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  1. Montrose V Elgin

    That's very generous! Wishing you success in the playoffs, if that's what you really want. One more point for the Mo needed to avoid that palaver. Elgin has been a bit of a bogey team for the Mo in past seasons and we were skelped 3-0 at Borough Briggs back in September. Elgin are not in the playoffs and so only pride is at stake for them. Nevertheless they will want to finish off the season with a decent result. I am sure SP and the lads will prepare for this match just like any other and keep the focus just on getting a result on the day. I read Shane Sutherland is getting better following his extensive time out due to injury and Brian Cameron and others have shown they are capable of scoring a few goals too. Hopefully the Mo defence will hold out for one more match and Templeman and Co. can score at the other end. If the Mo don't underestimate Elgin, which I don't think is likely to happen and play as well as they are capable of, then when the final whistle blows on Saturday, we may not be too disappointed.
  2. Well done the Mo. The dream is still alive and next Saturday, it can come true. One game at a time. One game left. One point needed... but let's have all three!
  3. In spite of all the hopes riding on it, I hope the players just see this as another game. If they play to their potential, it is winnable. It is another 90 or so minutes to show the form that has put them in the league position they are in. At the end of the day, it does not really matter what happens up at Borough Briggs. It is about winning a game of football and if the matter isn't settled by the end of the day, it is about finishing the job and finishing well, be that this week or next. Come on ye Mo!
  4. No need for pin. See attached pic. w.r.t. earlier post on Stenny season 17/18 topic.
  5. Personally, for selfish reasons hope Montrose are the winners. Football has been doing alright for the past twenty-two years and can probably take a hit. Stenny could lose this and still make the playoffs. I think it is debatable whether finishing third offers much of an advantage over fourth. The Mo need at least a point, so overall on the podium, my preference would be gold for Montrose, silver for football and a very creditable bronze for Stenny.
  6. P1ss off Nostradamus! You know the rest and how much Lewis Milne gets for the match ball on eBay!
  7. From a Mo perspective, great to watch. Thanks for posting. Hope things can likewise come together for the team on the next two Saturdays.
  8. Hope Ouzy See makes a full recovery. Sorry it took so long to get an ambulance. That was squeaky bum time following it on Twitter and BBC. Nerves shredded but the Mo got their three points and because of the result up the coast, Berwick must have played the second half, knowing they couldn't be caught by Cowdenbeath. Very weird one this. If it was meant to be an easier match, next week is going to be really excruciating. Hopefully won't be another marathon fret fest though. Sheesh!
  9. I heard rumours, folks from Angus's Dee burbs are getting charged double the going rate, on account of their being minted but it'll definitely still be worth it!
  10. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Play-offs: you havering skite! There's nobody connected with Peterhead F.C. who seriously believes a word of what you've written in your first paragraph. This is going down to the wire, even if Montrose maintain their momentum.
  11. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Once we beat Berwick saturday(fingers crossed)their could be double the amount we had at Stirling last Saturday for the stenny game I'd imagine. Ooh! Don't count your chickens, fingers crossed our uncrossed. That post has 100% bum biting potential. One game at a time... That is all.
  12. The Berwick game is the banana skin, I hope the Mo avoid slipping up on. At home against second bottom side, looks on paper to be one of the easier games. Trust that SP and the team can do a thoroughly professional job and claim three points.
  13. Cowdenbeath v Montrose

    Kicking off at Tesco again, are they? Know the feeling well!
  14. Cowdenbeath v Montrose

    Can someone please explain the following to me, as with four games left and twelve points up for grabs, I can't see how Cowdenbeath failing to win equals this? ... Cowden's game at home to second-top Montrose goes ahead on Tuesday, with Gary Bollan's side needing a victory to avoid a second relegation play-off in succession.
  15. Berwick vs Stenny

    From the BBC... Berwick Rangers P-P Stenhousemuir: Waterlogged pitch at Central Park