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  1. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Moff got his 50th goal v East Fife at Bayview I'm sure so would be pretty apt for him to get his 100th goal v them next week imo.
  2. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    One as far as I know. The Horseshoe where the bus usually leaves from has closed down so bus now leaving from John Street.
  3. Not sure whether this comment is aimed at me but just because I said Reid achieved more at Ayr United than McCall has/will doesn't mean I want Reid back. He left at the right time when things were starting to go stale.
  4. McCall will ensure that happens. We'll finish 5th at best.
  5. So you'd class beating Killie and failure to get promoted as a successful season?
  6. Agreed, still a lot more than McCall has achieved as Ayr United manager.
  7. Thanks for that, post edited.
  8. Yes, it's also the same Brian Reid who got us promoted twice and took us to a national cup semi final.
  9. Reid was a far superior manager to McCall. This simply can't be disputed. McCall is a slight improvement on Roberts, nothing more.
  10. Premier League 2017-2018

    I can understand why they'd be feeling quite confident going into the season. On paper they have recruited very well.
  11. It's not just this seaon he should be judged on, last season was complete and utter dug meat from start to finish.
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    Find me an Everton fan saying they'd win the league please.
  13. When do tickets for the Slovakia game come out ?

    <<<< Didn't pay for special delivery.
  14. Queen's Park vs Ayr United

    Raith Rovers to go 9 (NINE) points clear at the top of the table and people to still come on here and defend McCall.
  15. When do tickets for the Slovakia game come out ?

    Got confirmation a few hours after ordering tickets. Cheers