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  1. Bridge of Dee?
  2. There, sorted for you.
  3. Can Scotland learn from "minnows"? Credit to Iceland's "blazers": they have tapped into the Viking spirit and invested wisely in the game at grassroots level. Hope they knock France out too, though they will be a much tougher test than England were. Tonight, there were thousands of "Icelanders" who will revert to supporting France next time, which would make an away win an even more fantastic achievement, were it to happen.
  4. "Northumberland, Northumberland, Northumberland": don't think so...
  5. Anyone but: Mourinho...
  6. "If there's one thing Arbroath does well it's a chippy. Credit where it's due." - Angus love-in!
  7. The Boyler?
  8. Don't follow foreign football much but then I am from Angus!
  9. Shearer, who won the Premier League in 1995 with underdogs Blackburn, told BBC Sport: "For a team like Montrose to come and take the giants on with their wealth and experience - not only take them on but to beat them - I think it's the biggest thing to happen in football." Alan Shearer talks about Montrose's achievement in overhauling Arbroath in this season's SPFL 2 campaign.
  10. I'm reminded of a story. Two friends are talking in a pub and one says to the other: "you see him over there. His wife only allows him to make love to her one night a year." Looking across, his friend sees the man and can't help noticing, he's got this massive grin on his face, prompting the friend to ask: "What's he got to be so happy about then?" To which came the reply: "Tonight's the night!" The view from up here, four points clear, is simply breath-taking and we're loving it!
  11. I think people who look enviously at the pyramid system in England and want to see it operating the same way need to face up to the reality that: 1) In Scotland we have far fewer people, population density outside of the central belt is vastly different. 2) There is far less money in football here. 3) Our existing transport network doesn't help facilitate a truly national league set-up. The evidence for this is that clubs wanting to advance seem to be of two kinds: also-rans from big centres of population or rich man's playthings from hamlets. Meanwhile the so-called experts are constantly telling us that there are too many teams and the game needs to consolidate, for example by having an Angus United, playing at Greenfield Stadium, Guthrie. I am not in favour of senior football being a closed shop but unless Juniors and their teams from bigger centres of population become part of the system, I can't see the "pyramid" being of much benefit to the game.
  12. Anyone else, really glad not to have any special interest in trapdoorwatch thread this season? I read it but have made a point of not commenting there. Agree with pyramid but can't see Meadowbank Thistle "Reprise" a.k.a. Edinbvrgh City will be much of an addition. Hope that Shirey Pirey can prevail over the two legs. Really out of twisted prejudice engendered mostly because of how we entered the most horrendous tailspin following our cup exit to fellow "you'll have had your tea" City Boots, boots, boots marching up and down again, Hutcheson Vale Lothian Thistle, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub FC. Assuming that is Cove don't pull a Lazarus on Saturday and overcome the 0-3 deficit.
  13. Would prefer to finish eighth than ninth though.
  14. I'm sure it is no coincidence that the clamp down on foul and abusive language has taken place concurrently with the rise in popularity of the "so-called" "hipster" beard. This development undoubtedly has allowed the muttering of many oaths and obscenities to largely go unchecked of late.
  15. Probably paroled and now in witness protection. Hope he eventually got over the heinous Kev. Webster tragedy, which exercised him greatly at the time, as I remember.