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  1. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    In all honesty Rodgers is never going to cut it in Europe, he's every bit as stubborn as Strachan without the bawbaggery in interviews, I like the guy but he'll never do anything worth talking about in Europe until he starts playing a lot lot more defensively when it's required, don't see it happening myself.
  2. He's asking for buttons, personally I think his subscription is far too cheap if his results are sustained long term.
  3. In all honesty results should outweigh meat on the bones, atm the results seem to be quite decent. You can spend £500 per tip on the horses and you're basically told to lump on, that's all you need to know in those circumstances.
  4. You are right, alcohol, sugar and tobacco are similar in that addictions can happen but that is where the similarities end as a comparison here. Noone is promoting the promise of a big earner if you drink a kind of beer or smoke a certain cigar. In fact, the promotion and advertisments of these other vices have been severly limited over the past few years by the government but gambling remains, and the effect of this on a large number of the population is devastating. My issue with people such as yourself is that you are basically saying to people "look, follow my tips, we win more than we lose, it's like free money". For vulnerable people that sounds too good to be true and will stake big amounts looking for that big win that you all but promise. You can sugar coat it how you like but that's how it is. As someone else stated I struggle to understand why if you are so successful why not just continue at your leisure and enjoy it? Do you get enough subscribers from p&b to make a living out of it? I doubt it, but researching the various leagues, games, players etc must take up a hell of a lot of time for such a small reward. As someone who's been to the gutter and back, I don't see the problem with what he's doing, it's not like he's came on here and promised the earth or given unrealistically high historical ROI's, I definitely think following their staking plan and bankroll management strategy would be sensible for anyone that's actually interested in the service.
  5. Yep, the more times you bounce back from bad runs the better as far as I'm concerned.
  6. I thought he'd done his tank after joining up before the sites wee losing run.
  7. That's why I stopped putting comments up for my tennis tips, it's a lot more time consuming and hard work than I appreciated when I started.
  8. This guy isn't doing that as far as I can tell, Welshbairn will be able to say whether he's posting false results.
  9. At buttons a year I couldn't be arsed with the hassle.
  10. Naw, he's saying don't use cash you can't afford to lose to bet his tips.
  11. Aye but what happens to the punters if you do give up the next time you go a score in the red?
  12. I know but it's still a possible downside for yourselves in the future.
  13. Because I'd be punting on everything else, the £25 or the winnings would be miniscule in comparison to what I'd spunk elsewhere. I was putting tennis tips up on this thread to see if I could find winners, I never bet on the tips and I discouraged everyone else from betting on them for that reason.
  14. I'm an ex gambler who doesn't gamble, if I was using his service I'd be skint in no time regardless of how good his service is, I'm off my head when I'm punting, every penny is up for grabs at all times when I'm in my cocoon.