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  1. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Yes, surely people can't think that we, the Junior Grade, are completely autonomous and have no relation to other grades. Quite the opposite I would suggest. Kelty's "plunge" is of interest to us all. The one thing that is for sure, our grade won't stay the same and any alternative has to be discussed.
  2. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Given the hugely impressive developments at Kelty in recent years, it is clear that there are some upwardly mobile, forward thinking, shrewd individuals operating at the club. On perusing this post, I take it you're not one of them gogsy?
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    Not being au fait with the SFA governing legislation, I can't say for certain, but my suspicion is that this oft quoted statement is urban myth. Even if you are right in respect of there being a legal route I consider such a move be so fraught with potential catastrophe that I suggest that if they could, it certainly wouldn't be with minimum fuss!
  4. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Ach well, we can't all be crowd pleasers like your good self! But I'm pleased you enjoy my posts.
  5. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    If this ever became an issue, surely clubs who are borderline could choose a region to suit them, Shotts or Forth for example could opt East or West. As The Shed stated, a regional West LL could be a game changer that could tempt clubs, if a few heavyweights in the West Juniors decided to move, as is being suggested will happen in the East, then Junior football would have to react. We could actually end up with a proper pyramid and, more importantly for me, a vibrant Non League scene.
  6. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Not for a minute, think I said somewhere in this thread, or perhaps another one, that it is great to see clubs investing in their facilities and I include Kelty in this, clearly. However the new proposed investment will cost a hell of a lot of money, the Kelty guys seem to think it's sound, perhaps it will be, good luck to them. However, having a lot of experience in this sort of thing and being less than enthused by the grade and environment they are heading, I just wonder if they could be moving too fast too soon. However, others are saying that Bo'ness and Lithgie will follow to this environ leaving quite a hole in the Juniors, which might be enough to create a shake up. However, lots of ifs buts and maybes. Seriously, good luck to Kelty, but I do think it is all a good point for discussion and, if you like, playing Devil's Advocate to some degree. Gogsy, calm doon pal, I do like your club's ambition!
  7. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Think that’s a bit harsh. I have given Kelty full credit for the way they are running their club. However, I’m surely not the only one who thinks that perhaps the investment could outway the product. You might be right regarding factoring costs, but plenty of clubs have let ambition and momentum overtake due diligence. Time will tell.
  8. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Well, that's up to your club, access to the LL must be your goal, and beyond I suppose where you once were. However, it did go horribly wrong. Not having a go at Clydebank for wanting what they once had but I can say assuredly that for Talbot, who are undisputedly the most successful club in the Juniors, it hold no attraction, at the moment as it presently stands. However, a serious look at unifying non league football might change something. Myinitial post and the point of it is that Kelty, despite a poster who thinks they will get to the championship AT WORST, could be over stretching and be foisted by their own petard. They seem to be galvanised at the moment, have momentum, but could they be a victim of their own momentum? The facility described could be in the region of 500k. Despite their impressive organisation and superb initiative, the numbers aren't adding up for me. They have another two clubs, one Junior, one senior on their door step already. With Raith and the Pars being the big clubs in Fife and East Fife also in the mix looking for a bite, lets just say I have my reservations. But I have been wrong before, not often though.
  9. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    It is clear that Kelty are well run and very hard working. However what you describe is serious money. We’re not talking tens of thousands, way beyond that. Good luck to you but despite the clubs endevour, on the face of it something just isn’t adding up looking at it as an entity. Perhaps when the “developments” are announced it will make sense. I am very curious to see how this will be paid for.
  10. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    At worst? You got to love an optimist! Incidentally, a lot of stadiums in the West Juniors are anything but crumbling, some have had plenty of investment and are first class. The Trouble for the West is that at present what is on offer is not anywhere near attractive enough to tempt clubs away. The geographical issue with the SOS league together with the standard of it renders this option obsolete fore them. Games between the big names, nearly all games in the top division, attract much larger crowds than what has been mentioned in EOS and LL. Moving simply not an option at the moment.
  11. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Interesting, who in the LL carries a big support?
  12. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Wow, that's some investment, having been involved with the construction of Talbot's 500 seat stand I have an idea how much money this will take, especially from new. This will make the stadium better, obviously. Smashing set up it will be, you must be chuffed to bits?
  13. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    As I said, it is a great wee set up, but in my humble opinion a four figure attendance would be problematic for some to see. Only my opinion, it won't be problem unless you get a big name in the Scottish.
  14. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    I suppose they never had much to shout about, but I never noticed them.
  15. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    Well can't blame them for that, it was absolutely Baltic!