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  1. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Not sure how fanboying Andy Geggan will fix any part of the team
  2. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Why would we want Geggan in midfield, he hasnt been anywhere near good enough in there (neither has Doc)
  3. C**** on a Train

    When i first started working in Glasgow again after about 5/6 years of not doing so this caught me out the first time i did an early shift (and then once more 4 months later which there is no excuse for ) Fortunately there is train heading back up from Kilwinning only about 5 minutes later
  4. FIFA 18

    So i lasted a week with ultimate team. Bored of it, back to the real online seasons.
  5. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Because he has gone to bits since getting to 99.
  6. South Park the Fractured But Whole

    I see if i download this i get The Stick of Truth free which i did not own. Same case with disk or just Playstation store?
  7. Heads Gone - Threads Gone

    Can only be the result of eating an inferno pizza for all meals
  8. Forfar vs Ayr Utd

    Home win.
  9. Ayr United v Airdrieonians

    Furnished or whit?
  10. Ayr United v Airdrieonians

    At least he killed Airdrieonians, that's the main thing.
  11. Time for B Teams

    Inconveniencing clubs in the long term just so they can try make their exhibition team (that plays 4 times a year) better is absolutely unacceptable