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  1. Opening fixtures are quite decent. Just hand us the trophy now
  2. Not on SRE, no?
  3. On sale Monday, £12.
  4. The Brexit guy
  5. Maybe so but they have a team already in the pyramid.
  6. Depends on what Les Gray and the guy at Falkirk think. They are daft for talk of a breakaway league etc if not getting their own way.
  7. This seems to get banded about as if its important. Maybe it is for Scotland, the point of our clubs though is not to service a national football team.
  8. Will you be a human and keep it in the doorway or full on lycra c**t and strap it to 4 chairs?
  9. Had a guy on Tuesday try and nudge me off the armrest. Due to this i made no effort to squeeze past when getting off the train though so I'm just as bad.
  10. Would be firebantz if Stranraer were against it.
  11. Shit fighting c***s.
  12. I hope a colt team beat some Welsh or Irish shite.
  13. Harsh but fair. Really shows how shite me and dugs are. I expect a lot of this will be happening in #perthshire done by cyclist vets no doubt.
  14. Nae chance do we want to be stuck paying him if we cant move him on. He will be released for free as soon as he finds a club.