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  1. Against all odds.
  2. Crowd wanking is going as well as expected. Carry on.
  3. Is this some sort of parody?
  4. Or to face away from the pitch and shout into a megaphone like the boy at Motherwell.
  5. How many do Cowden bring out of interest?
  6. Oh dear Kev. You keep trying though. Good performance against an admittedly already on holiday Dundee. Should give us a wee confidence boost for Thursday although I'm a tad worried about our injury/suspension situation.
  7. Inverness are a decent bunch on here and IMO if you'd had a semi competent manager you would have easily finished above us. We may still yet be joining you. Good luck next year. Foran seem like a dick. His attempts at 'mind games' before yesterdays games were hilarious and his post match ramblings are fucking baffling.
  8. Well done to Brechin. That was some game. Love to see 'wee' teams be successful as we are in a similar position but one league up. Get it right up the so called 'big boys'.
  9. Taking photos of away fans is OFTW behaviour.
  10. I'm so upset by this TBH. As for these games, our injury/suspension situation is going to be a major problem I fear. Donati at centre half? Doesn't exactly fill me with much confidence.
  11. Well, this certainly isn't going to backfire spectacularly. No Siree.
  12. I don't mind Falkirk, but this is extremely amusing considering a lot on here were already talking about playing us or Inverness in the final like it was a foregone conclusion. Also a big GIRFUY to the many crowd wankers among you.
  13. Some collapse Falkirk. Kudos.