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  1. Lewis Vaughan disny even like ye.
  2. Let's not kid ourselves, it's over. We will lose to Hibs on Saturday and St.Mirren will beat Raith.
  3. We've scored in our all of our last 6 away games.
  4. 1nickydevlin loves Ayr, Hates Killie so he does.
  5. I rest my case. You can't even reply without being abusive. Dearie me.
  6. No. You just come across as being really thick with the vast majority of your posts and I am pointing this out to you before you embarass yourself/the rest of us decent Ayr United posters furhter. HTH
  7. That is awful patter btw. The guy was making a pretty valid point.
  8. Excuse my ignorance but what part of the ground the Cowshed? The bit directly acorss from the away section of the main stand?
  9. 3 full busses at the moment, on to the 4th. This is a win or bust game and the Board have recognised this and are subsidising 5 free busses however I'm not convinced the away crowd will be that much larger than usual as the 'Viva La Ciardo' fundraiser is on at the Town hall so a lot of regulars will be missing it aswell as it being Scottish Grand National weekend. However hopefully we take a big enough crowd to get the Wee Dublin End open. I'd line up: Fleming Boyle Meggatt Balatoni Devlin McGuffie Docherty Cairney Harkins Forrest Moore Subs- Hart, Rose, Murphy, Crawford, McDaid, Gilmour, El Alagui
  10. What a waster Gatland is. 12 players from a Welsh team who finished 2nd bottom of the Six Nations while only 2 Scottish players. This is the best Scottish team in years, I thought the likes of Johnny Gray, Hamish Watson and Finn Russell were certs to get in.
  11. I agree. It should have won.
  12. My stance on McCall is pretty simple. If he somehow manages to keep us up(which is looking unlikely) then he deserves a lot of credit and should absoulotely kepp his job however if we get relegated then he has failed and should resign/be sacked. As for who to replace him with someone like Darren Young, Ian Murray or Paul Hartley would be perfect.
  13. Lol wot m8? He's spot on with almost every point he's made.
  14. Aye and Ayr are brilliant to watch with those wingers bursting down the line at pace.