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  1. They might even struggle in the Lowland League. If it was U23 as is normal on the continent there would be more for L1 and L2 clubs to be upset about.
  2. You would enjoy Japan. They have lines marked out on the platform for each carriage and people do exactly what you describe at least on the inter-city bullet trains. Local suburban ones can be more of a free for all sometimes depending on the city you are in. Highlights of Japanese rail travel for me have also included helping an old drunk guy who stumbled over and managed to fall between the platform and the train and get wedged in as the female guard panicked hysterically over what to do about it and fending off the advances of two very strange gay guys in a city called Utsunomiya.
  3. Not a problem for them if/when the SNP steer clear but the SNP often argue that Barnett Formula implications make a lot of what appear on the surface to be England/Wales only issues relevant to Scotland as well.
  4. They can get things through when the DUP abstains, which gives them a bit of breathing space, unfortunately as we would probably not be facing hard Brexit otherwise. People voting anti-SNP rather than anti-Tory tactically in a Scottish context swung whether we would have a soft or a hard Brexit.
  5. Not much gets done in hung parliaments usually in legislative terms and it doesn't always have to be the DUP that get them over the line. There's a niche available for the Lib Dems to step in if the DUP demand anything that's too out of kilter with the mainstream of British politics. They only really need the DUP on confidence motions and until Brexit is firmly settled with no special status for NI, I can't see Arlene Foster and co wanting another general election as that is absolutely critical for NI's relationship to the rest of the UK in the years ahead.
  6. It is basically unavoidable due to the 1997 devolution setup.
  7. Or more likely he did know and was deliberately misleading people.
  8. Ignoring the people who are using this thread for low brow tribalistic wind ups at the moment, it looks like the Tories think they don't need to give the DUP anything to stay in power: http://www.scotsman.com/news/politics/general-election/dup-talks-with-tories-have-not-gone-as-expected-1-4481319 Theresa May’s hopes of a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to shore up her minority government hit a setback, as the Northern Irish party warned that a deal was “certainly not imminent”. A DUP source told the Press Association that talks with Mrs May’s Conservatives “haven’t proceeded in a way that the DUP would have expected” and cautioned that the party “can’t be taken for granted”. In the final analysis all the Tories have to do while sitting at the negotiating table is say, OK then vote us out and take the chance you wind up with Corbyn handling Brexit instead, so maybe they don't have to concede anything substantial at this point to get their way for the next few years.
  9. What is it about the colour scheme that causes the problem? Pre-1972 Stormont was a bit of a disaster area in many ways, but it's difficult to see how violence was really justified when reforms were happening not just because of pressure from Westminster but because people in the UUP actually did genuinely want to change things. The Troubles were fueled and prolonged to a large extent by a radical element's desire to repeat the Algerian scenario of the early 1960s in a context where it wasn't really applicable and unlikely to work given the majority of the population of NI was and remains pro-Union. Corbyn's willingness to be an apologist for that anti-democratic approach calls his judgement into question as much as anything else.
  10. There still is with Russia being pedantic about it. Agree it's unlikely that you will need to apply in advance for one post-Brexit where the Schengen zone is concerned, but there probably will be one for 90 days or whatever stamped into your passport on arrival judging on where things are headed.
  11. Think it goes deeper than that given there were three NI MPs that could be depended on to take the Labour whip on anything important up until June 8th. A lot of Labour lefties view the island of Ireland in very simplistic terms because they see it as having been a colony rather than an integral part of the UK, so even though Labour's welfare state policies would have benefited the Irish working class a lot more than de Valera and Fianna Fail's ever did that's pretty much the last thing you are ever going to hear a Corbynite argue as they would sooner virtue signal about their willingness to be anti-colonialist than push the virtues of having a good dose of democratic socialism implemented right across the British Isles.
  12. Think it's best to give the DPRK the body swerve at the moment: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-40337991
  13. That's the issue that probably swung Florida his way, so even though he probably knows it makes little sense, he goes ahead anyway. American politics as usual rather than a change on that one at least.
  14. Harold Wilson for me on being prime minister and Ted Heath on remembering and lots of very cheerful stuff like this: Hopefully that doesn't make me an OAP&B.
  15. So not in the least bit interested in Frank McCoubrey, because you can only deal with me as a stereotype rather than respond to what I have actually written.