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  1. You mean the phrase I described as "utterly redundant" in the post you've quoted it from? Have you stopped reading properly, or are you just being idiotic for kicks now?
  2. Good God Bennett. Does that really count as a wee victory for you? Come on man. A bit of personal pride please.
  3. This isn't a quiz. This is the type of thing some woman at work produces to raise money for her kid's swimming club.
  4. You didn't even put it in quotation marks ya daftie. And you certainly didn't put it in context or quote it in full, with the bit about the law being an ass. In short Bennett, I accept that the ruling exists and that there's nothing much that I can do about it. As I said at the time though, I don't accept that it is correct. That you're reduced to this dishonest nonsense in defending it, is telling.
  5. Indeed. That's the point that renders all the stuff about whether a sporting advantage was sought or gained, or whether players would have signed for Rangers anyway, utterly redundant. Those clinging to such rubbish are absolutely missing the point, sometimes deliberately.
  6. It's a point I know exists, but genuinely don't understand. Because nothing was done at the time, the Rangers players who were misleadingly registered, couldn't be deemed ineligible long afterwards. I honestly don't know how this works. If there's a time limit, I've not seen it.
  7. If you say so Bennett. Not how I view it though. Tragically, the OF is alive and well.
  8. I think he's saying they favour the OF and of course he's right.
  9. Football provides a vehicle for the sentiment. Strict liability would squeeze it from football and diminish its reach elsewhere. We're adults; if we're going to recognise what's good about Scottish football and I agree that there's plenty, then we'd better acknowledge the cancer that's there too.
  10. I liked his line about having "analysed and forgotten" the last match.
  11. No, no. I don't want to actively be of actual help. Bitching from the sidelines is more my thing. Anyway, there's no need. The sign is now up to date, heralding Saturday's match. On this particular subject I think I'll therefore make this my last post.
  12. All good questions, none of which I know the answer to.
  13. No buts, it has to be...
  14. It does again highlight how such questions are traditionally addressed though.
  15. I saw this earlier. Now the argument will be that while this guy is apparently ineligible, the Rangers players were deemed not to be. Why is the Albion Rovers player ineligible? Does anyone know?