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  1. I think they should appoint Kris Boyd before he has a breakdown ...oh wait ..... too late
  2. Good news. Jack is staying
  3. I hope there is not a chance in hell and he stays where he is. I was responding to the Raith supporter who did not seem that impressed with his record. Jack has achieved nothing so far. Once he gets us promoted then I expect the vultures to hover.
  4. Considering after 14 games we had 7 points and Raith had 23 overtaking Raith was some feat was it not? And considering the same players he brought in are now competing for the Championship title would indicate he knows a decent player when he sees one and gets the best out of them.
  5. No chance. St Mirren are a far bigger club.
  6. Todd is injured but looked decent when he got his chance unlike Kirkpatrick who always looks terrified. Todd to stay. I think Kirkpatrick has serious confidence issues and is really not much use to us. Agree about Hilson, Duffy and Sutton. The Loy of last May would be a great signing but maybe not the current one. Rumour has it Austin may be shipped out from Falkirk so he may be an option. Could probably do with another striker as well as we are still short. With Gary returning to fitness then Buchanan would drop to fourth choice but he has been good for us and I can see us keeping him for now. Would take Lewis Vaughan but no idea what his contract situation is as I reckon we need another strong midfielder as we are a bit short in there if McGinn or McShane get injured.
  7. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    We were also £5M in debt party due to having to install under-soil heating and a new stand to meet stupid league requirements at the time. So when Tesco come along and say we'll pay off your debt, build you a brand new stadium and give you £750K for new training facilities it was a tough choice. Most Buddies would have been happy to have the old stadium upgraded where necessary. And for those that don't know Tesco sold the land a few years later for a lot less than they paid and developers are just about to build a nice wee housing estate on the hallowed turf.
  8. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Don't know if it has already been mentioned but Love St was host to the Paisley Lions speedway team in 1975 and 1976. They made a hell of a mess of the track (not that you would notice at the time). Thankfully the track was effectively removed with the building of the stands at the Love St end and Caledonia Street end but there was still a track in front of the Main Stand and the North Bank.
  9. Naa. Too big a risk. Jack still has work to do with us anyway so he's going nowhere.
  10. The Falkirk FC Thread

    No need to panic Bairns. After 14 games last season we had 4 points. You have more than double that after 14 games so should easily move up the League once your new squad arrives. You guys are fretting about nothing.
  11. Highlights here ..... https://www.stmirren.com/buddievision-content/1346-buddievision-highlights-st-mirren-3-1-livingston
  12. Livi lions v Lambs to the slaughter

    Livi to win this. I wasn't complementary about them on our match thread however they are a very strong, big and physical side that give their all. Falkirk would need to match their attitude to have half a chance and by all accounts heart is not one of their assets. Falkirk to be completely bullied into submission.
  13. Toderov's first involvement was to elbow Baird in the face without even attempting to go for the ball. Could have been a straight red.
  14. Top of the League and You're No

    Nice wee holiday but it's good to be home.
  15. Could not agree more Jessie. Livi are a team devoid of football - one tactic and that is punt a long ball up to their hammer throwers in the front line. Long time since I was so glad to beat a team. Time wasting after 30 mins shows they knew they were not very good. I do not know who their No 9 was but the guy is a thug. My dog has more football ability. Great 3 points and I hope Livi plummet down the League.