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  1. "What, it's cauld?" "Cumbernauld"
  2. A response to "We need to talk about Angus" no doubt. Plus there was absolutely no doubt the desolation south of Bothwell Services was badly in need of beautification, no disrespect to Lesmahagow, Leadhills and is there anywhere else off the M74?
  3. And in other news... Brechin 2-0 Stranraer Arbroath 3-0 Elgin Cowdenbeath 3-4 Forfar Angus! Angus!
  4. Bridge of Dee?
  5. Can Scotland learn from "minnows"? Credit to Iceland's "blazers": they have tapped into the Viking spirit and invested wisely in the game at grassroots level. Hope they knock France out too, though they will be a much tougher test than England were. Tonight, there were thousands of "Icelanders" who will revert to supporting France next time, which would make an away win an even more fantastic achievement, were it to happen.
  6. "Northumberland, Northumberland, Northumberland": don't think so...
  7. Anyone but: Mourinho...
  8. "If there's one thing Arbroath does well it's a chippy. Credit where it's due." - Angus love-in!
  9. Don't follow foreign football much but then I am from Angus!