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  1. Were the Camden flats re-clad before or after the release of the report about the 2009 fire? There's a big difference fitting dangerous cladding through ignorance rather than fitting it to save cash.
  2. We all need to re-mortgage our houses and lump it on Raith, they'll absolutely stroll this league as they're far too good for this level.
  3. He was already our goalie coach, probably under Reid.
  4. Ah big girls, the girls that like to say yes.
  5. Why? The anti Corbynites threw there ideology away the last time a whiff of power blew past.
  6. "A once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path" is IMHO a comment/observation not a policy statement. I for one an not interested in indyref2 until the population gets the chance to suck it and see just how bitter it tastes, your battering on about this is just dragging you down to the level of the trolls that appear to inhabit these threads, you're better than that regardless of which side of the fence you're on.
  7. I'd be surprised if we challenge if I'm being honest.
  8. 2/5 for either of Ayr or Raith to win the league, I think I'd look for some each way value elsewhere as both of us were absolutely dire last season, Dorothy's lion showed more heart than either of us last season.