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  1. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    MT is a good poster. Not getting the animosity. Then again, you couldn't pay me to read the BRALT these days so maybe I'm missing something obvious.
  2. Thistle will stroll this. Even in the unlikely event we get our 6 (?) injured players back, we are relying on Martin Canning to motivate them and set us up to get a result. Enough said.
  3. c***s on the road

    c***s who don't understand that the rules of the road still apply in car parks. Some daft old biddy ignored the give way road markings and drove straight out in front of me whilst her head was turned 90 degrees talking to her passenger. The sound of my car skidding and a long blast of my horn wasn't enough to turn her head. In fucking dream land. Other c***s include people who speed up and start tailgating you when you move lanes in front of them and people who don't acknowledge you if you let them out of a side street whilst in a traffic jam.
  4. That's pretty much my point M8. From someone who's usually the first to defend Canning no matter what, his silence speaks volumes.
  5. Even the notorious happy clapper boy from the Ham Ad is sounding like he's had enough: Ham Ad Sport‏ @HamAdSport1 5m5 minutes ago I’m not allowed to swear on here, so I’m off here until at least tomorrow. As well as retweeting negative Tweets, which I can't recall seeing much of, if ever.
  6. The Hamilton Relegation Thread

    It seems like years of predicting our downfall may actually come to fruition for the perma raging one. Even a stopped clock gives the right time twice a day.
  7. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Football. It's fucking shite.
  8. The only way he'll not be manager is if he decides to walk away. And why on earth would he do that? He'll struggle to get another coaching role, let alone another manager gig.
  9. The Hamilton Relegation Thread

    I'll save NDD the bother of bumping this thread later.
  10. Ross County v Accies

    Six defeats is a row. County's first win at home since May. Accies:
  11. Ross County v Accies

    Hehe. Absolute shitebags at our club, from the manager to the players. What a fucking gang.
  12. Ross County v Accies

    A goal from a cross? That's HIGHLY surprising. And now for the inevitable collapse. Getting numb to this shite now.
  13. Ross County v Accies

    Blow the whistle ref.
  14. Ross County v Accies

    Bingham off and Rojano on.