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  1. P&B Dead Pool 2018

    Insure you make yourself familiar with his work, then have a go at a pun.
  2. Lidl in Giffnock

    Iceland and Farmfoods missing from the top of this list IMO
  3. 2018 World Cup - Russia #GotGotNeed

    Mine came back from the supermarket with the album the other day, i wasnt intending on doing it but I'm now obsessed.
  4. Gender Pay Gap

    I have no idea why maternity leave can't be made into parental leave. the current system penalises families where the mother is the main breadwinner. i suspect the 'gender pay gap' would still remain as women would choose to take the leave rather than let the man have it in most cases.
  5. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    This sacking will look ridiculous when labour eventually back a second referendum.
  6. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Hopefully the Tories who owe their seats to hatred of the CFP will now vote against the government's Brexit Bill.
  7. Topman

    It would be good if a company would just stand up and say, 'naw' to this outpouring of fake offence.
  8. Genuinely awful cold meat.

    Does corned beef from a packet turn you on? Asking for a friend.
  9. Demolish Dundee and replace it with football pitches.
  10. Stadium Sponsorship

    University: Glasgow Caledonian
  11. Random matches you are watching on TV....

    Put an ex footballer in a suit and it's still an ex footballer. I doubt very much if you'd get a One Show presenter spitting at a wee girl.
  12. Premier League 2017-2018

    Candlelit vigil at 7 tonight at Celtic Park.
  13. Over to Northern Ireland in 25 minutes?

    'Travel 25 minutes and go back 200 years'
  14. Snow!

    These nurse p***ks boasting on social media that they've walked into work are really fucking annoying.
  15. Rugby - Union And League

    Can't help thinking Jones is milking the life out It, especially linking it to the pregame comments by Hastings etc.