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  1. Top of the League and You're No

    The closest you’ll get is when you’re delivering the pizza. The good news is that we’re generous tippers.
  2. General Politics Thread

    If you don’t understand why Scotland should be given additional funds for this then you wouldn’t understand the explanation.
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I have visions of a confused checkout operator standing there whilst he says, "Do you know who I am? I am Zlatan."
  4. Adverts (Again)

    Only on my phone not my tablet but as annoying as f**k and not easy to get rid of.
  5. General Politics Thread

    The decision to cut stamp duty in England will cost money, I wonder if a pro rata equivalent will be 'given' to Scotland to introduce similar changes?
  6. The Official President Trump thread

    It would be brilliant if he got his account suspended. He would them need to set up fake accounts then brag about them. That would be appropriate as he invented the word “fake” don’t you know.
  7. Dundee United 2017/2018

    I reckon it will be a draw. ICT to win the backstroke and the crawl, Saintees to succeed in the breaststroke and freestyle. Both sides drawing in the diving competition.
  8. General Politics Thread

  9. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Totally agree. Imagine closing and locking your door. Total madness.
  10. General Politics Thread

    “Considering what he did...”, what exactly did the Welsh windbag do? An utter embarrassment of a man who would sell his soul for a sniff of power. Didn’t get it then jumped on the EU gravy train. I’d say Stephen Kinnock is very much in his father’s mould.
  11. General Politics Thread

    Watched the programme tonight that was broadcast yesterday on the BBC about Corbyn and the 2017 election. There are some sleazeball Labour MPs but Stephen Kinnock stands head and shoulders above them as the sleaziest. Also whilst there were Labour MPs in safe seats who were out helping colleagues in marginals he was shown to be working purely in his own very safe seat. Sadly the programme makers seemed reluctant to ask the Corbyn critics who were very vocal in the early part of the programme about their views after the result.
  12. Utd v League One Favourites Falkirk

    Must have been colder out on the pitch, your players appeared to freeze on a number of occasions.
  13. Zimbabwe coup

    What position is he playing?
  14. Anas Sarwar

    I’ve already explained this on previous occasions and have no intention of doing so again. What I will repeat is that it was a stupid decision which I regret.
  15. I have Virginton on ignore and wouldn’t have seen that had you not posted it. It’s an incredible thing to boast about.