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  1. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Many thanks for this.
  2. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Many thanks for the comment. I must have missed this and wasn`t aware that the Ashfield Bar and Social Club was changing. The Football Club did own this however I believe was sold in the early 1970`s.
  3. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Many thanks for your comments. Indeed I think that Dunipace like ourselves have a number of good Footballers and in the two games we have played them this Season, the small Midfielder for the `pace has been a stand out - Unfortunately I can`t remember his name. It is always a tight game when we play Dunipace however I think if Paul Maxwell`s header in the first half which was brilliantly saved and his header in the second which crashed off the bar had gone in then I think we would not have had to `hang on` in the last 10 mins. All the best.
  4. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from Wednesday night`s Central League Cup Match v Glencairn. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/R`Glen+Glencairn+v+Ashfield+-+Central+League+Cup+2nd+Round+-+Wednesday+25th+April+2018
  5. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s last League game of the Season at Dunipace. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Dunipace+v+Ashfield+-+Saturday+21st+April+2018+-+Central+League+Division+2
  6. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s League Match v Bellshill Athletic. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Bellshill+Athletic+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+7th+April+2018
  7. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from last Saturday`s West of Scotland Cup Tie against Craigmark Burntonians. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Craigmark+Burntonians+-+West+of+Scotland+Cup+-+Saturday+31st+March+2018
  8. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s Stalemate v Lanark United at an extremely cold Peugeot Ashfield Stadium. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Lanark+United+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+17th+March+2018
  9. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

  10. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Ashfield produced a tremendous last half hour to secure a valuable victory against a good Vale of Clyde Team. Match Report below:- http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Vale+of+Clyde+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+17th+February+2018
  11. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Apologies for not replying sooner however there was still a lot of work to do the Ground ahead of today`s Match v Vale of Clyde. All ready now and game goes ahead. Cheers
  12. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

  13. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report from yesterday`s exciting encounter at McKenna Park v St Anthony`s. A sore one to lose so late but we must go again next Saturday v Vale of Clyde. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/St+Anthony`s+v+Ashfield+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+10th+February+2018
  14. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s Match v Newmains United, http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Newmains+United+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+13th+January+2018
  15. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Joel has had 2 great games since joining, especially last Saturday against Carluke Rovers where he scored one and made two. Yesterday`s game was slightly different but he holds the ball up extremely well. He had to come unfortunately with a possible hamstring problem but hopeful of having him back next week for the Vale of Leven Match.