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  1. Played junior then lowland league last season scored 35 goals for Shire but mostly agains push teams. Personally I think he will struggle in league 2
  2. You have apparently signed David Grant.
  3. Where will you finish next season?
  4. New plan Falkirk stadium
  5. All quiet at the shire hope we start announcing some new signings soon.
  6. Jamie is a decent player has the ability to go past players with ease and chips in with a few goals he would play at a lot higher level if he was a bit braver in the tackle
  7. EK are doing so much right as a football team trying to build a team capable of holding there own in the Scottish league, they have teams at all age groups playing under the one banner and they do seem to be building plenty local support. Pity there manager and captain are complete w***ers. Come on the cowden!!!
  8. Lowland league has been very refreshing, for me Saturday's have became enjoyable again, looking forward to next season which if we had been promoted wouldn't have been the case.
  9. One of the said 2 was also away with his burd for our first game against EK, I questioned his commitment then and he sent me a PM on here telling me how it was booked before he joined the shire Bla Bla Bla and there was no one more committed than him! Aye cheers for that Andy!
  10. I wouldn't think about it too long supporters bus is pretty full
  11. Although disappointed that we couldn't win the league can't say I'm disappointed to be spending another season in the LL. This season in the LL has made football enjoyable again.
  12. Well done EK[emoji30] good luck in the playoffs.
  13. The simple answer is at the time we left firs Falkirk stadium wanted a Fortune form us to play there so Stenny was the cheapest option although that might not be the case for next season.
  14. Must say the Falkirk Stadium experience was miles better than Stenny[emoji106] hope we can make this happen.
  15. I was one of the 28 top shirey pirey!!