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  1. Magee calling other posters thick - irony or what?
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Bobby Connor only got called up when he went to Aberdeen.
  3. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    The "Leave means Leave" mantra that they parrot shows how fucking stupid many of them are. At no point were we asked the terms of leaving despite what these c***s tell you.
  4. Catalonia

    Rajoy losing the plot big time.
  5. Catalonia

    The BBC know exactly what us doing by using the word separatist - it has clear connotations here.
  6. Catalonia

    The only No stuff I saw in Barcelona was from the Far Right.
  7. Not available on my tablet for some reason. In any case I am just playing catch up over the last few days - some of us have holidays to enjoy. [emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481][emoji481]
  8. It's 1000 arseholes they could do without.
  9. Do you expect anything less from Paranoia FC?
  10. The invincibles? That doesn't include Europe or matches again Gibraltar pub teams then?
  11. He actually wasn't banned for that post but for losing the plot in a previous Dundee-Celtic thread (along with Drew Brees who was emptied out temporarily at the same time).
  12. Because c***s like you were let back in?
  13. You do realise he is actually a Celtic fan you moron?