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  1. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Will confirm ins and outs once paperwork completed. But safe to say there will be players coming in and players leaving.
  2. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Ute welcome[emoji23][emoji23]
  3. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    We have signed Former Falkirk and Kilsyth striker SCOTT DAVIDSON and Keeper SANDY THOMSON ex-Wishaw.
  4. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    To be honest, I don't see it changing much. We have a core of fans that go win loose or draw and over the last couple of years, while winning promotion and titles etc, we haven't been getting the support the lads deserve. I'm hoping though that the big names we are in with now may well attract many more fans but u just never know.
  5. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    [emoji23][emoji23]annoying u is he?
  6. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    Maybe Glensmad can fill us in on the Simeon 'rumour'[emoji6]?
  7. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    All change at Camby with New Chairman, David Kerr, and a New Committee installed recently. It is hoped the club can attract some new investment and be a force in the Junior game. Looking forward to the new season already.
  8. Cambuslang Rangers 2018-19

    All Things Camby Gers For New Season
  9. Fixtures conundrum

    Central at Shettleston West at Medda but does say TBC Evening Times at Tinto Sent from my PLK-L01 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  10. Cambuslang 3v1 Pollok west 3 4.6.18

    I thought Camby played well. Pollok started well and I thought here we go but we dug in and got the rewards
  11. Another fixture moan

    And now back to Monday 4th after CRFC request as they have hired out park for Wednesday lol. Some saga this one lol
  12. Another fixture moan

    I notice he has now changed the Lang v Lok cup tie, originally scheduled for Monday 4th June, to Wednesday 6th June at 7-30pm. [emoji53]
  13. Absolutely delighted to be going up. For a wee while it looked like we had blown it but 4 from 4 in final games, wi 4 clean sheets got us over the line. Glencairn just coming up short. 3 promotions on the bounce. Happy Lang fan.
  14. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    Been there, done that.
  15. Cambuslang Rangers 2017-18

    Wrong, coach John McKeown has left for Shotts