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  1. This is correct.
  2. Carlo 'The Revelation' Monti.
  3. Bombadil is a dick. So glad he was left out of the film adaptation.
  4. Has anybody read Imrie's comments on the official site? Usual cliched pish after a loss, but this jumped out a mile at me: When asked if he had noticed any differences between the Warburton and Caixinha Rangers sides, he said, “I think their ideas are similar and they like to move the ball from side to side really quickly. They maybe get the ball in behind a bit more quickly than Mark Warburton’s side, he liked to move the from side to side a lot more. “Pedro seemed to want the balls in behind a lot more quickly, you saw them coming off the line a little bit, allowing Wallace and Tavernier to get in behind our full backs. So, that’s maybe something that he has picked up on or that’s his preferred style of play, but they seemed to move the ball more quickly than earlier in the season when we drew 1-1 with them. That’s how I saw it, but their movement is obviously of a different class.” What the actual f**k? Why is this on the official Accies website and why in the name of f**k was he even asked that question? Absolute joke.
  5. The song books from both cheeks suggest it never actually started being about the game of football.
  6. Canning contract extension.
  7. How many times have you actually been inside Ibrox bennett? LET OFF SOME STEAM
  8. Yes, but from Twitter etc, at least that's what they were implying. The added 'I can't see obviously' after each comment is fucking pathetic as well.
  9. Did they?
  10. Well done Morton. Great win. Look forward to checking this thread later for the seething heads gone from some of the Bairns.
  11. Surely not? Grim if true though. Losing all your interim games in charge, get a big contract. Great bit of business. He'll never walk either as you presume he'll struggle to ever get a gig as a manager again. Then again, Gary Locke seems to do OK...
  12. Just the 14 goals conceded in the last 3 games then. No worries when you have a job for life though. We'll just plod on regardless and hope other teams can be anywhere near as bad as us.
  13. Set up ultra defensively against a distinctly average Sevco side. 3 nil down after 56 minutes. Canning masterclass.