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  1. League Predictions

    Just had a quick read through this thread again. Some tremendous meltdowns from Falkirk fans.
  2. Crawford making his return in the u20s tonight. Scored a penalty after a minute. Edit: scored again. A header FFS.
  3. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Use the word 'mines'.
  4. MMA Thread

    I love both of them TBH. I totally agree with your analysis. Ferguson's unpredictability and his work off his back gives him a chance, but Khabib is a monster. Many people are saying it's the best match up that can be made in the UFC at the moment. I tend to agree.
  5. MMA Thread

    The countdown to 223 begins. Ferguson v Khabib has me ridiculously excited already. Praying for no injuries.
  6. Ross County vs Hamilton Accies

    You didn't.
  7. Wish Ferguson would tell Scotland to f**k off. International football is utter drek.
  8. Sportscene Watch 17/18

    First time I've watched the Saturday afternoon Sportscene in ages. Do they always dedicate so much time to the English Premiership/Cup games? Bonner and Thompson doing analysis on these FFS.
  9. Ross County vs Hamilton Accies

    Will take that after our supposed shite show in the first half. Other results went our way as well, so not the worst day ever.
  10. Rangers vs Kilmarnock 17th March

  11. Ross County vs Hamilton Accies

    And so it begins...
  12. Ross County vs Hamilton Accies

    Injured in training apparently.
  13. MMA Thread

    Masvidal apparently.
  14. Unfortunately not, as they vowed not to come to the rearranged game and give us money. A real shame, I'm sure you'll agree. #sweptawaybynature
  15. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Start sing songs with their friends in the pub. Usually Oasis, or some other horrific band.