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  1. One way to guarantee we play a wide man.
  2. As far as I know the bookies don't mark the cards.
  3. plus -2 for that round across 3 cards.
  4. AJ is a young man and Wlad was rattled much later into the fight, how was Wlad doing fine on points?
  5. Do we need brain injuries and the like to satisfy people, Wlad was beaten by the time of the stoppage, Joshua had wrested back control well before the uppercut.
  6. While I agree with some of your post, Joshua hardly landed any of his final flurry of punches on the target.
  7. I've heard it all now, the guy that stops his opponent and comfortably wins more rounds isn't the better fighter on the night. Hibs were lucky today as well.
  8. p4p all time great my arse.
  9. Not more than 3 that have much of that. I'd concentrate on getting yourselves safe if I were you.
  10. I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet.
  11. We'll be walking about without a care in the world if we go a goal down next week.
  12. I think they'll be looking for players with more baws than 90% of ours.
  13. I hope he's impossible to deal with, he's an over the hill piece of shite rather than a tricky winger now. I really can't believe that McCall can stand there and talk like he'll definitely be there next season after the shite he's forced the fans to watch this season
  14. Correct, 60/40 give or take 5, anything could happen next week, I think Saints are more than capable of saving their own bacon but I think Raith could do an Accies if they can score 1 or 2 early doors, I've never watched an Ayr side that can't be arsed as much as this shower, nothing against Raith but I hope Dumbarton don't get the deck chairs out just in case Ayr have a spectacular capitulation.
  15. I bought an extra set just in case, at least if both of us are down there we'll have a right good ding dong 'til we do our usual running out of steam act.