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  1. Scott McLean ex Killie now at Troon is apparently training with us. Played against us for Killie’s u20s last season scoring two goals and was very impressive.
  2. A typo is still a mistake, no?
  3. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Can David Ferguson play across the back 4?
  4. is anyone really surprised by this? The amount of times we've managed to make mistakes with team-line ups on twitter is mental. We really are a shambles off the pitch.
  5. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Do Alloa still do a pie in a roll? I’m 99% sure they did on my last visit.
  6. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Not as raging as you will be come 4:45pm on Saturday.
  7. Ayr vs Arbroath (again)

    Easy Draw. Looking forward to the next round.
  8. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Not arrogant, just better.
  9. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Remember a few years back Alloa tried to get some sort of weird rivalry going with us. That was bizzare.
  10. Ur Next v Ayr United

    Naturally the biggest team in the division are going to be disliked. Us being top of the league really is quite remarkable considering the diddy teams always raise their game when playing the Super. It's you're cup final on saturday, just try and enjoy it.
  11. Pretty weird wanting the team you support to concede, do you not think?
  12. Think I’d go along the lines of: Hart Ferguson Rose Reid Waite McDaid Faulds Gilmour McGuffie Forrest Moore Should still have enough to beat Banks Of Dee prettt convincingly.