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  1. Scooter

    I had my 30th at the Scooter gig in the O2 Kentish Town in London last year, what a fuckin buzz that was that night! Would definitely be up for it next year buts it’s a month before Mrs G drops so nae chance I’ll make it!
  2. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Clyde fans... unhappy with the board - old chairman departs, problem solved Team playing shite and new manager awful - manager sacked and team start to play fitbaw, problem solved Unhappy with new chairman - chairman makes some fantastic moves within a fortnight, problem solved Team are now playing decent fitbaw, we have a chairman with baws to make the right decisions and we now have a management team worthy of the championship nevermind league 2, problem solved?? It should be. Fans are either happy with how things are going now, other fans now find any other ways to still moan or have a go at fellow fans... Only Clyde
  3. Favourite buildings outside Scotland

    It really is a shame what is going on in Syria for a multitude of reasons, one of them is the destruction of some stunning buildings and whole cities. Palmyra as you say was gorgeous as was Allepo. Damascus is still pretty well preserved as the government has the centre barricaded but even then its had its share of destruction.
  4. Least used railway stations

    Would be cheaper offering free taxis to the 130 punters a year to get to the nearest station...
  5. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    I’m not convinced McNiff is on buttons. He’s in the 2nd year of his contract which was signed when we were paying decent wages. Same with Flynn and Lowden.
  6. Favourite buildings outside Scotland

    Nah I didn’t. I did see plenty of strip bar reps trying to get you into their bars promising tight virgins etc
  7. Favourite buildings outside Scotland

    Moscow is definitely up in my list of places to visit. The Kremlin looks class! Was working in Prague in March and managed to go out one night into the centre, looks absolutely gorgeous. The gothic look as you said is just stunning.
  8. Favourite buildings outside Scotland

    Took a stop here one evening on my way from Zürich to Rome. Cracking site! Don’t think there was much else in Pisa but what I seen in the space of a few hours it was really nice.
  9. Favourite buildings outside Scotland

    I was working in Barcelona in January and unfortunately the best I got to see was a game at the Nou Camp. Didn’t get to see any sights so definitely keen to go back. The science museum was pretty boring to be honest, not my kind of thing but the wee man loves it. The architecture was stunning and for years I wanted to visit so whilst holidaying in nearby Calpe we made a day of it. Valencia in general is a really nice city, but cracking beach as well.
  10. Really enjoying the favourite buildings in your home town/city thread, therefore I think this could be a good one. I’ll start with the science museum in Valencia.
  11. Larbert west is actually our closest CoS church but the services start at 1030 so we’ve never been Larbert East church near Stennys ground is also pretty smart.
  12. Strange looking building that alright! Have never been but I drive past Dunmore this afternoon. I live round the corner from the Dobbie Hall, as you said, hardly a building worth bring up but I must admit I am very fond of the church I’ve started going to since moving here. Larbert old parish church, gorgeous building!
  13. Danny Lennon's Clyde vincibles vs East Fife

    He’d have been at the Queens Park game so better ask one of the Queenies to give him a hug.
  14. P&B Readers' Birds

    Surprised people still own birds, thought that kind of thing was past now? Had one in the 90’s but the last one flew out the window Where I’m originally from in Linthouse just outside Govan there was a Dookit where the now Pirie Park Primary stands, do these things still exist?? Not seen one in years.
  15. P&B Readers' Birds

    Fair play