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  1. Ditto - well hopefully past Elgin at least! Still V. happy .
  2. Yet again the Scottish weather presents us with an opportunity not to be missed. Unless of course, we do. Let's hope not. Predictions? And this for Blue Toon fans...
  3. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Aiyeee / Argh / Noooooo!
  4. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Really? We are not talking Man City here are we? McAlister has hit some form but isn't this essentially the same team relegated last season? What other evidence can you provide to justify your description? They are ahead of the Mo on goal difference. Most of these goals have come from one player. You could argue we are too dependent on Templeman but we are far from being a one trick pony. Are we over-reliant on talismans as the likes of Clyde are with Goodwillie? Or are we scared of losing too many of our loan players? I can only comment based on highlights and stats but surely we aren't as far behind Peterhead as you suggest? Would they really be anything that special without McAlister? I get fed up with seeing his face on the League 2 section of the BBC sport website. He certainly seems their poster boy but he isn't exactly Neymar is he?
  5. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    The result tonight could have been better but it could have been worse. Now the game in hand is no longer hanging over us, the Mo can kick on and focus on winning each game as it comes.
  6. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Please do not make the mistake of crediting the pyramid system for Montrose's change in fortunes. That is a total non sequitur. The pyramid may or may not be a good idea but it certainly has not led to a change in Montrose's fortunes. The narrative that Montrose languished at the bottom of the lowest division for years, secure in the knowledge they would never be relegated is the kind of fake history, favoured by simplistic ideologists. It is not rocket science. It is not magic or good luck. It is not "the pyramid system". The reasons are found in a host of other clubs operating on very slender resources. The club's improvements are due to a great deal of dedication, sacrifice and hard work by real servants and supporters of the club. As for Montrose being "very, very average and beige... functional": you are of course entitled to your opinion but for now, being and remaining at or near the top of the league is the main priority.
  7. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    No intention of disrespecting Clyde's performance. If however the Mo are serious promotion contenders, they have to view anything other than a win as points dropped.
  8. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Clyde fans gleefully sounding off about official Mo Twitter criticism of referee. If club is fined it is a pity but a silly mistake to make. Still, not that big a deal in the scheme of things. A couple of points dropped but I think Clyde away was never going to be a stroll in the park. Whatever happens on Tuesday, we need to maintain the momentum built up so far. Every game is important. There are no easy games for the rest of the season.
  9. Shoogly peg, well maybe but we are still top of the league despite not capitalising on Stirling's slip-up. The Blue Toon must be eyeing this place up, but for now at least, I am glad we are still here.
  10. I never thought I'd ever be so thankful for the Scottish weather helping the Mo go top. Well done to the team for making the most of the opportunity to get there. Seems like it's a solid team and management effort that has got us this far. Long may it continue - well hopefully past Clyde at least! V. happy .
  11. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Ach well, back to league business as usual. Seems like Q.o.S. are the new St.J. for the Mo. Some encouragement to be had from two of three cup competitions. League Cup format is just horrible for lower league teams. A cup run is a bonus. I don't envy Brechin drawing Celtic away too much. I would rather make progress than just show up for appearance money. That said, it will be pretty special for City's players, probably less so for fans. I expect you can tolerate the inevitable patronising guff, as long as the price is right. Roll on Saturday and a tough one v. Stenny.
  12. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Could it happen here? A long article on the BBC sport website about a backwater team achieving "the impossible"... http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/41902664 ... er, probably not but you never know.
  13. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    Saw this and thought about Montrose Community Trust, since sport plays a not insignificant role. Especially liked the dig at the end. Also interesting to read on Beeb website article on cost of football, that we have most expensive season ticket in SPFL 2. Not suggesting we simply throw money at youth development but I can think of worse ways of spending money! Howone country persuaded teens to give up drink and drugs - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-41973296
  14. 'C'mon the Mo' 2017-18

    I think Emfae's use of the word "ostensively" tells its own story. I mean, how many of us would have used "ostensibly" and thought that would have done the job? This guy has some diction!
  15. Berwick v Cowden

    Penalty made it onto Sport Today on BBC World News TV channel. I have lived in SE Asia for twelve years and to see Scottish League Two feature on EPL besotted BBC is nothing short of miraculous, even if it was just to highlight a weird, comedy moment. Up there with... http://m.bbc.com/sport/football/41728826#sa-link_location=TEMP&intlink_from_url=http%3A%2F%2Fm.bbc.com%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2F41795699&intlink_ts=1509383172304-sa