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  1. We've signed the young Danish lad Thorsen on a 1 year deal.
  2. Not a regular and not been to a game yet this season, but by all accounts from the views from some on here it's perhaps a big number 9 we were needing to perhaps get on the end of the amount of deliveries from wide. Not sure if he fits that mould but time will tell and willing to give the guy a chance considering he done reasonably ok at Morton.
  3. Does anyone know if the Office is open tomorrow? Bought my wee boy the extra small kit in hope it would fit him but absolutely drowns him lol. Was hoping to return it tomorrow.
  4. Thanks for that. Maybe go and take a wee look at it and make a judgement in the flesh. Cheers!
  5. Trying my luck on here but wondered if anyone's bought a junior kit on here for their kids? My wee boys just turned 3, choking to get him a strip but they never bring out infant sizes, although I notice there's an extra small junior size this time round. Anyone any idea what ages this would be suitable for? Cheers in advance if anyone has
  6. Honestly fucking seek with this news. An absolute Aston Villa of an appointment. Raging.
  7. Better not be Locke. Think he comes across as absolute arse, one of them who thinks he can talk a good game but his teams are absolutely hopeless. Plus when you look at what he's done at killie and the players he brought in, nearly everyone he signed for them are nowhere near the first team. Will be a dreadful appointment of true, would rather us take a punt on Darren Young or something if they are going to give it to Locke.
  8. Jules Tchimbakala might have applied. That's a quality name.
  9. Nah yeah absolutely I agree.Maybe it's just me but just think it's pretty poor after we've just been knocked out the play offs a matter of hours ago. But hey ho let's see what happens!
  10. Classy from United, hours after a play off defeat they make the move. Totally disrespectful way to have gone about it IMO, expect nothing less from Thompson though.
  11. Fiver down the drain, kept freezing and seen virtually f**k all 😒! Massive three points though!!
  12. I'm pretty useless technically lol... What's hola lol another app to download?
  13. I've got it working but keeps freezing.
  14. How does the St Mirren TV work? When signing it up it asks for an email address for receipts? Surely not just ask for bank details nah?
  15. Hardie's loan perhaps will only be the 28 days then you'd think if we're signing another striker?