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  1. See that line about people "feeling good about themselves" that he throws around with giddy abandon. Christ, it drives me insane.
  2. Absolutely terrific. Really quite inspiring in truth.
  3. Did he simply displace McCloy from the team for a while then? McCloy was the first Rangers goalkeeper I was aware of, but I know he played for them many years before that. From what you're saying though, he was far from an ever-present during those years then?
  4. Oldco 1 - 1 Newco
  5. This match has yielded two of the worst goals from a defensive viewpoint, in footballing history.
  6. Why is a Falkirk player terrorising our defence?
  7. What was wrong with McCloy in the mid 70s, that Kennedy was preferred?
  8. Just too young to have witnessed the defining match of his career at the time, but I do remember watching him being pish for Forfar in its later stages.
  9. Yes, those two. That French bloke - Charbonier, was it? He was good too.
  10. Rangers alone have had a couple as good, since.
  11. Agreed. I think there is something brittle about us at the moment, but in going back, if we're criticising key defeats in the last few seasons, we surely have to acknowledge things like beating St Johnstone in the Scottish Cup and the week two years ago when we beat Hibs, Rangers and Falkirk in the League. The picture is more mixed than it's been this season.
  12. Dunno. Just how well does your five a side team pay?
  13. A good goalkeeper at his peak with Rangers, but wildly overrated in posts like these.
  14. It's definitely amazing what you can buy for a pound these days. I heard of one guy...
  15. Plenty? I thought it was just Bennett.