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  1. So still all to play for given Cowdenbeath will stay up if they win next week and either Clyde or Berwick lose given the way the goal difference looks at the moment. Think they've got a reasonable shot at it given Elgin's recent form has been less than stellar. Although it would be quite ironic to see the biggest pyramid enthusiast on here have his club relegated probably never to return thanks to the system he campaigned for, I'd marginally prefer to see Clyde exit given what they tried and failed to do to Hamilton Accies in 1970 assuming EK can finish off Buckie next week and then do the business in the playoff. Suspect Buckie would do another Brora Rangers style flop in the second leg if it's them given many of their fans and officials don't want to go up.
  2. Hopefully AFJ got the ticket OK and was there to enjoy the day.
  3. Lost 2-1 according to twitter.
  4. ...but that doesn't mean they have the funding in place yet. Missing out on playing Celtic may have cost them promotion this year, while it set EK very much on an upward trajectory..
  5. John Brown once told me (and a few other Hamilton Accies fans) to GTF after being substituted while playing for Dundee at Dens Park in the mid-80s. Didn't appear to appreciate being called an Accies reject. Other than that nothing much to report on this.
  6. It was alleged to have been Billy Davies as they were friends from growing up in the same part of Pollok, but he denied it: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/nottingham-forest-boss-billy-davies-1079066
  7. ...and Jim White showed up at his place unannounced with a camera crew and a birthday cake while she was there is what is alleged to have happened. This is believed to have prompted Hazel Irvine to move to the BBC.
  8. The url to watch for updates is: http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/football_document_libraries.cfm?page=2570 as a pdf of the current status of each club is regularly updated: http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/resources/documents/ClubLicensing/2017/230317CL current status.pdf Normally there are no press releases where licensing is concerned.
  9. It's a lot easier to attract players as a "village team" when you are right next to a city the size of Edinburgh. How many of your players actually come from Rosewell? You are basically an Edinburgh club and that makes it a lot easier to find suitable players that are willing to do all the travelling.
  10. Tavish Scott got 67% in 2016, while Danus Skene got 23%. Think that demonstrates that Tavish Scott has a much better idea of what makes the average reestit mutton eating and hurned helmet wearing Shetlander tick than the SNP do.
  11. Last time around it was utter fantasy that the SNP could get over 50. If the Tories can get to 30% or so by becoming the main vehicle for No voters that don't want a second referendum they are in with a shout on that and the SNP pushing the referendum so hard will make a lot of people think twice before voting tactically for them in many of the Tories's main rural target seats given they were usually about 62:38 for the No side on the referendum. In 2015 most people thought there was zero chance of another independence referendum before 2020 so many pro-Union voters were more comfortable than they will be this time with using the SNP to give the Tories, Lib Dems or Labour a kicking Think the last Holyrood election shows otherwise and that if it was ever going to happen last time was the time. The problem for the SNP is that a lot of Shetlanders and to a lesser extent Orcadians just don't see themselves as Scottish and find the SNP's brand of nationalism off-putting. SNP politicians have never really understood the place and probably never will. Edinburgh South is the SNP's main chance for a gain as the swing of pro-Union voters from Labour to the Tories has created a three way marginal there.
  12. Think the facilities already need to be in place and inspected before you get the licence, so given the playoff against the SoS champions would be taking place in the next few weeks this is too late for next season.
  13. Berwick are arguably basically an Edinburgh team that play their home games in Northumbria. As such not having them around in the SPFL probably makes it marginally easier for Edinburgh City to put a stronger squad together, so I doubt that they'll be doing Berwick Rangers any favours.
  14. Agree that's the obvious way to get interested interested top junior clubs in without having to do anything hugely radical at either end and it is probably very much doable on a short time frame given a two division Highland league has already been voted on, but it remains to be seen how keen the SFA and the LL actually are on having the likes of Bo'ness United and Kelty Hearts crashing their party.
  15. Sounds about right. If the Tories are scooping up a lot of Labour votes from last time around then they will disproprtionately benefit in the central belt rather than rural areas where the Scotland Votes calculator is predicting they will win seats, which will limit their gains a bit. The Lib Dems will be in with a shout on NE Fife, East Dunbartonshire and Edinburgh West and maybe Labour also in East Lothian if they can persuade Tory voters that they have the better chance but more polling numbers like these and I doubt that's happening.