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  1. Pity the Robertson deal hadn't went through before the administration announcement.
  2. Corbyn can tell Scottish students how he's going to get rid of tuition fees and promise the wider population that he will scrap Trident. He will win support for his objectives of creating greater fairness with his promise to abolish prescription charges and the bedroom tax.
  3. Apparently the new guy has no experience in the role to which he has been appointed. That should work out well then, eh?
  4. She can ask Fluffy about his comments on the position of Scotland if the government give more money to NI in return for the DUP's support. Again. And again. And again.
  5. Prominent Leave campaigner, Bernard Jenkin MP, on the radio this morning saying he doesn't like the idea of multi-national financial institutions influencing public policy!!! Fortunately I was stopped at traffic lights at the time thereby removing the possibility of veering off the road.
  6. If there is an election any time soon it will be dominated by the Brexit issue. Corbyn's position on Europe will come under a great deal more scrutiny; as things stand his position on the EU is no more credible than the Tory one. That would hopefully be exposed.
  7. That's probably illegal in a number of states.
  8. £350million, but that's just one week the NHS won't get it
  9. I'm fairly sure most of us were calling for Durnan's head at the end of the 2015/16 season.
  10. You mean you're not??!! Doing it wrong mate...
  11. That explains McCain's incoherence. Any explanation of Trump's?
  12. People need to lay off the Funsters. The continual hope of us going into administration is the only thing that keeps them going through their sad and desperate existence. Who are we to stiffle their dreams?
  13. According to the BBC negotiations are not progressing particularly well, largely because the UK side do not have clear direction from their political masters. Since there will be no development of trade talks until other maters are resolved it looks like getting a firm agreement by the Brexit deadline is receeding. It will be interesting to see what the EU's position will be if it looks like the deadline date will not be reached, personally I think it could be largely determined by whether Labour's stance on Brexit looks like it might change. Maybe Corbyn will pop his clogs with the prospect of a future government of a different complexion offering folk a second vote.
  14. I don't think it will be long before the Daily Mail prints a photo of Juncker photo shopped into a Hitler outfit so you can have the best of both worlds.
  15. Benefits to United aside, I will be delighted for Robertson if this deal goes through. An outstanding professional who always comes over as level-headed and committed. Given the amount of posers and prima donnas in football these days, it's nice to see a modest, hard working lad progress in this way.