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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Big George Fulston sacked Eamonn Bannon.
  2. Brechin v Bairns - Basement Battle

    It's a must win for us, I'm afraid. We need to get some points on the board and build confidence ahead of the DUFC match.
  3. Dunfermline v Falkirk

    I'm having a real chuckle here at the Pars fans. Yes Hippo appeared to take a dive but I find it somewhat ironic you lot calling him a cheat, especially with your disgusting clubs financial track record. You seem to have forgotten the years of spending above your means to secure a competitive advantage and then dodging your debts and rising like a one winged, third rate phoenix from the ashes to reach the dizzy heights of mid table obscurity in the Championship. You are the real cheats here. Hippo's stumble is insignificant in comparison.
  4. 5alkirk vs St Mirren

    Vaulks only scores quality goals.
  5. St Mirren v Falkirk

    St Mirren is the epitome of a relegated SPL club. They have ideas beyond their station, have an ageing team and are on downward spiral. They'll be in the wilderness for a decade at least.
  6. 5 more years of the Tories

    Utter tosh. Look at London, they predominantly voted for labour. And the referendum was sorted last year and the majority decided that they didn't want that .
  7. 5 more years of the Tories

    Looking forward to another 5 years of economic growth and increased prosperity. [cracks open the champers]
  8. Falkirk vs Sevco 27.02.15

    I can only see two potential scenarios. Either we'll get pumped or it will be a "plucky Falkirk" type performance where we put loads in, don't score, and then get caught by a late sickener.
  9. The Falkirk FC Thread

    That's nonsense, he's closer to a grand a week.
  10. Horrific club photos

    Her facial expression suggests that his hand is certainly inside at least one orifice.
  11. Horrific club photos

    Sweaty tits. Nice.
  12. Horrific club photos

    Scotland has an endless supply of honking nightclubbers so this thread could go on forever. I can't believe that nobody's mentioned the dreadful Shanghai Shuffle yet.
  13. 21/08/2009DUNFERMLINE£1,222JudgementSA472/09-12/08/2009EDINBURGH£4,911JudgementSC/579/09 These ones came into effect after they entered admin. Are these the ones you're talking about?
  14. If I were a Livvy fan I'd be extremely upset with the board of directors. They're paying full time wages, they have just employed an assistant manager (who I presume will be on a decent salary) when it's evident that the gate receipts will not cover them and now they are asking Livvy fans to 'volunteer' to tidy up, and do general maintenance tasks, around the stadium! And you need to provide your own refreshments! Are people really this stupid?