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  1. What an incredible opportunity that it for someone John.
  2. The main stand has an enclosure below it so it's not the worst if you do get put in there now. We used to not open that part at all (or nobody asked).
  3. What a bunch of diddies. The laughing stock of world football.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Just watched the leaked episode so that i can watch Summerslam tonight. What's the rules here, do I just pm all the spoilers to Christophe?
  6. The new chair is fucking brilliant
  7. I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about
  8. That is behind the hospitality suite, i think they want the gate in the actual segregation fence.
  9. I believe one solitary man stood in the enclosure.
  10. Seems to be fairly straightforward to me
  11. Aye, he's coming to get the ball Reid is supposed to be knocking back to him instead of taking a turn.