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  1. I'm a huge fan of Brophy, but he's been poor in the last two games. The inconsistency of a young player I suppose. I agree with BR above, D'Acol and Brophy if we decide to go two up top again. Or maybe start with Bingham and D'Acol and have Brophy use his direct style for the last twenty minutes against a tired defence, depending on the game situation obviously? I'm much more concerned about the wide areas for this one. Inverness have some dangerous wingers, don't they?
  2. Looks like you're eating a parrot.
  3. No dodgy YouTube video.
  4. It pleases me greatly that our mere presence in the Premiership riles up old fools like Willie Miller and his 'attendances are the most important thing' colleagues and morons on here. GIRFUY
  5. 6 interceptions. Fucking hell.
  6. Well, he is, but he's capable sometimes of some decent football when he keeps the head, which is almost never.
  7. Couldn't agree more with the bit in bold. He seems to be the boo boys new target. I think his hold up play and rage of passing is excellent. Yes, of course, I want him to start banging in the goals, but you have to be realistic. He was much better than both Brophy and Bingham. What pisses me off the most is that when ever he makes a mistake, the fans are all over him. In contrast, when Donati (who was fucking awful today) or Gillespie make one of their numerous mistakes, not a single peep from the same people. Longridge is pish. Awful in fact, but it's not his fault the manager has a hard on for him for whatever reason. Why he was given a new contract I'll never know. At least he tries hard.
  8. Terrible game. We looked sloppy and disorganised after the break. That's on the manager, and it seems to happen far too often. Crawford remains an enigma. Looks a world beater on occasion, but disappears far too often. The less said about his corners the better. Docherty should have buried that chance. Hit it first time FFS. Passing was wayward today, but he's young and still learning the game. Frustrating afternoon all round. Felt like a loss. Our home form is diabolical. Take a look at the last two years. If we are to have any chance of staying up, we need to change this ASAP. Next up Inverness.
  9. Can anyone confirm if the Aberdeen fans are singing about Lee Wallace being a grass?
  10. Off the Ball in a nutshell.