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  1. It never fails to amuse me the knots football fans will tie themselves into in an attempt to condemn an opposition player or condone one of their own.
  2. Yes, the big car park near the bingo is best for parking. Good for a quick getaway as well.
  3. Not just Scottish football, but 'Back where they belong'.
  4. Maybe I'm missing something, but in what way was that post 'tasteless'?
  5. BPM, do you go to the football dressed as a pirate?
  6. That's tremendous. Yer boy that posted earlier in the thread (Estragon) has previously posted similar on here before so it may have been him? Either way, I love that sort of stuff. Makes it all worthwhile. On that note, where is The Big Chair these days? He used to despise us. Excellent poster. We'll miss MacKinnon. Suppose Crawford and Gillespie will come in which is a shame as we look so much better without them.
  7. What a finish.
  8. Some defending that.
  9. Imagine arguing that decision
  10. Unless they are your big team, that's a ridiculous statement.
  11. Yeah, I will be. Will be staying off social media as c***s just love to ruin the picks by announcing them early.
  12. Love the draft. Can't wait.
  13. Not our cuddly ol' Douglas.