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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Really? Surprised at that because for all his faults I'd say he never once hid in a game for us, despite taking pelters when being awful.
  2. Livingston - all the threads merged

    Boyd is a good wee player. His goals against QOTS in the cup and Dundee in the league show how good a finisher he is. A volley into the corner of the net and a brilliant chip over the keeper. I'm sure he'll do a great job for you guys.
  3. Dundee fans are perma raging, so not that impressive. The Killie fans though? Not bad.
  4. Hearts v Dundee

  5. Moira? That name rings a Bell...
  6. Celtic v Hamilton

    Play the u20s in this one.
  7. Have we seen the last of Crawford?
  8. Stupid Inventions

    One of their less successful flavours.
  9. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    Also, glad to see Brophy doing well. Was always a fan of his. Just didn't suit our one upfront style at the time. Would have been interesting to see him play up there with Templeton.
  10. KFC Vs Quinoa Thistle

    I recall a lot of Thistle fans being really excited with the likes of Barton and Keown. Regression? Lack of confidence? Out of position? FWIW, despite our relatively decent run before today, we will more than likely be fighting it out for bottom spot. No need for panic yet.
  11. Decent first half from us. Don't take your chances then you're fucked. Fell apart in the second half, somewhat inevitably. Some holocaust performances today, particularly from McMann and Docherty. A real annoyance of mine is how many touches we take rather than shoot/pass first time. Imrie is fucking murder for this. The amount of times he takes an extra touch breaks so many moves down. Don't think Rojano's chance was as easy as is being made out on here. Great ball in from Imrie but it had a fair amount of pace on it and I'm sure it bounced just before it got to him. Templeton is great, but tries a bit too hard sometimes to beat multiple men. Our only real creative spark though. Bit of a smash and grab, but fair fucks to St Johnstone. Look devoid of confidence but I was always worried they'd sneak a goal. Hopefully this isn't the start of one of our regular 6 or 7 game streaks without a win. It's going to be a brutal dogfight down at the bottom. At least we have players who have experienced this multiple times. Imrie and McMann nearly coming to blows was giving me flashbacks.
  12. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Is Milne ok? Strange interview. 'Scottish football needs a strong Rangers'. FFS.
  13. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Painful listening.
  14. Any chance you boys can convince your players to kick the shit out of each other again? Preferably 3 or more this time? Ta.
  15. MMA Thread

    GSP has vacated his middleweight title. Says he's got colitis and needs time to get better. Whittaker named undisputed champion. Whittaker will now defend the title at UFC 221 in February against Rockhold.