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  1. Try googling UstaĊĦe, if you think everything was wonderful in Bosnia and that there was no religious angle before Yugoslavia collapsed.
  2. You must have been in a deep coma in the early 90s if you failed to notice what unfolded in Bosnia.
  3. Meanwhile if there were no immigration, population would go into decline due to the birthrate being below the replacement rate. That would mean that there would be no reason to build new houses in significant numbers and over time a lot of houses would start to lie empty creating a buyer's market that would cause property and rental values to plummet. Not good news for a society that in recent generations has been very much encouraging people to buy a house and take on a mortgage given it could even under extreme scenarios lead a lot of people into negative equity. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-151319/Birth-rate-drops-lowest-ever.html
  4. Given the birthrates in most western countries are well below the replacement rate of 2.1, the choice is between immigration to keep numbers up or a sharply declining population. The latter scenario can be very bad news for anyone that expects to live off a state pension for the last 20 years of their life.
  5. Maybe you should read the first post again, because what was being advocated was ignoring people rather than calling them out. If people had taken Farage and UKIP a bit more seriously and had taken the time to forcefully make a positive case for the EU over the last 20 years we wouldn't be staring down the barrel of Hard Brexit at the moment. Treating them as fringe nutter pariahs to never be engaged directly didn't work.
  6. How you can see that as "alternative fact language" is beyond me. Calling someone a xenophobe is pretty much the same as calling them a racist and in modern times populist is definitely not seen as a positive term, because it is seldom used as a self-description in much the same way that Donald Trump doesn't describe himself as a "Know Nothing" even though his policies have some similarities to the Nativist movement that was quite popular in American politics in the mid-19th century. Beyond that I would argue that the self-righteous elitist PC approach that you are advocating here is a big part of what has led to a disconnect between the traditional parties of the centre left and their working class support base, which has led us into the world of Hard Brexit and Trump. From the era of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton onwards the left became obsessed with PC culture wars and climate change, because they largely abandoned Keynesian style social democratic politics and their links to trade unions and still needed something to distinguish themselves from the centre right after adopting much of their neo-liberal economic agenda.
  7. They definitely seemed to home in on some of the most tedious parts of the book and in some cases such as Brienne's characer even amplify them. Overall though I think they have done a reasonable job, because otherwise GoT wouldn't have such huge ratings. Think their biggest mistakes were not including more of the complexity in the book about Dorne as that could have made the Mereen angle less boring and would have placed less emphasis on the Sand Snakes. Also think they should have stuck closer to the book with what happened to Sansa in the later seasons as the change they made in that regard didn't really make sense in terms of the overall plot.
  8. Don't see what the huge problem is from a prestige standpoint, if they are all getting knocked out in the early rounds before the non-Scottish teams and second tier clubs enter? Is the Scottish Cup devalued by having the likes of Newton Stewart and Golspie Sutherland in the early rounds? Beyond that I suspect some people in the RoI would see it as a bit of an insult to only be playing against Scotland's second tier, so I'll believe this LoI angle is happening when I see a link to a story about it on the RTE website.
  9. Here's one I forgot about that anybody that's taken the train from Glasgow to Aberdeen will have visited (albeit briefly): It's called Moncreiffe island apparently.
  10. Think this youtube clip shows why Mark Blyth (the Scottish guy in a youtube of an interview with Tucker Carlson in another thread) is suddenly flavour of the month on American current affairs programmes: Like his use of the word "Trumpet" as a description for the people on the right and left promoting the new populism (hence global Trumpism), as I strongly suspect he is aware of its use in Scots vernacular in recent times.
  11. Debateable how much difference that will make given shale gas from fracking is what has undercut coal economically. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/10/161007105548.htm Much the same happened in the UK when North Sea gas came on stream. There's still plenty of coal underground in Scotland but the economics of going after it became unfavourable for similar reasons even before we get into Maggie T's antics.
  12. Ceasefires are often a way to stall for time and build up resources needed for new offensives like the one that is unfolding in the city of Daraa at the moment. Think this conflict still has a few more years left in it, unfortunately, because the geostrategic interests driving it in terms of gas pipelines and Iran's need for a land route to Hezbollah in Lebanon aren't going to go away.
  13. Clyde: Bute, Arran, Cumbrae Hebrides: Skye Orkney: Shetland: Mainland, Trondra, West Burra, East Burra, Muckle Roe, Yell, Unst
  14. If you think he's really a Rangers fan, you haven't been reading his posts on other subforums. Suspect the interest is because he is old enough to have seen them play in the old first division.