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  1. German Election

  2. Catalonia

    Their calculation is probably that dialogue ultimately leads to only one outcome and that they need to hold the line on the constitutional position of Spain being indivisible as they hold all the aces in that scenario. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Well done Banks o Dee & Glenafton

    The SFA's current president is from Cove Rangers and that probably doesn't help as they won't want competition from much closer into the centre of Aberdeen to be Aberdeen's number two club. From what I remember Banks O'Dee then manager went to Cove Rangers ground and wanted to fight somebody on hearing their Highland League application had been rejected as the perception was that Cove Rangers and others had opposed it at the meeting when the Aberdeenshire FA clubs had all been expected to back it.
  4. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    Wasn't suggesting it was an ideal scenario. Was only pointing out that if East Kilbride can be in the EoSFA then presumably so could Clydebank.
  5. Lowland Trapdoorwatch 2017-18

    East Kilbride are in the EoSFA, so it's possible that a Glasgow area club could do what Kelty Hearts did and join the EoS league rather than the SoS league: http://eosfl.com/content.php?pg=clubdir&pd=1040
  6. Catalonia

    The referendum was held in the accepted territorial space that is covered by the post-Franco autonomous community and there is no serious attempt underway at the moment by the Catalan parties to create a state that covers the entire Catalan language area or to participate in elections outside of the defined borders of Catalonia. The consensus in Valencia is that the local language is Valencian rather than Catalan and the Partido Popular dominates politically in both Valencia and the Balearic Islands.
  7. Catalonia

    There are several more obvious ones that could happen, if the precedent was set that the post-WWII set of borders can change. Sudtirol (Italy), Szeklerland (Romania) and Corsica (France) immediately come to mind. The biggest ones lumbering over the horizon albeit outside the EU are Republika Srpska, the Serb majority areas in Northern Kosovo and the Albanian majority areas of Macedonia as those will almost certainly kick off the next wars in the Balkans at some point before the end of this century.
  8. Catalonia

    If the end game was a Europe of the Regions inside a reformed and more deeply federal EU, the end of the 19th century nation state in the shape of Spain would probably be no bad thing in terms of enhanced stability. If it's a case of Balkanisation along the lines of what replaced the Austro-Hungarian Empire or Yugoslavia, I definitely agree with you.
  9. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    And when you see what they've done with the likes of Lawrie Sanchez and Michael O'Neill it shows that what counts is getting a manager in that can motivate a team of relative strangers to play well together by creating the right sort of vibe in the dressing room and putting the best selection together in terms of getting a result. Their prior reputation with big clubs where they work with players on a daily basis isn't necessarily much of an indication on who is the best bet to do that at the international level.
  10. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    I agree that the SFA needs to steer well clear of whatever washed up big name hasbeen is viewed as next in line, but initially I would try to go for somebody a bit lower profile that's actually been doing a reasonably good job of late. How about Derek McInnes?
  11. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    Why? That's not how NI and Wales have been finding success in recent times with squads that are comparable to ours.
  12. The DUP

    Maybe you should simply steer clear of discussions you don't understand? The constitutional crisis in Spain is a clash between notions of top down indivisible state sovereignty on the Madrid side versus bottom up popular sovereignty on the Barcelona side. The DUP guy talked as if his party naturally belonged on the former side, when the history of Ulster Unionism has actually often very much been about the latter.
  13. Catalonia

    Think Puidgemont is playing this very intelligently in EU opinion terms by getting the Spanish state to reveal its true character. It's not reasonable for people to talk about the Scottish scenario when you have a state that has zero interest in ever conceding independence of one of its component parts and if democracy is the name of the game then the legitimate political aspiration of forming a new state has to be accomodated in terms of international law. There are so many other possible similar constitutional crises waiting to happen in a European context that it would clearly be sensible for the legalistic pathway for doing this sort of thing to be laid out and generally agreed upon.
  14. Catalonia

    The British government badly bungled the handling of the aftermath and that led to the Sinn Fein landslide (outside NI) in 1918. If it had been handled differently and the IPP had won instead with the delayed Home Rule of 1912 implemented post-WWI, Pearse and Connelly would be a footnote and Scotland would probably have been independent by now for many decades given Home Rule All Round was the answer to the 1912 version of the West Lothian Question.
  15. Catalonia

    Think that definitely isn't relevant as Pearce and Connelly lacked an electoral mandate to justify their actions given the IPP were still dominant up to 1918. Hopefully, Puidgemont and Rajoy have figured out a formula at the urging behind the scenes of politicians from other countries that allows negotiations to take place. Looks like the last two days events were carefully choreographed. If they were going for UDI ASAP yesterday was the day it was going to happen. Instead, it's deliberately been placed in a grey area in legal terms.