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  1. Talbot vs Pollok

    A zero off that figure would be about right my Welsh friend. Have to say, after all the nonsense earlier in the season regarding Talbot as a spent force they are once again coming good at the right time. At the moment no weakness, play as a unit. Quite rightly loads of plaudits for Glasgow and Shanklin, but what about McPherson? Tucker yet again takes a player from the lower divisions, who has to be content with the bench for a season while is being moulded into a tremendous central defender. Also, after years of churlish stuff about Talbot's style they are now a pleasure to watch, ball on the ground great movement and touch. Take a bow Tucker!
  2. Fluid Fans?

    Why thanks for the compliment, however you haven't quite got my point. But hey people read what they want to see.
  3. Fluid Fans?

    Touché my learned friend, you on the other hand can always claim eloquent erudite musings?
  4. Fluid Fans?

    That will be a naw then? Ok, here is my take on it. No clubs in the Juniors pull crowds like they once did, too much competition and clubs have a problem getting youngsters interested, therefore the much discussed Pollok home crowd thing is interesting, could be good if other clubs could learn from it, but I think it too particular to Pollok for that to be the case. Pollok have a demographic catchment peculiar to them. They are Glasgow's most high profile Junior club, this and because of where the ground is means their crowd is fluid. It is interesting that 1100 turn out, all be it a derby, a big percentage of that gate must have been neutrals or floaters judging by Arthurlie's support recently. It is also interesting that Pollok do get a boost when Rangers are not playing. Not for a minute saying there is a Pollok Rangers link but it is clear that plenty who go to Ibrox will take in a match in Shawlands should they have no home game. Floaters, fluid, call it what you like but Pollok's home crowd is not mainly made up of die hards and I suggest has a element of drop in when convenient about it, not knocking and wish my club could harness extra bodies like this, but I can't see many other clubs in the Juniors benefiting from this in the same way. So, we'll just call them floaters will we?
  5. Scottish Junior Cup

    Not blaming the clubs who have it, but having some Junior clubs with a licence whilst the rest can’t get one and remain Junior sums up the whole thing. In any other walk could be taken to court on discrimination. Yet another example of the whole ill conceived poorly planned pyramid mess.
  6. Fluid Fans?

    Yes, about 300 of them, are you seriously suggesting the turnout wasn’t around 50-50?
  7. Fluid Fans?

    So, where were they last week?
  8. Fluid Fans?

    Bo'ness and Bonnyrigg had very good numbers, noisy as well!
  9. Fluid Fans?

    There was, quite rightly, a lot of comment on the recent Pollok Arthurlie Derby getting 1100, without doubt an excellent turnout. However, on Saturday it looked as if there were as many Talbot fans at the match as Pollok, which is IMHO not unusual for this fixture at Pollok. At just over 700 and if you take into account neutrals, there could only have been 300 or so Pollok fans at the game. So, where do they go, who makes up the difference in other games, are they fluid? It will be interesting to see how many turn up at Beechwood in Lok colours next week.
  10. Club Licence

    If there was an agenda around creating a vibrant non league within a pyramid, rather than the clamour to be in with the big boys, and I quote another poster from a few years back, "Gollum like yearning" to join senior football it would be a start. Clubs particularly in the EOS were the drivers behind what we now have and the concept was flawed, it was based on raw ambition and certain clubs saw a path to the promised land. What we got, and what we have ended with pandered to this desire and evolved into a dumbing down process to accommodate numbers, where we now have clubs in tier 5 & 6 who are no more than well run Sunday teams. It is box ticking and lip service of the worst kind and does not help anyone. My club have never had this longing and the majority in our league have a similar position IMHO. Therefore "moving forward into some better structure" would start from the premise that it be organised with no ceiling, that any club can go as far as their potential allows. However it be sorted from the bottom up. A well run vibrant regional non league scene under one umbrella, with a national trophy. A pathway all the way to the SPFL so that clubs can reach their true level. But here is the contentious bit, access to SFL 4 should be rigorous on financial and ground criteria and should be stepped up every with every promotion. There should be no fast tracked Boys Clubs or small clubs catapulted by a rich benefactor (Gretna) I have no problem with clubs finding their true level and I'm sure my club would do that within such a structure, as indeed every club would. Emphasis on "true level".
  11. Club Licence

    I think it safe to say that Talbot have no yearning to play in the senior ranks. They are the quintessential Junior club who have thrived in that grade. They are the epitome model of how to run a part time club and have managed to maintain a very healthy support from a very limited catchment area. They have continually invested in their infrastructure and ground while maintaining a challenge for decades at the top of Junior Football. Having said all that, I would be astonished if they weren't interested in moving forward into some better structure as they are nothing if not resourceful and are no strangers to evolution. However they, like a number of big Junior clubs, don't get all misty eyed at the prospect of entry to senior football. This seems to be contentious with some in the non league ranks and is mistaken for arrogance and lack of ambition. I would suggest that going by their record and progress they come from a platform of much common sense. As has been pointed out though, I am no mouthpiece for Talbot, just a mouthpiece.
  12. Scottish Junior Cup

    Probably right, but why? Should this not be challenged?
  13. Club Licence

    RJ, thank you for your reasoned response, nice to debate without stooping to vitriol or insults, very dignified. You seem to be in the know sir, in order to further stabilize your credibility can you inform us how you have access to such in depth knowledge? It is good that you can verify that the what we have operating under the auspices of a pyramid system is indeed a closed shop in areas of the country, therefore by definition is not a pyramid. I shall expect a deluge of apologies from some contributors on this thread. I assume that your research is sound based on fact and is not conjecture. Whether there is arrogance involved or not, expecting a big club from the top West division to Join the SOS league in order to get to the LL is utterly unrealistic, Clydebank aside, it is never going to happen. Clydebank have been yearning for a seat at the top table ever since their sad demise in the Seniors, this I suspect has a large bearing on that particular club's philosophy on this. I think you are right, the SJFA don't see a mass exodus and therefore are quite happy. But surely the SFA are guilty of box ticking in the extreme. We won't have a decent pyramid until some sort of process is in place where clubs can actually find their true level. As is the problem from the top, self interest prevails throughout!
  14. Fluid Fans?

    I certainly hope so
  15. Fluid Fans?

    As a matter of interest, where were the team that hails in the big stadium in Govan playing that day?