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  1. Fife Cup

    Hopefully win the trophy on my birthday.
  2. Montrose V Elgin

    Good luck Montrose. It was a 2-1 win against Elgin that gave us a first title in 67 years. A title I thought I would never see us win. I remember the last few minutes of the game when it finally sunk in that it was going to happen. All my years supporting Cowden flashed through my mind in a matter of seconds. Does this mean we will win the title next season?
  3. Berwick v Beath

    We would not be bottom if we had him all season. Lovely sunny day in Berwick, but game not unexpectedly poor. Hopefully that will not be our last visit to Berwick. Always liked Shielfield. Surprised that Buchanan was brought on as a sub. I assume Gilfillan went of for a rest rather than being injured. Cox looks like he is playing with an injury still. Thought we might have tried something radically different with it being a meaningless match.
  4. Berwick v Beath

    We need to rest a few players to avoid a booking and suspension for the play offs. Could be a much changed team today. Hopefully try something different.
  5. Old Firm Colts in L2

    I am sure we lost a few players in recent years to SPL teams for the sole purpose of filling their under 20 team because they had to have one.
  6. Ouzy See Fundraiser

    How is he? I didn't hear much about it. Is he going to be out long term?
  7. Ouzy See Fundraiser

    Exactly what I thought. They will be busy trying to think of reply just now.
  8. Malcolm is a booking away from a one game suspension and Buchanan a booking away from a two game suspension. If Malcolm gets booked against Berwick, he will be suspended for the 1st play off game. If Buchanan gets booked against Berwick, he will miss both play off games. If either of them gets booked against Annan, they will miss the play off second leg match.
  9. Will this be Spartans year?

    Well done Spartans and Cove. May the best team win and then hopefully lose to us. Shame there isn't a few places up for grabs.
  10. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Get Rumsby back in defence today. He should be fired up back on his old stomping ground. Then Swann in midfield and Muirhead up front with Sheerin and Reilly just behind them running at defenders to panic them.
  11. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Is Malcolm likely to play today?
  12. Peterhead v Cowdenbeath

    Last chance saloon for us. Need three wins and hope Edinburgh and Berwick don't win. Last two games winnable, but tough one today.
  13. Look out for the Forfar ghost. Doomed to haunt the place until they win the league title.
  14. Cowdenbeath v Montrose

    We do have it in the middle, Swann. He is wasted in defence.
  15. Cowdenbeath v Montrose

    On a lighter note. My son has just played this season on Football Manager 2018 and it was Berwick in the play offs. They lost 3-0 to East Kilbride in the first leg and beat them 4-0 in the second leg.