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  1. Once, due to stupid wee c***s sat near us talking from the very beginning of the film. Despite being told by myself and my friend to shut the f**k up they carried on. Finally decided to leave, spoke to the manager and got a refund and went to the pub instead. People are dicks.
  2. Considering the amount of time this saga has gone on for, I hope for his sake that he does us a turn or I can see a summer of frustration being taken out on him by a good few if he's another Richard Roy. No pressure Tony. Hat trick on Saturday please. Cheers.
  3. If I were to meet an Albion Rovers fan, I would discuss football with him/her and ask how happy they were with the squad and their aspirations for the season ahead. How many fans they have in attendance at a home/away game is of zero interest to me.
  4. We can't really play that game TBH.
  5. To be fair, Aberdeen fans on here and Twitter etc love to use attendances as a slagging tool when it suits them.
  6. It's no Google, I'll give you that.
  7. No. We'll bring 50 fans.
  8. Fair enough.
  9. Why did you delete your reply to me Biggie?
  10. Is stadium wanking the new crowd wanking? Hope both are staying, due to the always riveting conversations that occur when folk discuss these things.
  11. Aren't you a vegan? I'll bet you couldn't fight sleep.
  12. People who struggle to use self service checkouts are OFTW.
  13. See Ryan has scored two already. Hope he's a success. Was always around the fringes of our team (our most used substitute ever apparently) but it always looked too much for him to sustain a run in the team. I'd imagine he's improved massively and hopefully he'll be able to become an effective Championship striker. Best of luck for the season ahead Pars.
  14. Get this 'competition' into the sea.