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  1. Why, Tony? Why?
  2. Yeah, it's weird right enough. I assume he left us on decent terms (but with Accies you can never be sure) but I can understand him not wanting to come back from the point of view of being a backwards step in his career or maybe him feeling he achieved all he could with us. But to drop down to the Championship? Can't begin to understand it.
  3. As gutted as I am that Tony isn't coming back, I'm glad he's not gone to a Premiership team. Time to move on. Hopefully don't lose anyone before the window shuts.
  4. Look after Tony, guys. Excellent signing.
  5. That's not a tunnel M8.
  6. Were you tripping by any chance? Might try that next time I go to NDP.
  7. You tell me.
  8. I'd happily take a draw at the moment.
  9. He looked awful in the game against Partick Thistle last season. Responsible for conceding two goals. Obviously didn't impress in the development league either. We have Remi Matthews, who has been absolutely brilliant so far.
  10. Incorrect. I just hate the double standards.
  11. Decent game I thought. One we deserved to win, perhaps by another 2 or 3. Am I the only one who thought D'Acol had a great game? Lots of moaning around us about him, but I thought his hold up play and passing was excellent. I also noticed that Kurtaj is the boo boys new target. Harsh, as I thought he looked dangerous at times. Gave the ball away a few times, but he's just coming back from injury FFS. Kurtaj gives the ball away, people go fucking apoplectic. Gillespie passes the ball straight out of play (as usual), and it's 'unlucky Grant, head up son'. Facepalm. Brophy looked lively when he came on. Happy with him and D'Acol as our strikers this season. Also impressed with Redmond and MacKinnon. I take it Crawford will be leaving before the window shuts then? Head knock in training doesn't sound the most convincing TBH. How shite was the referee? Zero control of the game. Pretty good start to the season all things considered. Killie result was awful, but on another day we would have buried all those chances. On that note, we are creating loads during games but just failing to finish them. Hopefully that will improve as the season progresses.
  12. I guess this means you're cock of the week. Amirite?