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  1. Podcasts

    It's a 3 parter. For it being a guy who does it himself the production value is brilliant. There's also the Alfred Hitchcock episodes which are good as well and he's currently telling the story of Val Lewton.
  2. Podcasts

    The secret history of Hollywood is an amazing podcast. The bullets and blood episodes are stunning. They are really long but tell the story of how the warner brothers came to be and also delves into the life of James Cagney.
  3. The Tennents Lager Appreciation Society

    My view tonight
  4. Biggest Gaming Freakout You've Ever Had

    The racing mission on the first mafia. You had to win the race and every time I got to the last bend I span out. I punched f**k out of my keyboard as I was playing it on the pc, I'm sure other people have spoken of this mission on other forums.
  5. Some good fundraising going on there, well in.
  6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Live Action Trailer

    The A.I was terrible but I loved the story and vibe of the game, very blade runner. I'm abit of a fanboy so I'm easily pleased when it comes to these games
  7. Those were the days............

    Used to play Rampart against my brother, happy days. Time soldiers was also a favourite of mine on the master system along with cyber Shinobi
  8. Cuba

    Went for my honeymoon here a few years back. Havana was definetly the highlight though my wife at the time might disagree with that. Went on the tour, cigar factory and all. The show at night I ended up dancing with one of the dancers at the side of the stage, by the time I got on the bus back to the hotel i was steaming drinking the free Havana club out of the bottle. The ex wife was insisting that we have an early night to go sight seeing the next day, not me, I ended up staying at the hotel bar and had to be chucked into the lift as I couldn't walk. Woke up the next day rough as f**k, went down for breakfast and was given a round of applause by all the folk we went on the tour with. Needless to say it all went downhill after that with the ex, happy days.
  9. Assassins Creed 3

    I haven't completed it yet but have dived into Unity, I actually liked the abstergo stuff and they seemed to have streamlined it in Unity.
  10. Assassins Creed 3

    I'm playing through Rogue myself, the main guys voice acting is shocking but the overall story and gameplay are enjoyable
  11. Steam sales / general PC gaming chat

    It took me 8 hours to download bioshock infinite, looks glorious on pc though.
  12. The Walking Dead - Season 2

    The first walking dead is the only game to make me cry at the decisions in it, when the music kicks in at certain points as well, such a powerful game.
  13. BioShock Infinite

    I cannot wait for the DLC. I did enjoy the atmosphere and story of Infinite but the combat was abit to much sometimes in regards to the amount of enemies.
  14. The Wolf Among Us

    Downloaded it during the week and its really good, combat is much better than The Walking Dead as well
  15. Depression

    Thats all i want mate, i dont feel safe where i stay, im always on edge. With them being away atm i have been in the best mood for a long while