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  1. Social Clubs and Trays

    Hard as nails
  2. Ayr vs East Fife

    You forgot to list Shankland in your Ayr lineup m8
  3. Ayr vs East Fife

    After a wee iffy start we eventually were really comfortable, pretty decent team performance, thought you could see a proper structure in the team for the majority of the game where it regularly has looked disjointed. I also thought that Ruddy did well with what he was asked to do and was vocal and confident in going for the ball and very much earned his clean sheet, fair play. Shankland and McDaid are excellent players for us and they both scored really nice goals today. Thought Bell looked good at the back (or at least better than Reid), he was a bit hesitant at getting rid of the ball but never really got himself into much trouble with it. Won't focus much on it but McGuffie playing was surprising and how he played was not. I thought that East Fife started quite well and looked to want to go forward, but this only lasted 6 or 7 minutes and they went into their shell, they were bad enough to allow us to play with two players (Kerr and McGuffie) having really bad games and never be under any threat until way ahead. Were Docherty and Lamont (others?) a big miss or is it just hopeless?
  4. Ayr vs East Fife

    Might get Docherty back on the bench in for probably McCowan. Nae place for Scuddy though
  5. Dangerous game if he gets injured
  6. Oh you took my winning the cup post seriously, are you a simpleton?
  7. Ayr United vs Sevco

    f**k sake @pandarilla after rb123! did great slideys to put us ahead you could have caught one hing....
  8. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Disappointed at the overall scoreline but I expected roughly that to be honest. Unfortunately we just can't defend and have a goalie that loves chucking them in. The first half was funny as f**k though, was fortunate enough to be beside the segregation and four huhns in our end when we scored to dish out a massive suck it, the look on those c***s faces was priceless at the time [fair fucks, they got the last laugh]. As gutted as I was at conceding the equaliser at the time I was absolutely howling at the equaliser, can see myself laughing like f**k in the highlights while Morelos is flicking Vicky's 9 million tin pots
  9. Ayr United vs Sevco

    Are you having a dig at folk watching the game in the pub while watching the game in the pub, bold if so...
  10. Ayr United vs Sevco

    What a shambles we are, clean sheet and a late winner