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  1. Cheers, hopefully won't have any problems then. I notice that we are also now taking 'new' season ticket bookings. Why that was beyond us last week I have no idea.
  2. Yeah, home end for us if we can't get them. Accies turning away paying customers? Unheard of...
  3. That many already? Shit, hopefully still some available at the start of next week. So they wouldn't take a 'booking' for a new season ticket? Utter farce if that's the case.
  4. I see Hendrie has been released by West Ham. What an utterly bizarre signing that was.
  5. Hopefully able to get tickets. If not, home end it is. Will the new stand be ready in time? Cutting it fine are they not?
  6. Who are 'they'? Why would they do this? Where exactly are they getting these 'HIV infected needles'? The general public are absolute fucking morons.
  7. Glenn Hoddle.
  8. One for me. 'Alright' or 'fine' usually covers it. I dread asking her sometimes as I know I'm going to be subjected to a barrage of bullshit I really don't give a shit about.
  9. Colin w****r.
  10. This time of the year is murder. Can't wait to YouTube search our Richard Roy type signings a few games into the new season. What a time to be alive etc...
  11. That will be our nickname next year.
  12. Shat it
  13. Holy f**k, the scenes
  14. 'You're just a shit San Marino'. Can't argue with that.
  15. Brown should be off. Thug of a player.