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  1. I think a significant part in the overall increase which as you say is down mainly to boosted OF gates, is to do with changes in consumer behaviour and the rise of the season ticket.
  2. Well yes, that's what I meant but we're going round in circles. Most posters and apparently shareholders are with you on this, in thinking things must stay the same unless massive, tangible benefits of change can be proven in advance. I think that those resisting this change also owe us a convincing explanation as to why. I don't think that's unreasonable, but plenty clearly do.
  3. Because surely the pros and cons are considered in relation to the merits of the thing that might be getting changed.
  4. Love to you too Jessie.
  5. I'd like one off finals at neutral venues.
  6. Yes, but Mr X seems of the view that whatever is in place at a given time need not be justified, even if some people advocate altering it.
  7. Ok, this is just weird now.
  8. As I said, I pretty much agree with this, but it's a quite separate argument from the one about the 11th placed side in the top flight being uniquely advantaged in the play-offs between the SPFL divisions.
  9. What? So in general terms (getting away from the subject under discussion for reasons best known to you) there's no obligation to justify preserving the status quo? Extraordinary stuff.
  10. Seriously? No that's not a high handed, contemptuous approach at all. I'll do the board the courtesy of assuming that's just your view and doesn't reflect theirs.
  11. Which they've done, just not to everyone's satisfaction. We seem to be setting a very high bar for change, while those that want the status quo are not really required to say why.
  12. Fair enough. We differ here. I think signals matter.
  13. This bugs me as well. It's not supported by the evidence. Rangers are if anything relying on reserves of heart, desire, fight etc to prevent their season from being worse. In their last two Scottish Cup ties, they've come from behind to win. They've also scored very late, decisive goals in several league games. Rangers' difficulties relate to how well or otherwise the play; not how hard they try.
  14. Do you really see no symbolic value attached to such a move? I find myself in agreement with some of the sentiment that says not much would change on a practical level if a Trust rep was on board. For me however, that begs questions not as to what the point would be; but as to what the problem would be. It's a good forward thinking idea that helps with transparency and with recognising that there's properly something reciprocal about the relationship supporters have with their team. As such, I think blocking it requires a bloody good reason and I don't see one.