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  1. No harm to Saints but I hope your man moves and transforms my wee team in the manner he managed with you lot, I thought McInnes would have been off his head to go there and I thought Coleman was off his nut leaving Wales but this is a great move for Ross. New owners, really can't plunge much further, 27,500 at home after a year without a win at the Stadium of Light(not a club up here would have that amount after such a run), it's all set up for him and if he's successful he'll be getting decent jobs down there for the next decade(Lennon got Bolton after Celtic). Hope you get the guy in that get you pumping enough of the billybigbaws in the Premiership to give the top 6 a fright. The Sunderland fans will be asking Jack who but I'm quite excited after watching what he done with you lot.
  2. When will indyref2 happen?

    Come on, surely you know I'm not being serious, YTID.
  3. When will indyref2 happen?

    We couldn't sell the whisky without the UK.
  4. 2100 Partick Dunfermline ................................ Dundee United ............................... Fallkirk QOTS ................................. Morton ICT Ross County ................................ Alloa
  5. I thought they'd have mentioned my £3.42 donation. 52 years of age and I've got a Season Ticket for my 50th season at the Stadium of Delight watching the Ayrshire Galacticos, Well done Shankers.
  6. He's on the right lines then.
  7. I'll shred all your bullshit after my day out, 2007 is an eternity ago in terms of the scientific communities understanding of gambling addiction, it's no surprise that someone with a penchant for history gets stuck in the past, thank f**k you didn't study something that required you to think for yourself.
  8. Nah, anyone who's interested can find plenty of sites that show you're talking shite, you'd have been burning those against a flat earth in an earlier life.
  9. I know you think you're smart but that's just nonsense. Your understanding is stuck in the same era as that article you used. Gambling has twice the suicide rate of any other addiction, they must just be doing it for the laughs n giggles.
  10. I've no idea what you're talking about, GAScotland wouldn't say a word about FBOT's when I was there, to many oldies that had no concept of what it was or the havoc it would cause.
  11. No harm but in terms of gambling and it's causes etc, 2007 is an eternity away.
  12. In all the literature I came across I can't honestly remember reading GA literature along those lines, might have changed in recent years but I was fairly prominent and can't remember it,most people aren't that interested in finding out why and a large chunk just think it's excuses if you think you've solved your own conundrum, as an organisation they don't need to produce scientific data as they are beholding to nobody and receive no funds from anyewhere apart from their members,this is the part of their non-political policy that wholeheartedly agree with. During my time there, there was only one professor or similar that worked regularly with GA.
  13. Produce the results that show gambling being near the bottom of the sliding scale. Do addictions to all drugs have a comedown worth talking about? GAScotland don't do psuedo-scientific bullshit, they tend to concentrate on how to stop and how to stay stopped.
  14. No, it's based on listening to thousands of people at GA meetings.
  15. I would think quite a few of the moderate and severe symptoms(the mental ones) will have been suffered by gamblers in the early days of stopping. Mild withdrawal symptoms: Nausea Abdominal cramps Tearing Runny nose Sweats Chills Yawning a lot Muscle and bone aches Moderate withdrawal symptoms: Vomiting Diarrhea Agitation Restlessness Tremors Trouble concentrating Goose bumps Fatigue Severe withdrawal symptoms: Anxiety Insomnia Depression Hypertension Rapid heart rate Muscle spasms Impaired respiration Difficulty feeling pleasure Drug cravings I was different, I suffered quite a few of them while I was in the throws of gambling, a weight lifted from my shoulders as soon as I went through the door at GA, in my experience long term cessation is dependant on what you do after the initial few weeks.