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  1. So because he picked up the ball from the back 4 it makes them two different type of players? Matthews was probably the more defensive minded out of the pairing from the games I seen so I was expect him to be deeper and creating that link between midfield and defence. Point I was making is that they are really similar in both their in that they both work hard and try hard, both are good at interrupting and breaking up play, none of them possess that real killer final ball at times and neither really chips in with a lot of goals. For me you can't have two central midfielders who are too similar, if they play in a two that is. If it's a 3-5-2 day, with 2 protecting the defence then it's a different ball game. We've made two cracking signings up top for this new campaign who need the service to bang in these goals. These 2 young lads were paired in our midfield a few times last season and overall the amount of times we netted was poor. Can moan about McManus we"was pish" etc. But from the games I saw last season these guys had zero service at times and at most times had to try great their own half chances. I just fear that we go into the season again with this pairing we could go down the same route. Could be proven wrong though as we were run by two poor managers last season. So for me personally would pair one of them with someone a bit more creative and let Matthews/Callachan do the dirty work as they say.
  2. Don't really see all the hype over Callachan. Tried hard and works away tirelessly but just not got it for me. Doesn't chip in with many goals and can't pick out that killer pass which can unlock defences. Him and Matthews similar players for me, if it's 2 in midfield we opt for would rather one of them paired with a more creative minded player. From what I saw last season in terms of breaking up play, would maybe say I prefer Matthews.
  3. More along the lines of Handling as well as setting up attacks. I've been racking my brains the past 10 minutes to think of someone at our level to highlight but best example i can think of so bare with me [emoji23]... Chelsea with Kante and Fabregas in a midfield pair. Kante is the workhorse and does the dirty work where Fabregas sprays passes left right and centre, starts attacks and generally puts his stamp on the game. It's not the best example obviously because we're the Rovers but hopefully paints a better understanding of what I'm getting at!
  4. Aye it could work with Vaughan in a 10 role - it'll be interesting to see what formation Smith will adopt because you'd expect Buchanan and Spence to be paired up top. I'd just personally would like to see us bring in a midfielder who looks to dictate the play and get on the ball as from what I seen last season there wasn't a great deal this, and from the players we have signed up I just don't think any of them fit that bill.
  5. I would rather Docherty if he comes in as a left back as I think Matthews and Callachan are of the midfield mould who work hard and do the dirty work. Really hope we can sign a creative midfielder who can chip in with goals and provide service for the strikers.
  6. Article not really clear on length/will they be full time or part apart from Spence where it says he's coming back to full time.
  7. Braw chuffed with the 2 strikers - real firepower for this league now with those 2 and Vaughan. Can't say I've heard much of Murray but give the guy every opportunity!
  8. Good core of players retained. Out of interest has anyone seen any of the younger lads in action in any of the youth games? Be interesting to see some thoughts as to whom from the list may be closest to breaking through. Would be happy if we retain Barr, would settle for Thomson as he'll probably be fine for this league but personally think it has went a bit stale. I do hope Smith has an eye for an attaching midfielder - I felt last season, from the games I saw, that our strikers lacked service at times. I know everyone sings their praises of the two young lads because they've came through the youth system but id like a bit more a creative midfielder paired with Matthews or Callaghan. Both are work horses, break up play etc but on the attacking front just don't do enough for me. Delighted with Bobby Barr staying too - potential to tear up League 1 if he's in the mood!
  9. It might seem harsh because he's been a great servant to the club and as folk have rightly said he was never right since he came back from injury and was perhaps rushed back too quick, but I just think it's similar to when we had Craig Wilson and that its went stale and it's time for a freshen up in the right back role.
  10. Going by the Twitter updates we've had a good few chances. Hopefully not bite us in the arse with a 89th minute spilt shot into the net
  11. Real gutsy performance over the two games from us. Just hope we can take these sort of performances into the league now and get clear from the relegation play off. Thought over the two games big Mvoto has been outstanding. The big man won most of his battles and really impressed with him. Usually critical of Callaghan but thought he ran himself into the ground tonight - other mentions for Stewart and McManus in terms of work rate. Frustrating point obviously is the fact over the piece - you can make a case for us having a hand in every goal conceded. Thomson x2 giving ball away. 2 pens and if being extremely critical maybe Cat could have got stronger hands to Sammon's effort. I've seen us play in games and have our goal peppered. Over the two games think cuthbert might have made about 4 saves. The defence is resolute - Hardie scoring tonight getting off the mark - here's hoping we can kick on from here and move up this league - some shift put in today so some rotation for Saturday would be ideal. To finish, Don't know about anyone else's thoughts buts Jase Thompson still doesn't look quite match fir yet to me, Hopefully Davo's injury isn't too serious.
  12. Bene went in with the hard tackle in the corner, won the ball though hard but fair. Johnsen then turned and gave the crowd a 4-2 with his hands which probably ended up causing the handbags near the end when McHattie went in on him.
  13. We've signed the young Danish lad Thorsen on a 1 year deal.
  14. Not a regular and not been to a game yet this season, but by all accounts from the views from some on here it's perhaps a big number 9 we were needing to perhaps get on the end of the amount of deliveries from wide. Not sure if he fits that mould but time will tell and willing to give the guy a chance considering he done reasonably ok at Morton.
  15. Does anyone know if the Office is open tomorrow? Bought my wee boy the extra small kit in hope it would fit him but absolutely drowns him lol. Was hoping to return it tomorrow.