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  1. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s Stalemate v Lanark United at an extremely cold Peugeot Ashfield Stadium. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Lanark+United+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+17th+March+2018
  2. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

  3. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Ashfield produced a tremendous last half hour to secure a valuable victory against a good Vale of Clyde Team. Match Report below:- http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Vale+of+Clyde+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+17th+February+2018
  4. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Apologies for not replying sooner however there was still a lot of work to do the Ground ahead of today`s Match v Vale of Clyde. All ready now and game goes ahead. Cheers
  5. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

  6. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report from yesterday`s exciting encounter at McKenna Park v St Anthony`s. A sore one to lose so late but we must go again next Saturday v Vale of Clyde. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/St+Anthony`s+v+Ashfield+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+10th+February+2018
  7. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s Match v Newmains United, http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Newmains+United+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+13th+January+2018
  8. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Joel has had 2 great games since joining, especially last Saturday against Carluke Rovers where he scored one and made two. Yesterday`s game was slightly different but he holds the ball up extremely well. He had to come unfortunately with a possible hamstring problem but hopeful of having him back next week for the Vale of Leven Match.
  9. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

  10. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Many thanks for the post LeedsPhil. Indeed not ideal however the park will be brought in within appropriate guidelines and pitch will be similar to that of Cowdenbeath who operate similarly but with Stock Car Racing. We have been assured that this should only affect the Newmains Utd game and all future games will be back at Saracen. Got to say that the current Ashfield Team is evolving into a very good team indeed and since the 6-1 victory in Aberdeen in the Junior Cup the team have been galvanised and today`s result was the 2nd biggest victory in the Clubs`s history. The standard in the Central Div 2 has been very high this year and it is going to be a real `bun fight` to see who gets promotion.
  11. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Cheers for the post. We have been advised that this should only affect the Newmains Game and should be OK for the remainder of the Season. Indeed the Park is being brought in slightly and will be the same dimensions as Cowdenbeath who operate the Stock Car Racing. Although not ideal we have to work with it.
  12. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report from Ashfield`s excellent victory against Carluke Rovers yesterday (6/1/18). http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Carluke+Rovers+-+Central+League+Division+2+-+Saturday+6th+January+2018
  13. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Ashfield crashed out of the Scottish Junior Cup at the 3rd Round Stage after a terrific run of 4 straight victories. Match Report and Pics now on http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Bellshill+Athletic+v+Ashfield+-+Scottish+Junior+Cup+3rd+Round+-+Saturday+23rd+December+2017
  14. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Match Report and Pics from yesterday`s tie in the New Coin Holdings West of Scotland Cup 1st Round v Rutherglen Glencairn. A great win for the `field. http://ashfieldafc.wikifoundry.com/page/Ashfield+v+Rutherglen+Glencairn+-+New+Coin+Holdings+West+of+Scotland+Cup+-+1st+Round+-+Sat+11%2F11%2F17
  15. Ashfield F.C. - 2017-18

    Ashfield`s Team:- 1) Mark Quinn 2) Jordan Lynch 3) Josh Boyd 4) Robert Hamilton 5) Paul Maxwell 6) Kris Griffin 7) Chris Moulangou 8} Michael Giblin 9) Keigan Parker 10) Stevie Dymock 11) Ciaran Frield Subs:- 12) Chris Wright (GK) 14) Billy Stevenson 15) Paul O`Brien 16) Paddy Cullen 17) Craig Murphy