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  1. As stated before, who gives a feck about what any club is paying players? If we are paying good money and it gets us promoted I'm all for it. If u have it, spend it. Sit back Camby Fans and enjoy it. This is a different level we are at just now and long may it continue. [emoji23][emoji6][emoji106]
  2. Cant see anyone Cruising it as u put it. This is going to the wire. But I would be disappointed if we didn't finish in top 6 now though.
  3. Na, yer awright. Id rather deal in facts[emoji6] Lang, I had heard something at Shettleston but heard it officially on Saturday.
  4. On a different note. Was told on Saturday that both sides, Cambuslang Rangers and Largs Thistle, were fined for the abandonment of their fixture a few weeks ago.
  5. Scottish Junior Site

    Oh ah, lay off the guy you. Yer like a dug wi a bone[emoji23]
  6. Lol[emoji10] Clever at faking black eyes eh, thats a new one. Faked it that much he was substituted with the injury.
  7. Apologies for not stating it was Chisholm, who elbowed Gemmell, that was red carded[emoji1]
  8. Took a sore one on Saturday getting elbowed. No many people put the big man down. And red card thoroughly deserved too.
  9. Should be a cracker but I think its far from title decider. Still a lot of sides still in the race and a lot of hard games still to come.
  10. Home Away Draw Draw Home Home
  11. Taking nothing away fae Darvel, who turned us over big time, but we were rank rotten that day and haven't played as poorly for a long time. As I said previous, lots of games to go so it can all change in a couple of weeks. Gonna be a good second half to the season.
  12. Weather disruption

    Gave all clubs £1000 I think one year?
  13. The manager works like feck to bring in Sponsors. No sugar daddy as such. Local companies getting behind the manager and his side.