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  1. Do we have any u20's games this week? I wonder if Crawford or Docherty will feature in them to try and get them ready for Saturday.
  2. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    You'll take exactly what your given you uber diddy.
  3. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    Think they are taking it quite hard but all good things come to an end.
  4. Ayr Utd vs Airdrie

    Hope we put 7 past this vermin.
  5. Ayr vs East Fife

    The match preview confirms that Bell is back from suspension and that Doc and Crawford are back in training but won’t make this game. No mention of Mark Kerr but presuming he’s still out. I’d go with; Ruddy Ferguson Reid Rose Boyle McDaid Bell Geggan Forrest Moffat Shankland Subs:- Hart, Ferguson, Adams, McGuffie, Moore, Murphy, McCowan I heard Ferguson had a bit of a stinker against Rangers but I prefer Geggan in Midfield as he can have more of an influence on the game so Fergie Keeps his place Prediction- I’ve actually forgot what it feels like to win a home league game so it’d be nice if the players didn’t shite the bed tomorrow. 3-1 Ayr, Shankland with 2 and Moff with the other.
  6. Outstanding bio though. Personally I couldn’t give a f**k about his political views. Out of interest, what pub is most popular with ayr fans during a home game? I know the Black Bull is popular and a few also go to the Wallace. Still gutted that the Horseshoe shut down.
  7. It was Thunderstruck by ACDC a few season back.
  8. Ayr vs East Fife

    Said Kerr would be back in 10 days but didn't give a timescale for Doc and Crawford which to me suggests it will be a couple of weeks yet.
  9. Ayr vs East Fife

    Imagine them having any fear over winning the league, we have completely shat the bed. They will go on to win the league by 15/20 points.
  10. Ayr vs East Fife

    Aw come on, Fair enough the keeper had a good game but that doesn't excuse us from shipping 3 goals in the last 15th minutes.
  11. I'm a big fan of Moore. I honestly feel that had we kept him fit for the whole of the season last year then we'd of stayed up. Failure to get promoted would be inexcusable and surely would see McCall booted out the door.
  12. Presuming we get promoted the only players I'd accept as starters are Shankland, Moffat, Moore, Geggan, McDaid and Crawford. The likes of Docherty and Higgins may be good enough, the rest I dont think would be. Simple Sandy is one of the best things I've seen on here in a while. Well done sir.
  13. Ayr vs East Fife

    Oh ffs. We are the team who were 2-0 up at home to Forfar with 15 minutes to go and managed to lose.
  14. If we do get promoted we’ll need to bring in loads of players. Only a few of our current squad will be good enough at championship level.
  15. Ayr vs East Fife

    This is a must win game if we have any aspirations of winning the league. We simply can’t afford to fall any further behind Raith. Our home form is embarrasing for a title chasing team and we need to turn that round. East Fife actually looked a really decent side in the first half at Bayview with the boy with the long hair (Lamont?) running the show however 2nd half they fell apart/we upped our game. EF are probably the most inconsistent team in the league. An impressive win down in Stranraer sandwiched between defeats to Forfar and Queens Park, also lost to Brora and beat Alloa not too long ago. I’ll wait to the match preview is out on Friday before posting my Starting 11 but really hoping we can get a win, a clean sheet would be a bonus. I checked our previous results and we haven’t kept a clean sheet since the 3-0 victory over Raith on 14th November.