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  1. Russia v Egypt

    I had to listen to the radio since I was at work, your alternative commentary was just Pat Nevin telling you what Mo Salah was doing. Main commentator barely got talking so description of the game was fairly minimal. Russia winning and this video made me feel better
  2. Higgy is a bit slow and left footed to cover right back tbh.
  3. Hopefully the highlights at least can remain free of commentary
  4. Sweden v South Korea (the big one)

    South Korea must have tried to switch from right to left about 84 times
  5. First 0-0?

    England v Panama
  6. A like the PlayStation

    Don't b like this
  7. Dae you like the PlayStation?
  8. Do you like the Jews?

    Did Ronaldo lead the Hebrews out of Egypt? Sumboi.
  9. 18/19 kits thread

    Do you have a rivalry with @Paulo Sergio?
  10. Do you like the Scottish?

    No. f**k all the countries.
  11. Do you like the English?

    Yes. f**k all of the countries.