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  1. Who are the top 5 midfielders in the world?

    Kroos De Bruyne Modric Kante Isco
  2. FIFA 18

    Got through to the last 16 on the online tournament and searched for a match and got an error message so backed out of ultimate team and when I went back in I’m back at the group stages, is this normal?
  3. Yes but hopefully there is two teams more shite than us.
  4. Good man, I’m expecting a full match report to be posted in this thread on your return. Antti Niemi
  5. It’ll be Hare-Reid I’d imagine.
  6. He kept David Marshall out the Hull team last season. Anyway, taking the chat away from Allan McGregor. Is anyone going up to Forfar on Saturday? I was going to go but think I’ll just wait till the Stranraer game.
  7. Well Allan ‘shags 10 birds a night’ McGregor has clearly pumped @pandarilla Maw/Sister/Wife/Bird (please delete as appropriate).
  8. Same place your club would be if it wasn’t for the black and white £.
  9. Not sure why you are mocking m9? It's clear that we need at the very least a GK and a LB?
  10. Harvie would be a permanent signing. He’s been released by Aberdeen but aye I’d still expect and want a couple more signings.
  11. Can’t wait to be given a guard of honour.
  12. Friendly away to Stranraer on Tuesday 3rd July. ETA: Kick off is Half 7.
  13. That’s also what I heard, I’m presuming there must be money there to sign a GK and LB. Unsure why McCall is saying he wants a CB and CM if there’s no money, giving the fans false hope.
  14. I actually think it’s really crucial we get Ferguson signed up again. Other than young Finn Ecrepont we have no cover in the fullback areas. Fair enough Rose could maybe do a job in emergency’s but it’s far from ideal.