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  1. Flippin' Eck, Tucker, the Mo only got themselves a mention on the BBC's Rob MacLean's "5 things..." Rob Maclean: Five things we learned in the weekend's Scottish football -
  2. F.Y.I. Ozmo's a *mason and drives a jet propelled car. * Speed cameras: nae probs.
  3. I am gutted that my business proposal that they invest in Montrose FC has been removed along with their South China Morning Post. This is surely an infringement of my human rights by paper tiger, fascist, imperialist, running dog, lackey, enemies of the people.
  4. I think community development is definitely the way forward. Coaches from the Montrose Community Trust go into local schools and children from nursery upwards get football related exercise through the week. At weekends, they have coaching for all levels on Saturday mornings on the Links Park pitch. If the club invests in the community and builds connections then i.m.o. there's bound to be a greater sense of ownership of a local team. It may only be a pipe-dream and at the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, football was hijacked from being the people's sport to being just another variety of elitist entertainment. Countries like Iceland show what a difference investing at (synthetic) grassroots level makes. Local clubs should see the sense of doing likewise and getting more people involved in actually doing sport, instead of just consuming it.
  5. Fail on dialect and spelling too: unless you meant something akin to attached image:
  6. Brutal. I know you can only play what you're up against but aside from Clyde's less than stellar performance and three precious points heading back to the Angus Riviera, would anyone who was at the match, who isn't currently engaged in Clyde's internecine self-harm orgy, be willing to talk more objectively about the game itself, if that is not too much to ask, please?
  7. Headline from the BBC website: I honestly thought it was a hostage news story! Don't really get the photo story thing though: random? Edinburgh City held at home by Montrose
  8. Take your cultured p1sh elsewhere! Some of us are Philistines from the provinces. See what comes of letting in a team from such an effete, Anglian, aberration?
  9. Whatever the score, let both sets of fans take comfort that they dodged a bullet by not being associated with a near neighbour the Beeb describes in less than flattering terms: Only fit for sleepin'
  10. Just to add that if I were an Arbroath fan, a draw would be a terrible result. Just not being an Arbroath fan however, already makes me feel a lot better: win, lose or draw. That said, with three particularly tough games ahead, I would be happy with just the nine points, mildly discontented with seven, non-plussed with six, a bit ticked-off with five, gripey with four, totally scunnered with three, apoplectic with two, ragin' with one and with zero, don't even go there. Now please Arbroath fans please put your handbags down and focus your attention on preparing for a game that will fail to live up to everyone's expectations: scrappy nil-nil draw. Or maybe, just maybe a crackin' match.
  11. Lame excuse and ingress of mainly American English: "gotten".
  12. Bike(y) got pinched, so hopefully this helps us.