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  1. He must have meant Lowland League and given they have East Stirlingshire, Stirling Uni, Cumbernauld Colts, BSC Glasgow and Spartans all playing home games reasonably close by there is some substance to what he is saying for a junior club based in West Lothian even if it's not the case somewhere like Ayrshire. Although the two towns don't like each other much I suspect an unspoken reason for not making the switch is that they very much need Linlithgow Rose to do it as well to keep everybody on board with the concept of moving to the senior grade and the bottleneck created by having Kelty, Bo'ness, Linlithgow and LTHV chasing one promotion spot subject to a possible playoff with the SoS champion made it a non-starter as somebody was going to be stuck in the EoS for almost five years. A lot of their supporters only come out of the woodwork for the derby games and big cup games, so a lot of the interest in the club is driven by that one rivalry. Take that away and pretty soon they could be an Armadale or Bathgate Thistle type club playing in a reasonably large town for a junior club but not making much headway due to limited local interest.
  2. The whole raven flock thing makes no sense if that's what is happening.
  3. They could have found a way to use Bran's warging and time travel abilities to get the message there quicker given ravens squawk out words sometimes, and Drogon could have been the initial target with Viserion hit by accident. A lot of what we are seeing at the moment is lazy writing focused more on the spectacle created than the overall plot and they don't care if a small percentage of book readers ask awkward questions. They only have seven more episodes now, so I think the wall finally has to come down in the next one as the series ending cliffhanger and the first few episodes of the next series will revolve around an increasingly desperate defence of Winterfell and Cersei's shenanigans to use the conflict in the north to her advantage. My predictions are that Arya will take out Littlefinger and eventually off Cersei while pretending to be Jaime, Theon will rescue his sister and do something significant at sea to save Westeros in some way and will wind up ruling the Iron Islands, Sam will save Winterfell by taking Viserion out of the action with the horn he found at the Fist of the First Men (?) after reading something in a book, Bran will wind up with some Childern of the Forest again and will restore balance to the force or whatever after Jon and Danny sacrifice themselves in some noble sort of way to take out the Night King, Gendry Baratheon will be the first elected monarch of what is left of Westeros with Arya as his queen and Tyrion pulling the strings in something resembling a parliament as the wheel will have finally been broken, and Sam will turn out to be the narrator of the story for a LOTR type twist at the end.
  4. Check the clip above and you can easily see on crowds. Maybe 80 or so actually paying their way in? That won't be enough to cover the rent plus cost of officials, if they are paying the £400 per game for Ochilview that has been quoted on here in the past, but the money they get from being licensed should still keep them afloat I would have thought. They'll probably need a good cup run at some point or somebody rich to pump some money in to be able to mount another strong promotion push, but those are things that could happen so it isn't mission impossible.
  5. Turns out Ayr United are full-time now (which surprised me a bit given they are in League One) after I did some googling, so what i was seeing in that clip makes sense.
  6. Not sure if Ayr United are full-time these days, but the difference in fitness levels in the Challenge Cup clip stands out a mile, so an obvious question about your manager at the moment would be if preseason training got the job done compared to what other teams were doing.
  7. Did Mary Maz Durr (cannae be bothered googling how to spell her name) not end the chance of her having kids as part of saving Drogo and then basically having him return in a near comatose state? Then she got burned alive in the pyre that the three dragons hatched from and her life was part of the sacrifice that made that possible.
  8. He's already some sort of zombie and can't go south of the wall, so maybe didn't want to slow Jon down as he knew something about the importance of his future role? Sadly I suspect there will be no deeper explanation provided unless it happens in the book as well, which is no sure thing. The bigger issues for me are the credibility of the raven to Dragonstone and dragons to the rescue timeline and why the whitewalker would take out a smaller dragon rather than the bigger one with the rider on it. Getting a wee bit convenient for a series that gained much of its appeal by not being formulaic.
  9. 2-2 for the Shire against Civil Service Strollers. Looks like there's going to be Lowland League fitba in the Falkirk area for a while.
  10. You are only auld if you remember the white dot that got smaller and smaller after you switched the TV off (manually of course).
  11. Already seemed like an old codger when I was a sprog, so amazed he lasted this long.
  12. Any full-time club with a 3G pitch at their home ground and a U-20 team already in the Development League could do it easily where the Lowland League is concerned. Emulating Edusport Academy in that regard shouldn't be mission impossible for any of our top flight clubs, if there is no extra expense related to using somebody else's ground. Edit: I have no idea of where Glenconner is getting the figure of 6 Colt teams from, but clubs have been consulted on this and the 2018-19 timeline has been reported in the media: http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/spfl-consider-introducing-colt-teams-into-league-system-1-4473517
  13. If 6 colt teams moving into the LL helped to facilitate an east-west split to create a format at tier 5 that mirrors the three junior superleagues a lot of the more rational objections to the current "pyramid" would no longer hold any water. Will believe it when I see it though.
  14. Does a bear defecate in the woods? Right now the LL and HL clubs get zero subsidy from the full-time clubs (euphemistically referred to as prize money) unlike league one and league two. The obvious way to get this sorted is for that to change in some way and then the next step is that at SFA level changes are made to who can play above EoS and SoS level which is the glass ceiling for reserve teams at the moment and ultimately get promoted into the SPFL based on club licensing.
  15. As long as we finally find out what the honeycomb and the jackass was all about I'll be able to die happy.