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  1. The European kit itself was a one-off though, wasn't it? The sponsor was the same all that season, but it's not as if that season's kit is particularly resonant because of the two games against foreign opposition.
  2. Falkirk could be replaced by Dundee or at a push Ross County though. Back to square one. (Beaten to it.)
  3. Yes, I see what you mean. When we had a nice all black kit a couple of seasons back, we needed a third all white one for that reason, I think. The dark grey kit will probably clash with dark blue as much as the home kit.
  4. A very smart looking home kit. The away one is a bit different, but I don't mind it.
  5. Yes I remember those comments that even the interviewer highlighted. It certainly revealed a lack of belief and ambition on the part of the player himself, but I don't really think that's what the people behind the "don't want promotion" theory are picking up on. They're responding to the fact that we've seldom threatened promotion and as a result, concocting a silly conspiracy narrative. We sign the players we do and finish where we do because of what we can afford to spend. That's not to say we couldn't do better with our budget, but it is to say that it provides no evidence of an actual desire to never go up. God knows, I'm happy enough to criticise the board when I think it's merited. However, I'm not going to have a go because we spend what we can afford. If that doesn't inspire dafties with a ludicrous notion of 'ambition' to come along, I'll live with it.
  6. Yes, but it's a mindless view that deserves to be dismissed.
  7. Let's discuss it here anyway. I wasn't too bothered either way about Fowler's sacking, but I suppose you're right. I'm at least as sorry about Skelton's departure though. I know there were weaknesses to the squad and that things had started going wrong before he left. The really horrific part of our season though, came in that spell between him and Naysmith's January changes. I don't know what happened around the club to unseat Skelton, but we've all heard the same hints and rumours. Had Skelton been allowed a clear, stable run at things, I also think it's likely that the current disarray might have been avoided.
  8. Not a problem.
  9. You're just attaching connotations to the phrase. It's quite correct to say they stayed away, in the same way that I assume you stayed away from Guatemala on Tuesday.
  10. Doesn't that mean they stayed away? I have a prior engagement on the Saturday of the Dunfermline fixture. It means that I'll be staying away from the game.
  11. It's brilliantly poised at the bottom now. The St Mirren fans urging caution this week, insisting they were still in trouble despite their good run, were perhaps onto something.
  12. If we'd sneaked an undeserved equaliser at the death, I think I'd have felt pretty gutted for Dumbarton. I suppose that says it all about where I am with Queens at the moment.
  13. Poor again. After a bright start, we can have few complaints about now being behind. We're so flimsy at the back and look short on ideas going forward too. A fizzling away of our season seems fitting. Dykes on now.
  14. Unlucky Hibs. I think Aberdeen have a better chance of beating one of the sister clubs though, so happy enough.
  15. Don't get me wrong - he's clearly at it, although I don't think it's particularly significant either way. Some of his comments around the whole saga though, even having served a stint as chairman, just prove that he's rather a clueless idiot.