all time scorers score their penalties, and your centre half and holding midfielder miss.