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  1. #censorship #don'tmentionthewarIdidbutthinkIgotawaywithit #gladyoustillhaveasenseofhumourbecauserightnowIdon't #Elgin'snewToryMPisanSPFLrefereesothisthreadstillfootballrelated
  2. Angus: joined to huntin', shootin', fishin' rednecks of Tory northeast. What a disgrace! Shame on you! Of course, the clusterfunk that is Angus Council couldn't deliver my postal vote ballot paper. The THIRD cock-up in a row for elections, I've been eligible to vote in but have been denied doing so through their incompetence. Seething!
  3. Re. Stonehaven being the boundary...why not? Both Peterhead and Elgin came from the Highland League. Why relegate clubs to leagues to which they patently don't belong? As it stands, there doesn't seem any way you could split the HL into north and south or east and west to more reasonably accommodate Angus clubs. That wouldn't be fair for existing HL clubs either. Your comment about the leagues being divided along east, west and north, frankly just reflects the dominant self-interest of the big population centres in the central belt. I remember being told of exactly the same situation existing in the music circuits. It was bands playing Edinburgh and the east and Glasgow and the West, with virtually no overlap. Two cities little more than 40 miles apart and the country gets split east and west! That might have made sense in the era of the horse and cart but now it's just nuts. There is absolutely no reason, apart from the kind of knuckle-dragging backward tradition, that the pyramid fans claim to despise, for not having a better division of the country, which might well be a division into north, central and south. If the S.F.A. is meant to be for the good of all parts of Scotland, then people have to look beyond the petty prejudice and resistance to change for the better, that holds back progress. The inevitability of an east-west divide is one such myth that needs debunking. That said... the number of clubs in the central league would far exceed those in the north and south and in theory lead to disparity in the relative strengths of the leagues. Right now, the same disparity should already exist between the HL and LL. It doesn't seem to have kicked in just yet but if you had a true pyramid encompassing juniors etc. surely the league with bigger population centres would dominate. The best solution in the short term, without changing existing leagues would be to allow Angus clubs to join the Lowland League if relegated.
  4. Thought Aberdeen were immense yesterday. Was hoping for extra time, just to see if they could regroup and take the game to Celtic again, as they'd done in the first half. Sadly for them, their fans and "neutrals" watching, it wasn't to be. I hope next season, McInnes stays with the Dons and puts another team together, after key players depart, to compete with Celtic like they did yesterday, hopefully with a better outcome for them and for Scottish football. Surely a one-horse race is good for no-one.
  5. Re. Pyramid... When Montrose were facing relegation to the Highland League, it was almost certainly going to be the death of the club. Montrose is 35 miles south of Cove, Aberdeen, the nearest HL team. The budget of many HL teams is impacted by oil wealth in the north-east. Because of this it is difficult for Montrose to compete for players from Aberdeen and the north-east. Would Dundee and Angus based players and those from further south want to sign for a club playing matches in Wick and Fort William? I doubt it. Not when there are other more rewarding options closer to home. Someone will then quote me road distances, that in fact a trip to Annan equates to a trip to Wick. As far as I am aware, the road network to the south is still considerably better than the high "tractor factor" north. If the rule about clubs north of the Tay joining the HL were changed to allow Montrose to join the Lowland League, it would probably be better. However, it would still be a considerable stretch for Montrose to thrive, being thirty miles north of Dundee. So, you then mention England and the distances clubs there have to travel. Again, I would counter with England having a better road network and much higher population density to support clubs within their pyramid structure. I like the idea of a pyramid in principle but the lower leagues need to be sorted out, so that a club doesn't face oblivion because of its geographical location. The existence of a hotch-potch of juniors, seniors and amateurs in a country with major differences in population density does not make for a good pyramid system. So it's all well and good, trumpeting the benefits of a pyramid system, but the movers and shakers of the game in Scotland need to get the finger out and make it work properly because right now, as it stands, the only clubs I see likely to benefit are either the Gretna-style rich man's playthings or clubs from bigger population centres located in the central belt.
  6. Looks 4/5 months pregnant? (edited to add - on my desktop now see this is because it's displayed on a female mannequin, which I hadn't been expecting - pardon the bpun!)
