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  1. Hearts v Dundee

    Think this will be close - we need to take our chances - just a bad feeling we'll lose again 1-0. Putting my money on Hearts and hope I lose.
  2. Hearts v Dundee

    I take it you mean Random Guy and not yourself? [emoji48]
  3. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Could be worse - you beat us and got 3 pts you scarcely deserved. A 7 pt gap would have been insurmountable IMHO.
  4. Alan Pardew was even fucking fantasy
  5. Oldco, for all their arrogance and faults would never have issued a statement as crass as that one.
  6. Disappointed - thought we were worth a point
  7. Looked easier to score for Spanish Jon
  8. McLean should have been carded far earlier
  9. Frustrating - Lewis has had at least 2 saves that I thought were goal bound.
  10. Fucking jammy b*****ds - mishit cross
  11. One on Talkshite yesterday - saying McInnes was not really good enough and that they should have gone after Alan Pardew. They really do think they are bigger than they are. Deluded cvnts.
  12. The Scottish media and a large number of Rangers fans seem to be ignoring the elephant in the room. If someone who is Rangers-minded doesn't want the job then it shows what a fucking basketcase your club is.