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  1. 4-3-3 is Coyle’s formation of choice it seems and I’m fine with that, because Draper and O’Brien - with an increasingly dependable Routis nominally sitting but occasionally bursting forward - is the best midfield blend County have had in years, albeit on a sample of two fixtures. However, none of the strikers seem suited to that. Curran is the closest thing Coyle has to Kevin Davies, but he’s missing at least a yard of pace to elevate his game against the top six sides. Schalk has the acceleration to get away from defenders but he’s one of the worst - if not the worst - in the league with his back to goal. Mikkelsen has improved under Coyle but still needs to do more. I think Mckay is the closest we’ve got to a player who can play on his own, if he gets the shorter chips that Curran got in the Motherwell and Celtic games. I think we’re a better left-back and a striker who can occupy a couple of defenders away from having a pretty competitive first XI.
  2. Cowdenbeath FC. 2017/18 Season

    Blair Malcolm joined on a 30-day loan from Ross County. He tends to play on the left side of the pitch, usually left-back but he joined as a midfielder I think. He's right-footed. He's an okay player at the level he was at - I've seen him a fair bit for the u20s and he seems to be a good team player, but without anything particularly standing out about his game so far.
  3. Four direct free-kicks in his 19 Bolton goals
  4. Chris Burke mk2, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if we can get 20 games from him this season. We need to see pace come from somewhere, however, and I doubt Eagles still has that. Port Vale fans are unanimous in opinion of his quality, but wonder why it has taken until November for him to be training with a club - he must have been with them last week and they haven’t realised he’s up at Dingwall now. http://www.onevalefan.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?32906-Chris-Eagles
  5. Project Brave rumbles on..

    Greenie for this part. Roy MacGregor (and Academy Director Steven Ferguson) said at a recent fans' Q+A that they would continue with their investment and improved structure if they weren't included in Project Brave. So there will be a regional centre in the Highlands of sorts. My concern will be for the appetite for that in the long term, but Roy is certainly putting his money where his mouth is for the time being. Another concern from my own club's point of view is who will the Ross County youth teams play against? They're already battering their regional rivals at youth levels and have to travel down the A9 every weekend for better competition, but if the 'elite 8' have segregated themselves from the rest of the competition then what quality will be left. There is a good argument for going the Brentford way - or more accurately, the old Ross County way - of picking up Celtic's early-20s cast-offs.
  6. Nintendo Switch

    I think Mr X meant Stardew Valley!
  7. Nintendo Switch

    Doom is out on Switch today, thanks for the tip.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    Yes. Zelda is brilliant. If you like open-world games at all then you’re in for a treat. Very much so.
  9. Coyle made the correct choice then, of starting with 4-1-4-1 / 4-3-3. Kipre and Dunne often had to pick up Keillor-Dunn and Gardyne, which in turn meant that Tait and Cadden couldn’t always stay high up the pitch. When Motherwell had the ball at the back in the first half they had two men spare, but Curran - and in turn O’Brien - still managed to keep them honest with their energy. The change in formation was coming and perhaps Robinson ought to have done it sooner. Seeing Bowman score so soon after coming on was alarming and he was definitely the biggest factor in Motherwell turning it around a little. He’s like a more physically imposing Curran, which is a big compliment. I thought it was appropriate that MFC’s highlights show the spell of pressure leading up to Bowman’s goal, particularly the number of crosses that went in from their left side. If Frear is going to be given time to shape crosses like that for Moult and Bowman then any team is in trouble. Thankfully Naismith kept him fairly quiet for the rest of the match. Shame about the other side. Dow and Kelly were so far off their counterparts towards the end of the match that it wasn’t a shock to see the goal come from there. For a centre-back Fraser is quite weak at defending the far post, so when County’s left flank is beaten so easily then it’s simple to take Davies out of the game and hurt County where they are weakest. Kelly was okay on the whole but Coyle should look at strengthening at left-back. I’m sorry to say that Dow is stealing a wage in that play-dodging form. I can’t remember Jim McIntyre using Routis as the holding midfielder before, but if allowed O’Brien to be a nuisance further forward and O’Brien had a terrific game, epitomised by winning the 50/50s in the lead up to the second goal. I prefer him in that position. As always Routis has all the talent to be good in whatever position, but he switches off too easily. He was effectively the spare man in midfield in the second half but he wasn’t able to complete enough of his passes to bring the tempo out of the game - Draper did better in that respect. A fraught end but a deserved win I think.
  10. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm still waiting for a moment to be convinced that Coyle is going to be much of an improvement over McIntyre. I admit that's pretty harsh, because: Team performances have been much more steady and consistent from week to week. Coyle has had a habit of putting players in their better or best positions (Draper excepted) with consistent selections, which is not something McIntyre did in his last year. He's completely trusted Davis Keillor-Dunn to start every game despite his age, which is something we all wanted to see McIntyre do with the u20s. He's got the team playing as well as the sum of its parts so far, which McIntyre hadn't been doing. He's trying to manage McIntyre's squad and hasn't made any additions. He is trying to make sure those of the squad he is keeping is fully won over by him before he brings other players in. The bottom of the table is so tight that it's difficult to quantify the small improvements so far. The problem lies in the team being a bit uninspiring, which isn't Coyle's fault - the squad badly needs someone on the wings with pace and a midfielder with a bit of creativity. There is so much reliance on Naismith overlapping Gardyne. Keillor-Dunn has quality but it's not fair to expect him to bring that to the table every week. Coyle has been keeping things simple from a strategic point of view: Plan A tends to be 4-1-4-1 / 4-3-3 against better teams or away from home; Plan B is 4-4-2 at home in games where they can try to play more on the front foot. I anticipate 4-4-2 with Curran and another up front vs Motherwell, but he's not been in great form so far and each of the four strikers deserve a start for different reasons.
  11. Morrison looks great in the u20s, a big strong boy who can put himself about and he is a good finisher with his right foot or head He's started a couple of games and been a sub a few times. He had minimal impact in the first team but I hoped that more experience at a lower level would get the best out of him. McLaughlin should make it back to the Premiership eventually. McIntyre barely gave him the time of day. There were murmurs of the player having an attitude, but at the end of the day a young full-back has to be just that much taller and/or quicker at Premiership level. I don't know if Sean Kelly is a better 'baller' than him, but Kelly is 6'2" which partly explains why he came in while McLaughlin was allowed to leave. McLaughlin really should have been kept and loaned out to the Champ, though. ICT would have been ideal for him instead of Joe Chalmers.
  12. Aberdeen and Motherwell had handed out long-term contracts to players who have broken into the first team this season, so I was itching for this to happen.
  13. Aberdeen v Ross County

    No Fox, no Davies. McCarey in goals, Van der Weg leading the defence and Kelly at left back. Happy Halloween.
  14. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Very similar players. McShane is much better at shooting in open play and dead balls. McShane's got better vision I suppose and a bigger range of passing. Woods has got more aggression, experience and confidence in looking for the ball and that tips it in Woods's favour.