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  1. The Gretna Supporters' Society.
  2. You're certainly the poster most likely to run with it. I don't actually feel that strongly about continuation either way. I'll challenge you if you post idiotically though.
  3. Loads of clubs have entered admin. Why was a vote necessary to determine whether Rangers kept a licence for their existing league?
  4. That's deliciously true, but it's very clearly not what you were saying.
  5. What was the 'club'? How much did it cost? Why did Middlesbrough have '1986' on their badge for several years after undergoing this process?
  6. Like most, I've not been especially impressed by Naysmith so far. I agree with you here though. I'd rather be trusted with the truth. I'm sure we can handle it.
  7. Yes, I do. It's really Nacho you need to have a word with though. He does the same thing every few weeks. I think he has a schedule for it fastened to his fridge door.
  8. I'm pretty sure you're wrong here. Rangers were wound up because of debt owed beyond the big tax case. Obviously it was that looming massive bill that meant Murray was prepared to sell up to someone like Whyte. However, the liquidation is not linked to the EBTs in the very direct way you suggest.
  9. Why were they denied one for their existing league? They'd just finished second top after all.
  10. Did Gretna survive entirely intact too?
  11. Morally, in terms of running up debts that can't nearly be settled, I'd agree that there is little difference between the behaviour of those formerly in charge of say, Dundee and those who ran Rangers. That's why people who claim Rangers died because they couldn't pay up debt, are on a sticky wicket. In terms of actual fact though, whereby professional football clubs are companies, then something very different happened with Rangers. It happened with Gretna too.
  12. He means that the entire competition went on hold for four years when no Rangers team was in the top flight. It's an utterly contemptuous outlook from an utterly contemptible individual. It's not the amusing fishing trip that Bennett tries to characterise it as. Instead it's entirely in-keeping with how King sees the game. In an earlier interview, he described an ideal landscape that would see Celtic winning 45% of titles to Rangers' 55%. He really can only see two teams, and regards the others as simply making up the numbers. He has absolutely no respect or feel for a wider game. I've said it before: a complete shit of a man, on various levels.
  13. It's staggering stuff all round. The idea that runs of titles can only ever have anything to do with two sides is also evidence of his deep ignorance. Celtic's run was preceded by titles for sides like Dundee and Kilmarnock, while the spell between the two runs saw Dundee United, Aberdeen and so nearly Hearts, win the League. Indeed, Aberdeen came closer to interrupting the Rangers version than Celtic ever did.
  14. He knows his audience. He's also an absolute shit of a man.
  15. I'm perfectly happy with the logic that says such are Rangers resources, that winning those lower league titles was no great achievement and therefore pretty meaningless in truth. We'd need to also apply it to many of the other 54 too though, certainly to those from the 9 in a row era that got thepundit hooked.