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  1. RT @dweatherston11: So I have stopped playing football at the moment. 31 years old and no back/knee/ankle problems, some might ask why. So…

  2. Queens v Morton

    That must be a fair few season he has been with Morton now? He is a goalkeeper that I have always rated and I'm surprised teams from the league above haven't made a move for him.
  3. Queens v Morton

    Whether it was in or not, we failed to win because of poor decision making in the final third, not because of the officials. Too often the wrong option was chosen, or our delivery was poor. Set plays were a non-event today which is highly frustrating. The non-goal actually fired up our players and supporters and we were on the ascendancy after it happened, so it almost worked in our favour. Morton came firing out of the blocks second half as expected and a goal was coming. Gary Harkins looks more like his former self at Morton than the overweight, past it version that lumbered about for Ayr. He started pulling strings, and it was a well worked goal. That kicked us into life and we then went on to have the better of the chances. Dobbie missing two that he would normally stick away, and Connor Murray's curling effort onto the post the notable ones. It's hardly a surprising result given that we have had a share of the spoils prior to this game, and are only separated by a point. It is the sort of game we need to be turning into a victory if we are to sneak into the playoffs though. As I said at half time the midfield was much improved with the return of Jacobs making Rankin look a lot more comfortable. Harkins still bossed it in there but he will do that against superior midfielders to ours. Thomas had a mixed afternoon, he looked threatening but never seemed to get anywhere with it. I still feel he's worth a go on the left hand side, too often he was cutting inside and running into traffic. Fergusson ran out of steam even quicker than his previous appearances, I think a drop back to the bench would do him good. He linked up well with Dykes and Dobbie in the first half. Dykes was my MotM. He worked hard when he was out wide, did his best work when he moved up front, and then had a stint in the centre of the park when Todorov came on. He is beginning to look a lot more street wise and less of a raw headless chicken. No use to us on the grand scheme of things, but a very entertaining afternoons football in the sunshine.
  4. Queens v Morton

    Deserved lead I would say. Limited Morton to set pieces which is still a concern given our defending of them. Jacobs return is welcome and the much maligned Rankin is playing far better as a result. Thomas has been a threat but lacked a final ball. Dykes and Fergusson putting in a shift. Dobbie majestic as always.
  5. Queens v Morton

    A half fit Jacobs probably offers more than Rankin at the moment. If he's trained this week throw him in. Marshall we can be more cautious with as we have plenty of other options at left-back. Leighfield Rooney Fordyce Brownlie Mercer Thomas Thomson Jacobs Beerman Dobbie Dykes I fancy a score draw in this one, but in reality it could be literally anything.
  6. As SD says Fordyce and Jacobs. There's not much in it but if I was building a squad of two starters and a reserve I'd probably plump for Durnan and Higgins with Fordyce as backup. Dowie at his best was probably better than all three, but when he was off it he was worse than all of them, whereas the others are all very steady. Jacobs and McKenna are basically the same player except Jacobs picks up less needless cards. McKenna must be one of our most suspended players. Did he not start a season with a 2 or 3 game suspension carried over from all the cards he had accumulated? Ridiculous.
  7. Well done for cherry-picking our best season in recent memory. There's nothing wrong with aspiring to be as good as that again, but lets not pretend that was the norm. In fact the man who was in charge for those performances was (harshly in my opinion) let go the following season, with one of the main criticisms being that his football was turgid. It's almost as if there is a connection between the quality of players a team has, and the quality of football on show.
  8. Can we hit this notion on the head that we used to play "majestic Barcelona at their prime tiki-taka" before it gets out of control please? Anyone holding that view is looking through rose-tinted spectacles. The only time in recent memory I can think of where this was remotely accurate is when we were the only full-time team in a part-time league. I have no doubts that this current squad would be just as successful at that level. Nicky Clark scored 40 goals, can you imagine how many Dobbie would get? It seems fans of every team these days, regardless of the level they are at, have this sense of entitlement that they should be watching slick passing football. It completely baffles me. You can only piss with the cock you've got. St Mirren are running away with this league, but they aren't blowing teams away, they are having to grind out results as well. I doubt their fans are complaining though, you get the same 3 points regardless of how you achieve them. Likewise Livi are having a season beyond all expectation playing a rather agricultural style of football. Again I doubt their fans are bothered in the slightest. Complaining about the quality of our attacking play whilst watching Stephen Dobbie tear it up every week is fairly laughable. We are the third highest scorers in the league behind the runaway leaders and Dunfermline. What is far more concerning to me is that only Falkirk and Brechin have conceded more goals than us.
  9. RT @TefTobz: Nigeria have the best kit at this year's World Cup, pass it on. https://t.co/bFtG3meVxc

  10. League Leaders V QOS

    Rankin hasn't been a terrible signing, but he's not been great. He played his part in hauling us out of trouble last season, but his standard has dropped way off this season. Unlike similar players we've had in recent time such as Mark Kerr or Derek Young () he doesn't look like he has played at a higher level. He is meant to be the calming influence on the team, using his superior experience to stay one step ahead of the opposition. Instead he charges about like a headless chicken causing more problems than he fixes. I'd be very disappointed if we kept him on next season. I'd imagine he'll retire to be honest. Once Jacobs returns our first choice pairing will be him and Thompson hopefully.
  11. Interesting to note that Callum Fordyce extended his contract so he can take part in next season's push for the playoffs. So he's either written off the prospect of us reaching them this season, or expects us to lose them should we make them. He is also writing us off for winning the league next season. Now while you don't have to be Nostradamus to agree that all of the above is extremely likely to happen, saying it in public is pretty damaging, and explains the falling crowds. No-one wants to watch a stagnating team who set finishing fourth out of ten as their main ambition every year. If that is the mindset of the players, no wonder they are turning up at games like yesterday thinking they have already been beaten before a ball has been kicked. Ever since the introduction of the playoffs we have stated it was our ambition to reach them every year, but not to try and improve on previous years, just simply to reach them. It's a defeatist attitude where we seem to rule out finishing in the top 3 before a ball has been kicked and settle for fourth at best. Given that we know that the only realistic chance of being promoted through the playoffs is if you finish second it isn't an ambition with promotion in mind, it is about getting a bit of extra money to boost the coffers for next season's push at finishing top of our mini-league of seven. I'm not advocating coming out with brash statements about world domination that will end up making us look stupid, but I think we should change our schtick away from putting so much emphasis on reaching the playoffs, and just aim to finish as high as we can. Obviously the ultimate aim is to finish in the playoffs but without that pressure perhaps the manager and players could perform with a bit more freedom.
  12. League Leaders V QOS

    I’m sure Reilly had offers from down south when he left us, but opted for Hearts. Given that move didn’t quite go as planned I’m sure he’s keen to prove he can perform at that level. He doesn’t strike me as the money grabbing sort and he’s clearly enjoying his football at St Mirren so you’d think he’d stick around next season. Great player, with a great attitude. I hope we see him back at Queens one day.
  13. RT @DickWinchester: All these proud unionists and proud Brits. What are they actually proud of?

  14. League Leaders V QOS

    Alan Martin needs to go to the glue factory.
  15. League Leaders V QOS

    Only you could manage to make it sound like having Dobbie in our team is a bad thing. He is in the top 2 best players in the division and is the best player many of our fans have ever seen play for the club. There really isn't any shame in the rest of our team not being up to his standard. It is because of Dobbie we actually have a chance in this game. How about a bit of optimism for a change? I'm going to go for 2-2 with Dom Thomas coming off the bench and scoring a worldie to equalise.