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  1. Killie vs Hibs

    Never seen a good game on a plastic pitch.
  2. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    That's a wee shame.
  3. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

  4. My thoughts on Donati. Started off brilliantly, really looked the part. Composed and positionally aware with a tremendous range of passing. He had a stormer against you guys in the cup and things were looking great. Not sure if it was his age catching up with him, but his performance levels just seemed to drop off a cliff. In the end, he lost his place in the side and when he did play, it was anything from 'ok' to 'shambolic'. Gifting chances and passes to the opposition were his new thing. He got the most ridiculous red card for kicking the ball away at Dundee which was probably the most brainless thing I've seen at the football. If you get the player we had at the beginning of his time with us then it's a fantastic signing.
  5. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    It's a prerequisite.
  6. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    Would like to see us play in a 4-5-1 formation for this. However, Canning seems determined to stick with 3 at the back. The fact that we seem to have zero pace there is a real problem, as well as our inability to deal with crosses and set pieces. What I wouldn't give for a Mark McLaughlin in his prime.
  7. Who's going tomorrow night then? Fearing the worst TBH. Struggling to care about results too much (just as well) at the moment.
  8. MMA Thread

    Just caught up with last nights action. Was hoping Sage Northcutt would get knocked out. The guy is cringe as f**k. Love Derrick Lewis. His post fight interview was great. Was expecting a longer main event, but fair fucks to Cowboy. Ties the most wins in UFC history.
  9. Popular Things You Know Nothing About

    Any sport sounds ridiculous if you break them down like that TBF.
  10. Hamilton VS Partick ~D Day~

    Cheers. Perhaps, but if we continue to gift multiple goals per game to the opposition as we have done recently then we'll not win again this season.
  11. The Hamilton Relegation Thread

    That's good G Man. Have a nice day.
  12. Annoying things people write on Facebook

    As someone who isn't on Facebook, I'm really hoping these things aren't real and I'm part of some Black Mirror/Truman Show thing. 'Conor of my eye'. FFS
  13. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Dees gonna Dee.
  14. St Johnstone FC Thread

    There you go. X