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  1. I was going to say that a bit of punctuation here would be helpful, but I am not sure it would add anything to this wonderful ramble.
  2. Elgin City Vs Cowdenbeath

    According to the SPFL we had 3 shots on target out of 5, but these are the same clowns who said Elgin had 6 shots and 7 of them on target!
  3. Where was Muirhead today? Is he injured? He is a quality player. I hope we are not planning to offload him.
  4. Lyle banged the goals in for QoS, but he barely scored for us in a better team than this one.
  5. Elgin City Vs Cowdenbeath

    We have some quality options for you, at the right price of course.
  6. I fancy our chances next week. Is Malcolm returning to County now? Losing him early today and then Miller getting sent off cost us a point.
  7. Might be, but it is worth a punt if he is cheap. He might improve, given the chance.
  8. I believe the relegated club from League 2 gets a parachute payment for a few years. Can't remember the exact deal, but we don't want to be thinking about that do we?
  9. Can't we pick up the phone to Mixu and see if he can recommend a few Finnish players while they are on their winter break.
  10. We need him at least, then a few more.
  11. Will we/can we extend Malcolm's loan?
  12. As I feared, with Malcolm in the side, we just about scrape along struggling to get out of the bottom spot. Without him, we are hopeless. Fingers crossed for GB. Hope he can get a few key players in. Also, we need Malcolm for longer.
  13. We must have extended his loan. It was only supposed to be for one month.
  14. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas to all.