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  1. Yep, the Dons on here are a sound bunch. Unlike some other places I could mention...
  2. Pack.
  3. Just read about this. Oh my. That's the kind of caper I'd expect Accies to pull out of the bag. Fucking hell.
  4. Me. Wouldn't have it any other way.
  5. Delighted with the 3 points obviously, but make no mistake, that was lucky as f**k. We would have been annihilated on another night. We are absolutely terrible. I'd imagine McInnes will be seething. Pleasing.
  6. Fair enough. Hate away. Not much time wasting TBH. We're just really shite.
  7. I love how much we piss people off.
  8. Those wee dives he does are embarrassing.
  9. Deary me, we are an utter gang. A disjointed shambles. How the f**k are we winning? If Aberdeen find their shooting boots they'll win this very comfortably .
  10. Would expect a comfortable Aberdeen win here.
  11. Davie, every Accies fan on here goes to the majority of our games so it's a bit pointless having a pop. Enjoy supporting a massive club.
  12. That's really hurtful. BTW, just how mental are you Davie?
  13. Absolute donkey.
  14. Probably won't matter either way TBH. Anything less than 5-0 and I'm claiming the moral victory.
  15. Well done to Inverness. Despite that result sending us bottom and pretty much convincing me we'll finish 12th, it's always good to see either one of the gruesome twosome getting beaten. 'Mon the diddies.