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  1. It's a good thing we don't get awarded them very often.
  2. Dykes, Rankin and Brownlie with the missed pens. It's as if they enjoy being scapegoats!
  3. We're humped is how it works.
  4. Great side Albion. No shame in losing to them in a cup competition.
  5. Hutton was fine with us but he's not what we need which is why I don't think we were ever linked with him. I'd have him in place of Rankin as he has all the same attributes, plus a bit more of a physical and aerial presence. Rankin is more of a goal threat though, so I suppose it's swings and roundabouts. Neither are players to get the fans excited, but most teams need a player of their ilk in the side.
  6. It would be very Queens to get something today. Losing 5-0 would be pretty Queens as well though. Shitfesting a draw and then winning the shootout would be a decent outcome. Perhaps not letting the defensive midfielders take the penalties would be a good idea if that were to happen.
  7. Yeah sorry, I know I quoted you but I was really responding to some of the over-the-top nonsense of the past few days, than you directly. I think our thoughts on the current situation are fairly similar. I completely agree the jury is out. For some however the jury has already made their mind up on both Naysmith and the new signings after two games, which is frankly ridiculous.
  8. Your last paragraph is fair enough. Making judgements on the style of play after 2 games seems a bit premature when the squad hasn't been fully assembled though. The biggest criticism of last season was our lack of defensive solidity, not that we didn't play tiki-taka football. It's early days, and we're yet to play anyone of note but that aspect does look to have been improved. You could argue that prioritising our weakest area is a sign of good management. Most successful teams are built on a solid defence, perhaps once that's in place he'll then look to improve our attacking fortunes? We're very clearly still a work in progress. It's only mid-July and the league season is a few weeks away yet. I'm going to resist making too many rash judgements until then.
  9. Any conversation about the style of play seems to use the Allan Johnston side that played in the seaside league against part-timers as some sort of yardstick. It really isn't a fair comparison. We'll never know how he would have had us perform at this level because he buggered off to be a complete failure at Kilmarnock. Given what McIntrye achieved with that group of players, and given what AJ managed with Dunfermline last season I think it's fair to assume he would have had us round about where we ended up anyway. All managers when they come in talk about playing football the right way, and putting their stamp on things but it is just buzzwords and management mumbo jumbo. The style of play comes down to the abilities of the players more than anything. I think some people need to take a reality check and have a think about where our standing in the game is and perhaps lower expectations a touch.
  10. For whatever reason a lot of people didn't take to Naysmith from day one. It's all very puzzling to me. Gavin Skelton went an entire quarter of a season without a single victory yet didn't receive anything like the level of criticism that our current manager is receiving for going unbeaten in two games.
  11. It was actually Murray I was meaning kept cutting inside, but you are right they were both at it. The worry for Saturday is that there isn't much else we can do differently with the personnel. Given we are away from home to a top division side you expect he'll stick with the two defensive midfielders of Rankin and Jacobs and soak up pressure and try and hit on the counter. We're not exactly brimming with pace to do this though. Of course if we do play that way and lose you'll have the usual moans that we should have "had a go", but I don't really know what changes you make to tonight's team "to have a go". On tonight's showing Tapping doesn't deserve a start, and although Dykes was slightly less shite than Lyle tonight he's hardly the type of change to a starting XI that's going turn around our fortunes. I suspect we might see the panic signing of McFadden before Saturday.
  12. Stirling drifted in and out of the game as wide men tend to do, but he looked threatening when he was involved. Murray I'm afraid looked out of his depth which is a worry given the level our opponents play at. I think the only other game I've seen him in was against Dundee United where at least that criticism is a bit more expected. He kept looking to go inside too often which suited EK down to the ground as they had the middle of the park already packed out. Getting a good pre-season out of Carmichael was essential after his injury problems, but it looks like he still isn't fit which is hugely disappointing. Another wide player has to be pretty high up the priority list on tonight's showing.
  13. Obviously pretty tough to put a positive spin on that result. We should however have won it comfortably. Aside from numerous other chances, we hit the post 3 times and there was a late Dobbie effort that I'm not sure if it was a save or off the post again as I didn't have a clear view. At the other end Martin had as quiet a night as you will see from a goalkeeper with the defence mopping up the minimal threat posed by East Kilbride. Clearly plenty of work still needing done with the squad which I think we all know. Naysmith not bringing on a third sub was probably meant as a statement to the Board about the lack of depth. I assume we now have to pick something up at Hamilton which looks incredibly unlikely.
  14. Glorified friendly this one. We definitely look like we could step it up if required.
  15. I don't think there has ever been a game in our history where a Queen of the South fan has been able to say they are expecting a 3-0 win minimum, and tonight is no different.