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  1. Fae_the_'briggs you are almost certainly thinking of Michael Paton, not Eric.
  2. Paton was a joy to watch. He had a really graceful playing style.
  3. On the subject of Chris Mitchell it's the anniversary of his death and there has been a few things in the media about a foundation his sister has set up in his honour. Iain Russell is involved as you'd expect.
  4. Steady on! I'm happy with all three signings, but they are a goalkeeper and midfielder from the team that finished 8th and a defender from the team that finished 5th. I wouldn't be booking the open top bus quite yet. As for Robinson. The reason he is receiving criticism is because he isn't very good, and IMO never really has been. The "antics" are nothing new, his behaviour in the penalty shootouts against Rangers and Partick are the main reason he has "cult hero" status. They are being highlighted now for two reasons though. Firstly he isn't backing them up with good performances, secondly in his role as coach at the club he really should be behaving more professionally. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Naysmith has moved for a new goalkeeper and I'm delighted he's been allowed to bring one in as I wasn't expecting us to sign one. Assuming Martin can keep his bye-kicks in the park, and doesn't set up a defensive wall then hide behind it he is certain to be an improvement.
  5. With an attitude like that it looks like it's not just Sonsteam of 08 who has converted to being a Queens fan.
  6. You clearly put a latte effort into that post. You can't come up with puns like that in an instant. Only a mug would give us a chance of winning a cup next season.
  7. There's a perfectly good coffee shop in the QOS Arena. Doesn't say much about their commitment to the club if they are drinking at rival coffee shops. Naismith out!
  8. You could be right. I'd be a lot happier though if we had 10 good players and needed 4 or 5 signings, than our current predicament of 4 or 5 good players and needing 10 signings.
  9. I find it incredible that Mercer is being written off already. No-one remember the early performances of Bob Harris or Kevin Holt?
  10. It really is shaping up to be a very tight looking league. It's a real shame we didn't do even marginally better this season. That way we might not have had to have binned so many players, and confidence in Naysmith would have been higher. With less changes required the board could have maybe pushed the boat out a bit and had a right go next season. With so many changes required though, I suspect we'll be in for another season of consolidation with fourth the height of our ambitions. Very early days of course.
  11. I'm sure I've argued this point in the past but his first season at Hearts was hardly a disaster. He scored 4 goals in 28 appearances at a level he had never played at before. He was hardly prolific in his time with us, his best season he scored 15. I'd say playing 28 games was a success in itself. I believe he's been told he isn't in Cathro's plans so I'd expect him to move onto pastures new. Not being able to establish himself at one of the biggest clubs in the country is hardly a disgrace though. So I stand by my original comment, he has had one bad season. Yes it is his most recent season but still, I very much doubt it is an indicator of a downward spiral. There were never any problems with his attitude whilst at Queens so if he finds a club at the right level for his ability I'm sure he will find his form again. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that neither Reilly or Carmichael were able to establish themselves when they left us. Neither are good enough for Hearts or Hibs and I'm fairly sure I would have said as much at the time. That doesn't make either of them bad players, just not good enough for that level. Both should be commended for giving it a go though, although I suspect in the case of both it was a bit of a "no-brainer".
  12. Reilly has had one bad season so I think your first sentence is perhaps a tad over-dramatic. He's only just turned 24! It clearly hasn't worked out for him at Dunfermline but these things happen. As you say he would be welcomed back to Palmerston with open arms. His harrying style would be a perfect foil for Dobbie, and perhaps working alongside him would improve his composure in front of goal which has always been his weakness. I don't see it happening though. I'd heard he was looking to find a move in England.
  13. Kevin Cuthbert is a cracking goalie for this level. Did Chisholm not have him on trial but opted for Bryn fucking Halliwell instead?
  14. I doubt we'll sign a goalkeeper. Leighfield will take over bench-warming duties from Atkinson.