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  1. It can't be trained but boxers will be far more accustomed to your average boxers punch whereas MMA fighters for the most part aren't used to it. It won't shock me if Mayweather stops McGregor early doors.
  2. I thought the ref robbed us.
  3. Bring a tear to a glass eye.
  4. I'm moving up north as I heard it was populated by tight c***s
  5. An awful lot of them honestly and sincerely do believe it. A punchers chance is all he's got, his punchers chance will be considerably smaller than most of Money' opponents due to his lack of boxing craft.
  6. Or just shows them a wee pic of Kate.
  7. I'd assume that your average boxer will have a more powerful punch and better punch resistance than a MMA fighter, one concentrates on punches most of the time, the other has to split his time between kicks,punches and grappling.
  8. Moff's biggest handicap has always been thinking time, he's always been better in front of goal when he doesn't have time to think about it.
  9. I think it was an admirable thing to do. I assume the last race was cancelled due to time constraints.
  10. Bookies don't want to be paupers regardless of probabilities.
  11. We've not started playing yet.
  12. That reads like Moffat is slow, I wish all our players were as slow as The Moff.
  13. You'd think it was the other end of the planet, it's just up the road.
  14. Nah, just based on limited experiences from my dim and distant past.
  15. Just like you and me.