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  1. Radio

    Real radio done that years ago and that spelled the end for them. Surprised at Radio Clyde for following suit, it's just embarrassing, f**k all local about them now, even the Ned magnet in the morning doesn't chose his own tunes anymore. Radio Scotland on the way to and from work, LBC if I'm out and about in the morning (like James O'Brian) or Ken Bruce on R2 if in the work. Afternoon it's either Central FM (probably the last proper local radio station left) or my own tunes. Absolutely hate Capital with a passion
  2. Partick Thistle 2017/18 thread

    Thank f**k he's not here anymore
  3. Infuriating Things Your Partner Does

    Takes a fair bit to match me buddy
  4. South Park

    Just watched the 2nd episode there. Found it really good! The bit with Eric and his burd is starting to piss me off now but the voice message thing was hilarious! kim Jong Un going over plans with Tweeks picture and pictures of his house was genius 7/10
  5. Bundesliga 2017/2018

    Fucking embarrassing today. Losing Christensen last year what a big loss and unfortunately I don't have any confidence in Vestergaard. We got Ginter from BVB who's a good player but he needs a better partner in defence. Midfield we're toiling as well. I'm not overly keen on Zakaria yet, him and Kramer aren't working that well together. Hazard had three shots at goal tonight and all 3 straight at the keeper, finishing was never his best attribute. We really do miss Favre. Schubert was good to start with but was later found out, nearly a year ago he was sacked. I think the jury is out on Hecking now, we've not played well this season at all.
  6. Clyde v Cowdenbeath

    First half absolutely stinking. 2nd half we picked it up and created plenty of chances, just didn't take any of them except that one bit of class between goodie and fergie to set up smart. As always we f**k it at the end, fuckin stupid penalty to give away as well... pish yet again, regretting paying for my season ticket before the game...
  7. Little victories

    Obviously the rates are still the same eh? f**k sake if anything I'm surprised they haven't went up
  8. Little victories

    It was 10 fines that were £60 but discounted to £30 if paid within 28 days and rise to £90 if not paid within a certain amount of time. Obviously all 10 rose to £90 I had a shitty summer trying to get a job and got a number of tickets in Glasgow city centre when I was at job interviews or at job agencies. Was naive as f**k and thought I'd get away with it, I did out of extraordinary circumstances but that really should not have happened and I should've got fucked for it back then. On the other hand, I did also have my car listed and impounded 3 times between 2004 and 2005, something like £100 for the collection and impound charge plus the £30 ticket, had to pay it before I got the car back... I really was a right tit back then. Anyway, it's safe to say I've not had a single parking ticket since then. Also, why you insistent on my lying? f**k me I wouldn't see the point of making this shite up
  9. Emergency loans

    After 7 years I still fucking hate the fact I don't see my son everyday, that I don't get to say goodnight to him in person everyday, that I can't give him a hug in the morning before I go to work. Think yourself lucky and enjoy what you have...
  10. Clyde v Edinburgh

    No offence man, but why are you in a thread that doesn't concern your own team?? I've never personally had the urge to visit another clubs thread unless I've wanted to ask a question. Maybe I don't have as much time as you do...
  11. Little victories

    f**k knows but govan polis took the complaint and dealt with it. This was like 2004 I think
  12. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Safe to say, he's not going to get fucking sacked and any suggestion of it after a few games his just stupid. He's got until January to have us playing like Barcelona or he should be punted
  13. Emergency loans

    Great to hear mate. I'm sure a few guys here have been in your position and have been lucky through other means to get by. Whilst you came on only to ask for advice, the way everyone rallied round you was totally unexpected and wonderful to see. I hope not just the money but the moral support was enough to get you by. For this weekend, is there any Hibbees here that run a bus? Even if someone could get him a place on a bus and that's his Saturday sorted and a day to take his mind off things. Ive been through all the shite as well with my sons mother, was a fucking horrible time and it was the support from friends that got me by. It does get better I can assure you of that, I'm more than happy to help advise. You sound like a dedicated dad so I know how you're feeling in that respect. First time I can agree with you man, £2500 I lost 3 years ago whilst my sons mum paid the grand total of f**k all to use a lawyer to try destroy me in the name of my love for my son...
  14. CLYDE FC Season 2017-18 Thread

    Chapman needs until atleast January. Only fucking September man
  15. Emergency loans

    @Bambino7that's £10 from me in yer account bud. Heartening to see guys here rallying round the lad who obviously is a well known seasoned poster here. Threads like this and the depression thread show how genuine people can be here so kudos to those who are helping either financially or just by giving support and advice.