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  1. F*ck off, he provided more interest, hilarity and enjoyment in Scottish football than any player has for decades. Though BRALT has deteriorated significantly it was for a long time the best thing that has ever appeared on P&B. The characters that were created, nicknames that were attributed and reputations that were sullied was the stuff of legend. Jim Traynor was also driven from our lives. None of that could have been possible without wee Craigie Whyte.
  2. It's clever advanced planning. He'll probably be able to buy Dundee FC in a couple of years for £250. On a seperate note, I went and got our season tickets for next season today. Can't say I have any great illusions about what the season will hold but hey ho.
  3. From an Arab perspective the only thing that will add to today's excitement will be if Falkirk drop points. Between that happening and Donaldson playing I hope they keep a defibrillator handy in the Upper Eddie Thomson Stand.
  4. Quoting a post that is over seven months old is neither sarcastic nor ironic. However it is pretty desperate attention seeking.
  5. Just had some tomato pan, garlic prawns and a (large) glass of dry white wine.
  6. I specifically said in the post you responded to 'this season'. I can understand why you would ignore this of course.
  7. The sad thing is there's f*ck all funny about this. You have the US Secretary of State, the equivalent to our Foreign Secretary, saying that the US alone should handle the diplomatic side of the negotiations. The guy has no diplomatic/political experience and he's answering to a President who has no diplomatic/political experience (and is a fucking zoomer to boot). The other serious issue in all this is that under the. US system all the senior advisory positions are government appointees who largely change with the President, though, notably, Trump has failed to appoint many of the vacant/soon to be vacant slots. Compare this to the UK. Boris Johnson may be a tool, but he has some political experience and sufficient to listen to the career Civil Servants who are professionals and not changed with a change of administration. The idea that we should leave this all to Tillerson and Trump is like some fucking parody of reality.
  8. Time to get out the bottles of sleeping pills...
  9. Does he support the Rape Clause?
  10. That's hyperbole. However by the time we realise that Bexit is going to f**k our economy it will be too late to do much about it. What's even sadder is that there are folk out there who have began to realise the serious, negative economic consequences of Brexit yet will still vote Tory in large numbers in the stupid believe that this will somehow mitigate rather than exacerbate the problem.
  11. F*ck sake man there's only one of each! Or at least ones representing a Scottish constituency. If you broaden it out to MSPs and other prominent individuals. Tories - yes. Lib Dems - don't know (or care tbh) Labour - probably not but the career ones will have too much invested to change their position.
  12. As someone who is part of the 60+ demographic I hope we don't have to wait that long but if so I hope you're right. Nonetheless it should be borne in mind that people change over time. One thing that won't help is the attacks on older folk by the 'progressive' sorts who castigate OAPs and buy into,and indeed promote, the Tory them-and-us agenda.
  13. Not read that in a long time but will put it on my to read list; must be close to 50 years since I first read it! Whilst the absolute issues conditions of the main protagonists depicted in this classic have changed the relative conditions have not. It is both sad and worrying that there are many in the 'underclass' today who still argue the case on behalf of the 'ruling class' and associate with them. There is no created delusion than self-delusion.
  14. Don't understand the comparison. Maybe you can elucidate?