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  1. Kenny Mclean

    Dennis Gray, Auchinlecl Talbot, played 424 games and scored 310 goals. Seven goals for Junior Scotland in 11 starts as well.
  2. Any of the promoted teams likely to have any title aspirations coming up? Anyone likely to be putting money into any of these teams? Last season was the most egalitarian it's ever been and it's quite possible that with 30 games to play rather than 22 that it could be even more so this year, especially if any of the promoted teams do the business on the pitch. On the contrary, it could lead to more meaningless end of season games than ever if we have runaway leaders and two clubs looking certain to drop come the half way stage. My own view, for what it's worth, is that with less likelihood than ever of the top clubs getting dragged into a relegation battle with six new clubs moving up it does givem the ability to plan for the longer term approach, maybe blooding new younger players from the academies (for those teams that have them) and giving such clubs even greater stability. Close season signings will be interesting, especially if Pollok and Kilwinning splash the cash again. Thoughts?
  3. Meadow v Arthurlie/ Arthurlie v Meadow

    With Arthurlie going down there's now just Talbot who have not been relegated from the Super League since it's inception.
  4. West of Scotland Cup

    And the administration wonders why they can't attract sponsorship for this trophy.
  5. West of Scotland Cup

    You really couldn't make this shite up. Quarter final yesterday, semi final Monday, possible final Wednesday. What way is that to run the second largest trophy in the Junior game? Fixture secretary should hang his head in shame - bring on the Lowland League ffs.
  6. West Super Saturday

    Well, if nothing else, this game has suddenly sparked to life a bit of "feeling" between the teams and the fans. It's been missing for donkey's years now, so hopefuly this might just kickstart the Cumnock vs Talbot derbies as something to really look forward to again.
  7. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    For anyone, like TheLad that still doesn't get it....winning the Junior Cup Final means you have to get there in the first place, and once you're there it's all about winning it, nothing else matters. In this season's ties we had a ratehr easy first tie against Forres Thistle who we beat 8-0, we then beat Hill O'Beath 2-0 away in what many thought would be a very tought tie against a decent side. We then went to Cumnock and thrashed them 5-1 before beating Pollok 4-1, and then Carnoustie 2-0 away from home in the quarters. We then came from a home defeat at Lochee United to win 2-0 in Dundee with very late goals indeed - because this team never knows when to give up. We might not win every game, but we never fail to try and do so. Bar the Forres game, every other club we played was a Super League side, so that's one impressive record. It may have escaped your notice, but this year's FA Cup Final was of a terrible standard, but is anyone suggesting that Chelsea and Manchester United aren't capable of competing at the top level? Put your bitter pills away, pour yourself a glass of wine and chill out, or better still pop along to Townhead Park today and see what has the promise of being a very good game. On the other hand it could be awful, but that's football. I'd not have it any other way.
  8. West Super Saturday

    Don't think it's about pumping it up. Yes we were very successful there this season in the Junior Cup and that one result more than anything else provided the springboard for the rest of the Talbot season. Having taken great delight in beating them at Beechwood to releagte them Cumnock are certainly not going to want us to go to Townhead and secure another Super League title on their own ground. I foresee red and yellow cards tomorrow, and perhaps a return to the Cumncok / Talbot derbies of old.
  9. Genuinely interested. With the news that the EOSL will have many new members next year, how many of those (al / none / or those with appropriate facilities) will have automatic entrance to the Scottish Cup? Secondly, joining the senior set up. Will it afford the clubs who have moved the right to hang on to their best players without the seniors coming along (as they do in the Juniors) and saying I'll have you, you and you without any form of compensation?
  10. talbot haters are quiet

    12. Succinct.
  11. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    Reference Cup Final (and the odd semi final) attendances. There's probably a touch of familiarity with the Mighty Bot support now and winning this trophy monotonously regularly. But to still turn out something like 4,000 odd fans for yet another Cup Final isn't bad going. No doubt when clubs who only get to a semi final / final once in a blue moon there's going to be a much more heightened expectation, and there could be a bigger crowd. That's not rocket science, really, is it? What I do find remarkable is the way others always try to denegrate what we as a club have achieved. Have said it beofre, and will say it again - especially for the likes of energyzone - if nobody was moaning about us we wouldn't be successful. Keep it up folks, and we'll keep winning cups. Deal?
  12. Tucker Sloan

    Arise Sir Tommy, surely?
  13. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    Hope Henderson can't sleep tonight. The time wasting tactics - yet again - from the kick off are designed to kill the game stone dead, The brutatlity of some of the fouls were probably pre determined as well. How the number 6 stayed on the park is beyond me. What I really loved though, apart from them getting away with the "two balls on the pitch at the same time" trick was the sight of the lump of lard in their goal taunting the Talbot fans in the 91st minute by deliberately wasting more time by drinking water rather than taking the goal kick. To see him pick the ball out of his own net twice in the next ninety seconds was just awesome. Re crowd. You could probably say that the Talbot stand had 4,000 out of the 4,800 no problem at all. This, despite the Hurlford club president, Sibbald, bigging the club up in the Herald yesterday saying they'd be taking 2,900 to Rugby Park. Perhaps had they done that there would have been a much better gate. He also, laughinly said that Hurlford were amongst the top five Junior clubs in the country and the "pitch was like a bowling green" That's an underwater bowling green, obviously. EPPP.
  14. Talbot's Junior Cup Final song

    Just thought this ought to be on page 1 given the significance of the day. EPPP.
  15. Scottish Junior Cup Final 2018

    Sorry, you're wrong there.