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  1. 'Ass' Mods, please.
  2. We get (rightly) slated for our attendances, but at least we are honest about them. Unlike others. The only attendance I really care about is my own.
  3. Oh dear oh dear.
  4. Anybody, and I do mean anybody, who takes photos of the away fans as some sort of point scoring exercise is a w****r of the highest order.
  5. Our game on Saturday is going to be extremely tough. We have an injury crisis, and the players that played last night looked fucked. Wouldn't surprise me if we fell at the final hurdle.
  6. Wait, why are people taking photos of away fans? And why is there a website dedicated to this?
  7. Keep them coming.
  8. Dees taking shite? Hold the front page.
  9. '£500k' ITK
  10. Neutral, aye?
  11. Well, that was shite. Our squad is paper thin. We have zero strength in depth. Dat defence. Ooft. Only positives were D'Acol finally got a goal and Crawford's free kick. Oh, and we still have a chance to qualify. Longridge is one of the most frustrating players I have ever seen. I don't mind him as a squad player, but Canning seems to have a hard on for him for whatever reason. Can we start getting some of our players fit again please? Or sign some? Again, dat defence. Fucking hell. City were rather physical, but I don't mind that. Like seeing players getting stuck in. The City fans we spoke to before and after the match were sound. Good luck for the season ahead. Hope you guys do well.
  12. Martin has taken the huff apparently and left. Didn't look up to it against Thistle last season.
  13. Oh dear. How sad. Nevermind.
  14. Something happened?
  15. 'The money was just resting in my account'.