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  1. I was one of the 28 top shirey pirey!!
  2. Shireday[emoji445][emoji445][emoji445][emoji445]
  3. Top performance from shire today although I did think the sending off was a bit harsh. Can we have that referee every week?
  4. It was fenced off today although One of Andy Rodgers wayward shots fooked one of the lights in it
  5. Shireday[emoji445][emoji445][emoji445]
  6. Shireday!
  7. Spartans completely outplayed us today and we can have no complaints regarding the results. I thought Chris Townsley's celebrations were a bit ott, I would love to know why he felt the need to goad the shire fans? And finally the shire have no options and we will be at Stenny next season.
  8. Don't know is the answer but it should become a little clearer soon as Stenny have to be served their notice by March if we are leaving.
  9. I think after today's result EK are out of site.
  10. 9 points now[emoji30]
  11. Seen him refuse to go on in injury time at Innerleithen kinda thought this is how it would end
  12. We have played a couple of pre season games there and to be honest it was a lot better than I remembered but as far as I have heard it is not one of the options for next season.
  13. Shireday[emoji445][emoji445][emoji445][emoji445]
  14. It has only been going for 3 years