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  1. I'll be shocked if McCalls not here in some capacity next season.
  2. I'm more disappointed with the performance of her side railing against other Yessers than I am seeing her getting ripped, the far left are an irrelevance that we can all do without.
  3. Boxing Thread

    There's a whole lot of heart in that photo. Ruben Olivares,Chucho Castillo, Evan Armstrong & Jose Medel...1968. Strumming guitar is Lionel Rose
  4. Boxing Thread

    Is that your team talk for today? Totally agree right enough, my auld uncle took a few poundings in his career but his heart was never questioned, I can't imagine what it's like to get up off your stool 12 or 15 times when you're getting nowhere and someone's trying to batter your brains in.
  5. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    We've not been playing scintillating stuff in recent weeks but we have been showing the will to win of prospective champions. Far more interesting so far than last seasons shambles from both of us.
  6. Ayr v QP

    I don't agree with the protection afforded keepers nowadays but it was a card all day. I can live with a wee bit of inconsistency so long as the game is allowed to flow, nowt worse than watching a game stop starting due to the ref giving every little foul. I don't know what you've been doing all season but I can't work out how that team is bottom of the league with 11 points.
  7. Boxing Thread

    It really wasn't that great a fight to watch.
  8. Boxing Thread

    Hand injury they say, bottle job I say. David Haye' toe was sorer. He'll be fighting at the Gaiety next.
  9. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Why is it infuriating, we were 8 points behind them before we won those 8 games.
  10. Ayr v QP

    We're crying out for Adams, Doc and Crawford with wee Forrest playing between them and Shankland and Moff.
  11. Ayr v QP

    I'll wait for Wuffster' excellent quality highlights to see how wrong the QP fans and players were for getting upset about the challenge on the goalie.
  12. Ayr v QP

    I was watching it and there was nothing to be supremely confident about at 1-2, you just concentrate on your shambles of a club rather than winding up your bigger and better neighbours.
  13. Ayr v QP

    Didn't deserve a win but we'll take it,Shankland hadn't done much in the 2nd half then pops up with 2 lovely pieces of footwork, that's why he should never be taken off unless injured. I have to make a wee apology to Forrest, he's looking more and more like the real deal with every appearance off the bench. That's 2 weeks in a row I've not heard much if any negativity at the halfway line, think we're all finely in it together.
  14. Roosevelt, Yesterday at 9:51 PM #57
  15. tbf, McInnes isn't even close to either of those, this is a far far bigger boot in the stanes than both of those rejections.