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  1. Simeon had is quietest game for the Lang in a long time. Gemmell slammed his first home well too. This alleged punch has now turned out to be an alleged forearm smash and like I have said, didn't see it. But not saying it didn't happen either. So was it 3 or 17?[emoji53]
  2. The defender hauled Gemmell to the ground clear as day and a pen all day long. And yea ure right yer strikers were piss poor. But end of the day Iain Stewart hardly had a save to make. We will be lucky if we are as poor again as we were yesterday. Loosing Meikle was a blow as the big defender was strolling thru the game. Dint take yer chances u wont win games[emoji6]. Its an alleged punch from my point of view. Ure the only one that seen it so far. Ref, 2 assistants, me and DK missed it.
  3. Good 3 points yesterday after a 2-0 over Kilsyth. Big John Gemmell getting both goals, first from pen spot. His second was superbly put away after Simeon's perfect pass. Pretty comfortable in the end as Kilsyth failed to trouble Iain Stewart in goal but had some great chances but couldn't hit the target. Cmon The Lang[emoji1]
  4. Our keeper hardly had a save to make. I also missed this alleged punch[emoji33]. We didn't play well today but will take 3 points any way we can get them. Big Gemmell did what needed to be done and that's put the ball in the back of the net. Happy with the winning start and not impressed with Kilsyth[emoji12]
  5. WE are hardly in the fecking game but that's to be expected I suppose as the is a GLENS thread
  6. Pity they missed the build up to the goal (technical) and penalty is inconclusive.
  7. Cambuslang Rangers 4v2 Kilsyth Rangers Darvel Juniors 1v1 Larkhall Thistle Largs Thistle 2v1 Maryhill Petershill 3v2 Cumbernauld United Renfrew 1v3 Rutherglen Glencairn Shettleston 0v3 Kello Rovers Troon 1v4 Irvine Meadow XI
  8. Aye McRobbie looks another good one. We have a decent squad to be honest.
  9. Simeon ( is a class act as is Meikle (5). We looked a bit more composed at the back than we have in previous games
  10. The red card was harsh. Im not sure if he was sent off for the tackle or for lifting his hands to the player who was right in his face. To award a penalty for a ball fired directly at u from 10 yards did seem harsh but I suppose the highlights will clear it all up.
  11. Rutherglen Glencairn 1-2 Cambuslang Rangers Lang progressed into the,Quarter Final of the competition after Dale Simeon two goals seen us finish top of the sections with maximum points. Tough game last night with Glencairn playing well, a lot better than what I was lead to believe beforehand. Lang welcomed back Iain Stewart in goals and also had a trialist in the defence who played well also. I found the referee decisions a bit baffling at times. His penalty award was soft to say the least. The tackle on Kilmartin merited more than a caution in my opinion and Jamie Hay red card was harsh considering both players squared up to each other. All in all a good run out for Camby who now welcome St Roch's to Somervell park next Wednesday. C'mon The Lang
  12. Na yer fine[emoji15]
  13. Im not sure the red card was for the challenge, was it? I thought it was because Jamie raised his hands when the guy squared up to him. And u say u didnt have a good view, clearly not within listening distance as there were a few Lang defenders expressing their shock at the ref. He was poor
  14. I think we totally deserved that tonight. The pen was soft, the red card was soft. U had chances but never took them. We played ok tonight also and with Iain Stewart back we will get better. On to the quarters we go and we can only be delighted. 4 wins from 4 cant be argued with. Both teams meet in the league soon and I bet there are a few changes to both sides.
  15. Cambuslang Rangers have moved swiftly to replace the departed former coach George Fortheringham. The club welcome Gary Johnstone to coaching staff. Gary was assistant to Billy Campbell at East Kilbride Thistle in their promotion winning success last season. Welcome to the Club Gary.