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  1. No goal and no penalty.
  2. That's just rent-a-quote bullshit that all managers say is it not? I'm sure our current incumbent would claim the same despite evidence to the contrary.
  3. Presumably that's a 3-5-2? I quite like the look if it actually. I'm just glad Lyle is in the team for the sake of those that have made the journey.
  4. I'm interested in the above quote. I get the point regarding Thomson and Jacobs, but if that doesn't describe Rankin then what is the point in having him?
  5. Name and shame the one non-attender!
  6. Absolutely. Big Summer ahead for those in charge. I don't envy them.
  7. Good thing we've got a board in place striving to provide various new revenue streams so we aren't as reliant on match day income. As is always the case the crowds will come when the product on the park is of a good standard. Alas that's something that looks a long way off.
  8. I'm no psychologist but there has to be something mental at play here. That along with our complete bottling of any "big game" this season would suggest a real lack of mental strength. We have failed to turn up in the League Cup tie with Rangers, the Scottish Cup shambles against Albion Rovers, surrendering to Dundee United in the Challenge Cup and the recent no-show against Falkirk. Openly criticising the players probably won't aide this of course.
  9. People talking about resigning players when they actually mean re-signing them is a bugbear of mine.
  10. Don't worry I'm sure Swarley will get a top from somewhere.
  11. I've mostly liked what I have seen of Mercer. Obviously he had a rough time on Saturday, but even the best full-backs in the world will have suffered a similar roasting from an on-fire winger. The system we are playing doesn't do the full-backs any favours as they have no support when it comes to defending, and are also expected to provide all of the attacking width. It's a thankless task, and rather than hanging him out to dry, I actually have a lot of sympathy for Mercer after Saturday. I don't think the formation is really utilising Rankin to the best of his abilities either. When we signed him I expected him to be in the Derek Young/Mark Kerr mould. Put his foot on the ball and dictate play from the middle of the park. It's certainly how he started out, but playing him as another "spoiler" alongside Jacobs just sees him running about like a headless chicken, flying into tackles and then getting rid of the ball as quickly as possible. He doesn't need to be doing this because Jacobs is already there fulfilling the same role.
  12. Very predictable outcome that. The 4-2-3-1 needs binned. As do the aimless punts at Dykes/Lyle. Mercer took an absolute roasting from Morgan today who was only bettered by Mallan who was streets ahead of anyone. Great support down from Paisley aside from the clown on the park. Even then it ended up showing up our stewards more than if did the St Mirren fans! With reactions like that Dowie and Higgins could yet find themselves employed at Palmerston next season. It's going to take a lot of effort for me to bother going to another game this season.
  13. As Flash has already pointed out, I very much doubt we have anyone who is realistically "playing for a contract". I'd imagine Naysmith will have decided after about a fortnight who he would like to bin in the Summer and there is nothing that has occurred since then that will likely have changed his mind. Professional pride is all that's at stake for us now and I don't know how much of that is present in the squad. I fully expect us to finish 7th or 8th.