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  1. Im sure you will be back in time for our next promotion.
  2. Everyone minus Crawford is fit
  3. The greatest fairytale of all time. Big Jamie Adams smashing one in from 40 yards
  4. But we all still do it regardless because telling lies is bad.
  5. Id say St Mirren and Raith drawing is very unlikely
  6. Two draws would be fucking painful.
  7. Away: Player - Alan Martin, in the below game , looked like a nervous wee guy making his debut due to a crisis. His failed step over a real highlight. Team - Dumbarton, that 3-0 game was an incredible afternoon. Just giving us all the goals. Home: Player - Gary Fleming, sent off within a couple of minutes of coming on the park in what was a big game (irrelevant now) at the time. Team - Greenock Morton, everything changed for them after this game but what a gang at the time.
  8. Jamie Adams Everyone has been poor for us this year but without him we mostly crumble.
  9. Good news for the Scottish Nose Pickers
  10. Wishing to be the friction in your jeans
  11. But its not. If Raith win we have a chance no matter what we do.
  12. Tuesdays. Always gets moved
  13. Reckon we will piss all over them on Saturday m9-0. Make them think its a guard of honour coming out and set Jamie onto them.
  14. Its sort of all in our own hands. Its very unlikely that a) taking 6 points would see us go automatically down b) that we will take 6 points