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  1. Scotland's Next Permanent Manager.

    There’s a very obvious reason why he won’t be given it. If the SFA are just a profit driven company as their detractors suggest, hiring Mackay as national team would be suicidal. There are plenty of fans who would be done with the national team,
  2. Gigs

    That could be great - or dreadful. Good Weezer do their festival set, with one song from every album except the awful ones, and three from Blue. Bad Weezer will be plugging their new album, which is beyond awful. Good luck and god bless. PS When they played Buddy Holly, I've never felt such warmth towards a band before. It was - and will be - glorious.
  3. Gigs

    Unfortunately a complete b*****d of an Uber driver put her through a pretty horrendous experience, thus validating even further the "#MeToo" campaign. One of my favourite live acts.
  4. The Official President Trump thread

    Ian Paisley made a profitable career out of it.
  5. Gigs

    I had to look him up. Pretty turgid stuff, but it’s really cool that folk get so into his music.
  6. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    Does this mean the Thumb’s going to be back in the reserves again?
  7. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    Laidlaw is dreadful. He’s all over the place for all three goals.
  8. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    Whittaker made that goal. Tremendous full back play.
  9. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    "Hopefully he gets back to his best.." "I'm back!". Sutton's a moron.
  10. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    I thought I was going mad. That's how I saw it, but everyone else except you sees it as a shocking decision. I need to see it again.
  11. Hibs v Celtic .. LC Semi

    Forrest for Roberts... Hibs have a chance here.
  12. Iraqi Kurdistan Referendum

    Well, this took a peculiar turn.
  13. Rugby - Union And League

    BBC report says they are unrelated.
  14. The Official President Trump thread

    That reminds me of the time we watched the County vs Falkirk game at the Hanoi Hilton with John McCain.