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  1. Remind me of the last game that Telfer started where he was worse than anyone else who has played alongside Flood. He the best passer of a ball we have in defensive midfield.
  2. The ref was a fucking joke and shouldn't officiate in another football match.
  3. I was happy to see Robson given a chance but he has been horrendous of late, that doesn't help the team or the lad's development. I'm not surprised that McKinnon doesn't recognise this. I also think Ray must have caught Charlie Telfer in bed with his missus.
  4. Christ on a bike, it's you that should be riled by his appointment. I'll just wait until the reality kicks in though...
  5. What we also don't need is folk ignoring wholly unacceptable practices for fear of being accused of Islamaphobia.
  6. Don't know if that's aimed at me but if it is then I assume you just ignored the bit where I said about highlighting the rationale.
  7. Wait a second here. Are there folk trying to downplay the importance of FGM on here? Are there also folk arguing that it's somehow racist to identify an ethnic group where such practices go on? Show me evidence that Scottish girls are a group vulnerable to this vile practice and I will happily support legislation trying to defend that group. My all means attack UKIP policies, and by all means highlight the rationale behind their policies, but cut out the pish espoused in the name of misdirected political correctness.
  8. Handing the country a Tory majority running into to treble figures goes beyond banter. I seriously feel concerned for the more vulnerable members of our society when May is returned with an unassailable dominance in the HoC. Like others I have enjoyed the Labour Party falling apart but the consequences will be far less enjoyable.
  9. Totally agree bud. There's lots of proper reasons to dislike the arsehole. I reckon by the end of the football season you and your fellow Funsters will have discovered some of them.
  10. Most people think you're a fucking zoomer. See if you can work out why that is.
  11. I believe that we will last until 7.10 on Saturday evening unless I'm advised otherwise by a Dundee fan.
  12. If the Labour vote collapses in the way it is being predicted and Corbyn tries to stay on the Labour Party will split.
  13. That's like asking whether you want to be executed by hanging or firing squad.
  14. Are we deid yet?
  15. No it's normally quite good.