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  1. At the time I was amazed how compliant our players were given it was obviously outside the box.
  2. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Chapman's rival for the job, Billy Stark's EKFC lost 5-0 at home to East Stirlinghire. Would we have rather had Stark as manager or Martin Laughlin who is now the manager of the mighty Strathclyde University team? I say give Chapman at least the season and another transfer window.
  3. I don't know what Ramsay and particularly Flynn have done this season to be in your team. Flynn has been as anonymous as a "Higgins" If we're playing the ball long to the forwards then Gormley is useless as he can't hold or control the ball.
  4. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Fantastic result. Well done.
  5. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    If the crowd was less than 200 then that is very poor. I would've imagined that a game between East Kilbride and East Stirlinghire would have been one of the more attractive matches in the Lowland League irrespective of East Stirlinghire's league position.
  6. I'm no technical genius but surely it would be advantageous if once in a while the ball was played in front of the forward moving player as opposed to the player having to check back for the usual misplaced pass. Nicholl is particularly bad for this. Also a bit more speed in moving the ball which hopefully leads to more one on ones on the wing. For example, when passing the ball across the back four, miss out a player once in a while. We give too much time for the opponents to regain their positional structure. It would also be a pleasant change if a midfielder would turn and face the opposition when in possession rather than take the easy option of playing it backwards to a defender (to be hoofed upfield). Finally, Chapman obviously thinks McNiff is a Ronald Koeman and can spray 40 yard passes. He's not even a John Sweeney in that regard.
  7. Currie Duffie, Munro, McNiff, Stewart Burbidge, Cuddihy, Nicholl,Lowdon Goodwillie, Osalodor I don't rate Nicoll. However we have no one else to play as a tackling midfielder. We need to play two up top. Goodwillie needs help, especially at home where teams sit in.
  8. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Cowdenbeath's first claim for a penalty looked a stonewaller to me. For the penalty given , I thought it was well outside the box. Perhaps the referee realised his mistake at the first and levelled it. Clyde got what we deserved. Breslin being sent off might just be an advantage to us next week. He's a bomb scare but is an everpresent . As Chapman won't drop him this is the only way he won't be selected.
  9. It's obvious that the one long ball tactic that we play, particularly at home, does not work. Goodwillie surrounded by 3 or 4 defenders with no other Clyde player within 30 yards does not work. If Chapman didn't see that he should go.
  10. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Goodwillie surrounded by 4 defenders when Cowdenbeath had a corner. No spare Clyde players pushed up. Goodwillie must be sick of this
  11. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Thank God we've learned the lessons of last week [emoji37]
  12. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    I really pity the folk unable to make today's match as they are forced to sit on some roasting beach somewhere. I know where I'd rather be and it'll be fucking freezing.
  13. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    Surely Chapman has learned some lessons from the Edinburgh City match. Surely!
  14. Clyde v Edinburgh

    Admittedly, it wasn't boring cuffing you 3-2 on your own ground.
  15. Clyde v Edinburgh

    To be honest, having looked at the incredibly boring Stirlinghire Albion thread, I'd be on the Clyde thread too. Remember, this is the club that got their knickers in a twist about some tape and bottles left in the dugout.