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  1. I thought our shape was better today although apart from one great header we never really looked like scoring. Today's Ref was dreadful sent off Kelbie for what looked like swearing and booked their player for diving when it appeared to be a stonewall pen. Draw probably a fair result.
  2. Another poor performance from us yesterday if the keeper had stayed on we would have never got back into game. Given the way Ayr Unt have started Wednesday night could be a very long night.
  3. This is what I personally don't understand to redevelop Firs would cost at least £750,000 for to then get £15,000 a season from us doesn't sound like a great deal for him, so there must be more to it
  4. I think the fact that he was refused entry on Saturday tells you what the board think about it
  5. Big brass neck to go with too
  6. He wants to redevelop the old firs park that he demolished then he wants us to rent it from him. Sounds like a great plan not!!!
  7. First game of the season and our new striker is posted missing at a stag doo, next week our new center half is heading to Ibiza although on today's performance that might be a good thing. My expectations were low for this season after today's performance they are non existent.
  8. Played junior then lowland league last season scored 35 goals for Shire but mostly agains push teams. Personally I think he will struggle in league 2
  9. You have apparently signed David Grant.
  10. Where will you finish next season?
  11. New plan Falkirk stadium
  12. All quiet at the shire hope we start announcing some new signings soon.
  13. Jamie is a decent player has the ability to go past players with ease and chips in with a few goals he would play at a lot higher level if he was a bit braver in the tackle
  14. EK are doing so much right as a football team trying to build a team capable of holding there own in the Scottish league, they have teams at all age groups playing under the one banner and they do seem to be building plenty local support. Pity there manager and captain are complete w***ers. Come on the cowden!!!