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  1. I think it'll be 4-4-2 similar to Saturday, probably with DKD playing. Get rid of the pish man-for-man thing across the park, let Draper sit a little to screen and get O'Brien a little forward to link with the attackers. Hopefully Gardyne is fit, when you see Lewis Stevenson burst past you easily you know you're struggling.
  2. Staggies Bar is pretty good, failing which The Mallard is right next to the train platform.
  3. Paging @Ludo*1 for his manager thread.
  4. It takes a lot to see me lose patience with a manager but I'm prettty much done with McIntyre. I have no doubt that he has raised the standards of how things should be done for the playing staff in terms of what goes on in the backroom, but he's strategically and tactically so blunt for most of the time.
  5. Picking a right-back at right-wing.
  6. Without much kind of penetration in the 18 yard box. Hibs have more and better options since then. Boyle vs Kelly was a bit of a mis-match last time, even if most of the play was on the other side. I think it will be a key battle here. I think Barker is a good player but I hope he plays. Naismith is generally v good with his duels but he was run ragged in the LC match, because with McGeouch tucking in from the left Swanson and McGinn sometimes going out, Naismith had a tough choice on sticking or twisting and it stretched the team's shape. If Naismith had an out-and-out winger to play against then it would be a more straightforward contest for him to defend. Team as per Stagsby, probably trying Jim O'Brien next to Draper, but O'Brien still needs to show he is a CM in a midfield two. I still think his best position is tucking in from the right in a lop-sided 4-4-2, which gives Naismith the space to surge into as well and also gives Kelly a bit more protection and experience on the other side in Gardyne. If Keillor-Dunn is injured from the Celtic game then it's an easy choice to make. I want to see Curran and Mckay tried out together, but Mckay's 60 mins in the DL suggests he'll be on the bench again. ETA: The discussion on the back page of the P&J about Keillor-Dunn makes me think there isn't a problem about his availability for this match.
  7. I think Jimbo will be back in for him as one last roll of the dice before he gets the chop, whenever that might be.
  8. ICTFC 17/18

    On Wilson's longevity: “The second thing was Craig Brewster,” he adds to a little surprise. “It was well documented that Brewster dropped me when he first came in at Caley for six weeks. We didn’t always see eye to eye. At this time I was learning the game and although I was never any problem, I gave my real opinion rather than what sometimes managers just want to hear. “I suppose I was a big name at Caley at the time and Brewster probably wanted to set a precedent, that if he could drop me he could drop anyone. He said I needed to lose half a stone and got me fit. But he added two years on to my career without a doubt. I’ll always be thankful to Brew for that. From my own interview with Barry a few years ago.
  9. ICTFC 17/18

    Judging by a) how much ICT wilted in the last derby, b) how Draper looked close to his best on Saturday, after flagging badly after 20 mins in his first appearance nearly a month ago, and c) how McIntyre has talked about Draper's fitness levels in the press more than once, I'd say yes.
  10. Ross County vs Partick Thistle

    Putting Conor Sammon on the left wing.
  11. I watch Kenny at centre-back looking through my hands, it's a disaster that has already happened and will again.
  12. Ross County vs Partick Thistle

    My hunch is on that team starting, but Mckay will be in for Mikkelsen. Chow or Lindsay will be in for O'Brien, if O'Brien's hamstring stops him from playing.