  7. Yeah but no, not in this league... Can't remember a season with as much to play for, going down to the wire, as this one. With the exception of the Champion's League cash-fuelled Bhoys canter to the SPL title, think the Leagues have been remarkably intriguing this season.
  8. Alright, alright, calm down, calm down. Explanation: I started this thread because... At the end of the day, there was no relegation and the top two teams were promoted - just in fact the way it was before the trapdoor and the play-offs were introduced. "My point caller" was that for all the innovation brought in, including changing the league names, and for all the eagerness of the Trapdoorwatch lurkers, nothing much had changed. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose, so to speak. (And yes, there are many French people in Montrose.) As an auld git, I don't mind in the slightest. I also am delighted the Blue Paraguay managed to stay up. Congratulations.
  9. Has this season not been exceptional w.r.t. this? Although I agree, from a Montrose perspective, play-offs of one kind or another figured large this year and probably will next season too, hopefully at the right end of the table.
  10. Judged by what measure? I think play-offs are tolerable but not entirely credible in the small sized leagues we have in Scotland. A league competition should be just that I.m.o.
  11. Stand corrected that it was Stranraer who got promoted because Gretna went bust. Forgot the details other than the fact that we were the only league 3 side not to get promoted that season. Someone else has written on another thread about this and they may have got their facts wrong too. Really not on here complaining about play-offs, or any kind of injustice for Montrose. I honestly can't understand the petty-mindedness of others who think that's what the original post is about. It isn't. Think Montrose had a good season all things considered. I do think that it's tough that second placed teams who miss out on promotion to lower placed teams in a penalty shootout. While I am pleased for Brechin (jealous of too) - fair play to them, I can also understand why Wasps are feeling stung.
  12. Absolutely not bitter. Anyone who thinks so has clearly got the wrong end of the stick. Not against the play-offs or the pyramid in principle, as they do make for a bit of excitement at the end of the season, giving more teams something to play for. However, in terms of fairness, and because it is a league, rather than a cup, if two teams are to be promoted, it should probably be two up, two down. Yes, Montrose did benefit from the play-offs in avoiding relegation but the last time we were in the promotion play-offs, we were second and didn't get promoted, while Arbroath, who were fourth, did because that was the season Gretna went bust. At the time, I think most Montrose supporters felt we just had to win it next time. Play-offs certainly are better for teams facing potential demotion, than they are for teams finishing runners-up, that's for sure. If for example, the team that's demoted has more money to spend it's way out of the league and walks it, then the rest of the league are effectively playing for entry into an end-of-season cup competition. Nothing necessarily wrong with that but just saying. My comment on League names was just a bit of cynicism, about attempts to "glam up" football. In any case Brechin have spoiled the Angus "love in" by being too successful. Well done to them!
  13. Great stuff! Two top teams from Division 4 promoted to Division 3. Bottom two relegated from Division 3 to Division 4. No Division 4 teams relegated! Ah, just like the good old days! If we can have play-offs and pyramids, what newfangled names can we give to Leagues 1 and 2? League 1: "Most Angus and Fife etc. Superleague" - (if Brechin don't go up). League 2: "99p Store Bargain League"
  14. As much as I would prefer Forfar to go up, my concern is if Peterhead go down, they will just spend their way back to League 1 next season, spoiling League 2 as a competition for the also-rans.
  15. No. Back in the day, Peterhead, as an ambitious, new team in the Scottish League signed a lot of Montrose's better players. Montrose couldn't compete financially. I couldn't but feel a bit of envy at their eventual success in getting promoted, while we seemed to fulfil the role of perpetual whipping boys. If we had been responsible for their relegation on Saturday, I wouldn't have been too sorry. I think that with the likes of Formartine having more cash to spend it means that Montrose are out-competed for north based players to an even greater extent than before and Peterhead, should they lose out to Forfar, will be less of a nuisance, off the park at least. In terms of next season, I just hope Petrie doesn't get head-hunted, as he seems to be able to do the biz and that won't have escaped other clubs' attention. Even in spite of making it to the play-offs, in the words of the legendary Tammy Wynette song "Stand By Your Team": "Sometimes it's hard to be a Moman."