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  1. Bought a VIP ticket for a gig for my girlfriend which required the tickets to be picket up from the venue with the card used to buy them, however i have switched to a different bank since i bought them so have a different debit card. Will this actually be an issue when i go to get the tickets?
  2. Got two vulpix's egg hatches in a row so just got a ninetails.
  3. Not looking good for the parts of the army attempting the coup.
  4. Trish Stratus Christina Scabbia
  5. Hopefully this spells the end for Erdogan as leader of Turkey.
  6. Real Oviedo's new kits for next season
  7. This is getting depressing
  8. Whats assuming is that these people wishing to leave the EU to save the UK will be the people responsible for it's break up .
  9. I dont like how close it has been so far.
  10. The song that is like 59 seconds is really heavy and has so much potential but it went no where. Overall I like the songs but feel the album is like outlaw gentleman and shady ladies part 2.
  11. apparently the new volbeat album is getting mixed reviews
  12. Best of the three but the other two are really good as well. This is building up to be one hell of an album. I hope they are doing a UK tour sometime soon.
  13. New Volbeat Song
  14. my phone breaks then o2 sends me replacement phone(different model) at 5pm without stating that the sim card wont be the same for the new phone.
  15. Some great suggestions on this topic so far. Some i dont think have been suggested: Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals and Holywood are his best albums. Anthrax's Fists full of metal, Spreading the Disease and Among the living Not really metal but Kiss' Destroyer, rock and roll over and love gun are all great albums.