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  1. Lewis's performances at U21 have made people take notice. Only Championship player and best performer in the 4 games he played outshining £15m Oliver Burke. I think it is these performances that have made managers realise what a talent he is.
  2. Falkirk v St Mirren

    True. But a few weeks yet before he will be back so think you will get the 0 that you deserve.
  3. Falkirk v St Mirren

    We finally got a monkey off our backs at Dumbarton. 3 points clear at the top of the League. 14 points above Falkirk. 7 wins out of 9 and not firing on all cylinders. Magennis now fit and adding to the squad. 3rd bottom Falkirk lucky to draw at home apparently against 2nd bottom ICT. Why should we not be going into this game full of confidence? 0-2
  4. Saints v Sons

    Maybe that is because the last game that he featured in (second half v Dunfermline) he was rank rotten?
  5. Saints v Sons

    Dumbarton were certainly a hell of a lot better more organised than the shambles that is Dunfermline. However there was one area they could have improved on - and to be fair this is applicable to most clubs. On entry the Stewards should make it clear it is 'sit where you like' or 'you must sit in your allocated seat' as yesterday there was a lot of jousting about as folk demanded their 'allocated' seats and some refused to move as there seemed to be no vacant seats left at kick-off. Personally I think a ticket should give you entry only and you can sit where you like which avoids the hassle of having arguments. But whatever it is please make it clear as different grounds use different criteria.
  6. Saints v Sons

    The Away end looked pretty much sold out to me (I only saw a few empty seats on the very front row next to the end wall). And I know of a few Buds that went into the Home end. Do Dumbarton report the number of Home fans and Away fans or is it just the total?
  7. Top of the League and You're No

    And great to have Kyle Magennis back - we are getting stronger and stronger
  8. Saints v Sons

    Just for you guys, here is the BBC's opinion ... However, the home side were far from out of it with Dimitrios Froxylias dangerous and he had two great efforts which might have opened the scoring after driving in from the right and curling left foot shots just past the post.
  9. Saints v Sons

    His crossing was good and he rarely wasted a ball. Must be some player if that was his worst game. And I thought Hutton was rubbish although Sons fans seem to think he was good.
  10. Saints v Sons

    No grinding today. Open game (for a change against the Sons) but we were better all over the park although they were half decent. Froxy by far their best player.
  11. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Live stream anyone????
  12. Only one team has impressed me this season - Dunfermline. However we were rank awful against the Pars and the 3 at the back was a disaster that day so difficult to tell how good they were but they made the most of our frailties.
  13. Naw, they have asked McIntyre to apply for the job. Means Falkirk are now on 3rd choice for a new manager.
  14. Top of the League and You're No

    One good thing about this thread is we won't get any Soapdodgers posting on it. So come on Tetra man - mark this down you sad f**k. Here's laughing at you
  15. Top of the League and You're No

    I noticed that Utd beat Brechin by only one goal as well. We are top of the League partly because we scudded Utd. Come back if you ever get to top the League