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  1. It would be the greatest final twist for us to play out a shithouse 0-0 draw with Albion Rovers which saves them from automatic relegation and wins us the league. It's absolutely mental that we could somehow win the league by taking 1/9 points from the run in
  2. Heading to this under 20s game tonight, loads of time to kill the way trains work out with kick off, Norseman be open or is there somewhere else nearish?
  3. I'm getting there, why I do this to myself I don't know. Heading to watch the under 20s to see if they have learned our bottle crashing ways or not.
  4. The great shitebagging of 2018
  5. Man Ploughs into Pedestrians

    Must have been hard to aim with those square wheels.
  6. Alloa on the Tuesday night or Arbroath on the Wednesday, that's the real excitement of Saturday.
  7. It's highly unlikely but they have fucked up all season along with us. No getting my hopes up though, just going to let the day play out without expectation.
  8. This game is a depressing thought but I would never forgive myself if somehow we still won the league and I wasn't there. I think most will come round to that way of thinking too.
  9. As funny as us chucking this is, us and Raith have been doing this all season long and them chucking it in amongst us doing the same could just be magic.
  10. Looking forward to the Angus League One next year.
  11. Alloa vs Ayr

    Yeah I've no problem with what's available it's just what happens when our inevitable injury occurs...
  12. Alloa vs Ayr

    So many injuries in the squad now, really bad time for it. If we don't win this league the playoffs are going to be too big an ask Going by the preview this is all that is left for the last two games...
  13. Stranraer Vs Raith Rovers

    Sounds like Raith are playing well, that's the real surprise.