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  1. Central league division 2

    Carluke v Ants highlights
  2. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    http://www.theants.co.uk/ants-march-on-as-carluke-conquered/ Carluke v Ants highlights, post match reaction and match report
  3. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Carluke 1 v 3 Ants John Cumming Stadium Saturday 21st October 2017 Ref Jordan Cousland
  4. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Ants 2 v 1 Johnstone Burgh McKenna Park Saturday 7th October 2017 Ref - Ross Clark
  5. Central league division 2

    Ants v Burgh Highlights
  6. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    http://www.theants.co.uk/gordons-double-perfect-tonic-as-ants-beat-burgh/ Ants v Burgh Match Highlights and Photo's
  7. What game are we going to today ?

    Northern Ireland V Republic of Ireland for me
  8. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    Friendly result Petershill 1 v 2 Ants Kieran Donaghy and Graeme Crawford with the goals. Thanks to Petershill for the game and good luck for the rest of the season
  9. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    Lanark Highlights from a couple of weeks back
  10. Central league division 2

    Better late than never, Ants v Lanark highlights from a couple of weeks ago Bellshill v Ants from last week and hopefully some stage this week will have the Burgh highlights on
  11. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Ants 2 v 2 Lanark Saturday 23rd September 2017 McKenna Park
  12. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Bellshill 1 v 4 Ants Rockburn Park Saturday 30th September 2017 Ref - Kieran O'Reilly
  13. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    http://www.theants.co.uk/rockburn-rockin-when-the-ants-came-knockin/ Bellshill v Ants highlights lineups and photo gallery
  14. Central league division 2

    http://www.theants.co.uk/ants-unbeaten-run-down-the-river-as-vale-of-clyde-hit-four/ Vale of Clyde Match Report & Highlights Or just the "Highlights" if you wish
  15. The Ants Thread 2017/18