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  1. Was meaning Spence, not on here.
  2. This is fantastic, heads getting lost now tae.
  3. Hibernian v Celtic

    Celtic are playing like absolute jobbers and i will take pleasure in their defeat today.
  4. Ayr v QP

    I'll mark it out of service for you!
  5. Ayr v QP

    Dinny be chundering in the top of the league hoose, ye can go home to your place fur that
  6. Ayr v QP

    Im welling up at the thought, poor wee souls.
  7. Ayr v QP

    Just about a fair result. Queens Park every right to be disappointed though. Really garbage performance from Ayr at home again but the fight/belief keeps us going.
  8. Ayr v QP

    You been doing a da inspection of the garden mate?
  9. Ten months aff the demon drink

    f**k knows mate im steaming