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  1. No making anything of it myself. Neither of the fouls on him there are always given. Just posting so its clear what we are on about as badman Doc isn't involved.
  2. Firstly, no new members should skip the queue. Secondly, the whole point of the pyramid is that the leagues evolve, its not just going to be what is there now and x junior team. Over the space of 4 seasons it will look pretty different.
  3. Special cola
  4. Hasn't exactly played a lot of football recently.
  5. When he starts towing that caravan around Coatbridge thats when the fun starts.
  6. McCall has tried everything without him playing in degence. Striker on his own, striker in a two, behind the striker, left wing, right wing, central midfield. Harkins just has been a complete waste money wise. Could have been put to much better use. He mostly just wants to take the ball past guys (who just take it off him fairly easily) rather than play others in on a fluid move up the park. It is no coincidence we get results when he isn't on the park.
  7. Big Gaz never touched him ref honest, Docherty is a cheet.
  8. Aye, Balatoni.....
  9. Prefered Balatoni no giving a f**k about racism myself #badcuntsfc
  10. Change the team up sure, just dont play Harkins.
  11. Mind we are all idiots for wanting more domestic based players playing.