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  1. Clusterflunk from Beeb reporting on Irn Bru second round draw. Dumbarton home to Connah's Quay and away to Buckie Thistle*! Also had Goodwillie scoring a hat trick from last season in their latest second division news. Double face-palm emoji! *Could of course be their "Colt" team.
  2. So that constitutes referring to a team as a "laughing stock", as Neilly referred to it, does it? It's a comment like that, leads me to think that you are the ones needing to "pipe down".
  3. False memory syndrome. F.Y.I. though the Mo undoubtedly had their bad moments, they were never a "carry on" fitba team. And Dezzy's Stenny Simulators weren't exactly Barca either! Roll on Saturday. We fear no foe!
  4. Dick, used to having to make big budget, key decisions in the transfer market, agonising over which Nokia handset to go for?
  5. loves spanking the Smokies more though, eh?
  6. Fabulous balanced reporting from the Beeb: worthy of a license fee as always: I suppose 0-4 tells you all you need to know, does it? At least Boyle didn't score, even if he did assist their third.
  7. Surprised no one has mentioned Morton legend Andy Ritchie's, irritating Zimbabwean nephew...
  8. PSFs: I remember a beautiful midweek summer evening at LP when the Dons paid us a visit. There was a reasonable-sized crowd. I don't remember much about the game itself but the evening had a touch of a holiday atmosphere about it. There was football and unlike in the league, losing by two or three goals wasn't a big deal. Maybe golfers would have enjoyed a summer evening out on a fairway more, but for me it wasn't a bad use of time at all. That said, it will probably be Baltic and hissing it down with rain the night!
  9. See Dick splashed the cash and signed Swankie. What's for you won't go by you, and judging by some of the Smokie responses on P. & B. not a universally welcomed signing for them. Getting a player in the later stages of career, obviously a gamble: Indian summer - not a whippet but otherwise in the best sense, the finished article, or alternatively, finished, as in clapped out fart-bag that couldn't give a toss... Most likely somewhere in between these extremes.
  10. Can't tell you their names but first initial is usually "A", so I'm guessing maybe Andy, Alan or possibly Alex/c? Hope this helps.
  11. #censorship #don'tmentionthewarIdidbutthinkIgotawaywithit #gladyoustillhaveasenseofhumourbecauserightnowIdon't #Elgin'snewToryMPisanSPFLrefereesothisthreadstillfootballrelated
  12. Angus: joined to huntin', shootin', fishin' rednecks of Tory northeast. What a disgrace! Shame on you! Of course, the clusterfunk that is Angus Council couldn't deliver my postal vote ballot paper. The THIRD cock-up in a row for elections, I've been eligible to vote in but have been denied doing so through their incompetence. Seething!
  13. Re. Stonehaven being the boundary...why not? Both Peterhead and Elgin came from the Highland League. Why relegate clubs to leagues to which they patently don't belong? As it stands, there doesn't seem any way you could split the HL into north and south or east and west to more reasonably accommodate Angus clubs. That wouldn't be fair for existing HL clubs either. Your comment about the leagues being divided along east, west and north, frankly just reflects the dominant self-interest of the big population centres in the central belt. I remember being told of exactly the same situation existing in the music circuits. It was bands playing Edinburgh and the east and Glasgow and the West, with virtually no overlap. Two cities little more than 40 miles apart and the country gets split east and west! That might have made sense in the era of the horse and cart but now it's just nuts. There is absolutely no reason, apart from the kind of knuckle-dragging backward tradition, that the pyramid fans claim to despise, for not having a better division of the country, which might well be a division into north, central and south. If the S.F.A. is meant to be for the good of all parts of Scotland, then people have to look beyond the petty prejudice and resistance to change for the better, that holds back progress. The inevitability of an east-west divide is one such myth that needs debunking. That said... the number of clubs in the central league would far exceed those in the north and south and in theory lead to disparity in the relative strengths of the leagues. Right now, the same disparity should already exist between the HL and LL. It doesn't seem to have kicked in just yet but if you had a true pyramid encompassing juniors etc. surely the league with bigger population centres would dominate. The best solution in the short term, without changing existing leagues would be to allow Angus clubs to join the Lowland League if relegated.
  14. Thought Aberdeen were immense yesterday. Was hoping for extra time, just to see if they could regroup and take the game to Celtic again, as they'd done in the first half. Sadly for them, their fans and "neutrals" watching, it wasn't to be. I hope next season, McInnes stays with the Dons and puts another team together, after key players depart, to compete with Celtic like they did yesterday, hopefully with a better outcome for them and for Scottish football. Surely a one-horse race is good for no-one.