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  1. Someone who thinks Doc' tackle was two-footed is the one talking shite IMHO, if Doc had led with his left foot your player would have remained untouched, that is not a tackle from behind. You'll need to use photoshop to get that tackle into a 2-footed tackle from behind.
  2. Murphy was, we've punted better youngsters than McKenna out on loan in recent years.
  3. We're not arguing about Docs tackle being a red we're arguing about the facts within the tackle, I've not seen video evidence that disproves any of my comments about Docs tackle but I have slowed it down enough to know that I'm factually correct about all my points. If the 2 Dumbarton fans think I'm so far off the mark, why haven't they produced pictorial evidence to prove I'm talking shite, simple, there isn't any.
  4. I agree with your answers Ayrmad would have sufficed.
  5. It's almost like Scottish Labour want to slaughter the SNP for holding a similar position to themselves on what Scotland requires from the Brexit negotiations. SLAB appear to be behind the curve on almost everything, deserved shoeing heading their way in a few weeks.
  6. All very pertinent points, I'm not really interested in the shipbuilding industry in it's present form, I'd far rather an independent Scotland diversified into building vessels that we need to service our offshore industries rather than depend on MOD contracts. We just need to look at the success of Alan McLeish and QTS to see what can be achieved by innovation and development aimed at satisfying the needs and diversity of a sector.
  7. Which part of it's wrong? A.Did he catch him full on from the back? B.Did he catch him with his right foot? C.Did he play the ball before he wiped his man out? D.Did he catch him with his left foot? E.Were both his legs outstretched when he made contact with the ball. Here's my answers. A. NO B.NO C.YES D.NO E.NO Give us yours.
  8. No, when the lead leg is on the ball and the trailing leg is 2 feet away under your arse it is not a two-footed tackle, that is fact not opinion. There is only one player out of Docherty and Fleming who went through the man to get the ball and it wasn't Docherty, Doc got the ball before he made contact with the man, that's not going through the man to get the ball, again, fact not opinion.
  9. No, I'm correct in everything I've said on Docs red card and you choose to see what you want.
  10. Closed and closed.
  11. It wasn't a two-footed lunge and he didn't go through his man to get the ball, you really need to open your eyes and your mind when you watch clips. I'm not interested how long we'll disagree for, I'm not in control of your eyes or mind.
  12. You can't have a two-footed challenge with the back foot trailing 2 feet behind the leading foot. Fleming' is every bit as much a red card, Doc didn't go through his man to get the ball Fleming did.
  13. Spiers will look a fool if he tries to get one over McLaren as it's hard to beat someone who talks with openness and honesty.