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  1. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    So glad you're keen to see us claim our second championship in a row!
  2. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    Hmm, let me have a think: punted from P. & B. League Two forum for a couple of weeks vs punted from SPFL League Two for how long? I know which I wouldn't like more. Are we waiting till after the Champs League final as the end of the season? IMO - Don't see any good reason for delaying, beyond a team being promoted or the final outcome of the playoffs being decided.
  3. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Oh right, that explains its disappearance for a few days does it?
  4. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    "Expletive" Jobsworth though!
  5. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    Has the Montrose thread been punted? Can't see it here or on League 2 Forum. Hmm.
  6. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    I know it isn't Get tae Friockheim day yet but are any other Mo fans finding that after all these years in League 2 (formerly known as 3), it feels weird and even slightly illicit to be looking at another forum. I've just added SL1 and removed SL2 from "My News" on the BBC News app. I really find it hard to believe that we've finally got out of jail a.k.a. SL2. It's certainly taking a while for it to sink in. Having tasted freedom, I certainly hope we can stay out of there.
  7. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Classic symptoms of tangingerphobia methinks!
  8. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    We wouldn't say no to Boyler, if you'd still had him! ETA You did the same with Simon Murray, so a bit of pot calling kettle black tangerine there, (Although he wasn't a reject:just an ex-Arab.) We'd have him back too!
  9. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Feel for you guys. We've been so lucky. 22 years - and the closest we've come to relegation was a playoff! (tongue very much in cheek) Hope 2018/19 is a better season for you and yes, I will be rueing my feeble attempt at wit, if we're in the same boat as you this time next year.
  10. Getting good at surviving playoffs though? ETA Congratulations Blue Brazil.
  11. Feel for Peterhead but congratulations Stenny.
  12. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Just googled John Rankin and from his Twitter pic. looks like he's channeling Clark Kent. Let's hope he reveals his other identity in a Mo shirt!
  13. The SPFL Angus League ££1 2018-19

    From your location, we could have our own derby. I have the equipment, following Santa's last visit to Toys'rus in Udon Thani. ETA would obviously require a paint job though!
  14. League Champions Thread

    So really, what you're saying is that Montrose are the only proper team to have won it with such a high points tally, other that East Fife, who won it when it was called something different. The local rag here, which sadly last time I was back, had degenerated from a half decent paper to a "Merge Angus" effort, is the Montrose Review. The southern part of the Mearns had the Kincardineshire Observer, known as the "two minutes silence". The Mearns Leader was the paper for Stonehaven and northern end up to Portlethen. Don't know if they have survived as separate entities. I suspect not. Sad to see demise of decent local papers but think it's inevitable in this www.world.
  15. Hope Cowdenbeath play their best and do enough to stay in SPFL 2. No disrespect to Cove but hailing from a small town, I favour another smallish town team over a team of city "toonsers". I also remember the humiliation of getting beaten in the cup, donkeys ago at Allan Park and evidently still am harbouring a degree of trauma about this.