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  1. East superleague relegation

    City plonker! The big bright lights of Gorebridge! Didnt say any team should be punished for its location. Location of teams has very little to do with games getting called off. Penicuik for example, isnt a popular place for cruise ships to stop off at (not near the sea) - yet has had no league games off this season at home The reason games are called off - leaving us every season in the same situation is clubs Failure to prepare parks properly failure to invest in parks poor quality drainage lack of knowledge regarding what needs done lack of help from volunteers etc training on parks. referees finding excuses to call games off rather than reasons to get them on. region scheduling games on 'problem parks' playing games when our weather is at its worst. design and location of some grounds - trees, buildings etc blocking light and growth. your health and safety people sticking their noises in to the game clubs not able to install all weather! surfaces and SJ Cup games taking priority over league games The only way this end of season inballance will stop is if the majority of the above points are looked at and a fixtures list is introduced. To do that the bending over for the SJ Cup would need to stop, replays etc from round 3 onwards would have to go. Double/treble playing of matches on all weather parks on the same day to get games played and moving more games away from the winter and into the summer. The point i made was there are clubs who do invest money and time into their park - rather than spend it bringing in 1 or 2 extra players. Why should they do that if some other clubs use that money to boost their squad.
  2. East superleague relegation

    Not sure about that. Fauldhouse won their last 4 in a row away games - it took them 25 games to win 4 in total before then. i think the fault is firmly with the region. - Too much focus on the SJ Cup and replays. referees far to quick calling off games for daft reasons. not playing games at the right time of year. The main one is the number of games called off. Fauldhouse had 7 called off at home - the 3rd equal highest at home out of the south - prem and super. Sure its not all their fault but the region must take the blame. I know alot of teams have spent money on their park rather than buy an extra player - whats the point if you dont receive any penalties for having games off?
  3. Musselburgh Athletic 2015-2016

    Calvin Shand will be a superb appointment and follows the club philosophy of having managers who play attacking football. We have been blessed over the last 20 years with all out attacking managers and with Calvin this will continue for sure He has more experience of managing in the top league than Johnny Harvey (Who by all accounts would also have fit the Musselburgh bill) Though I have no idea who he may bring in - players with a Scottish Junior Cup final appearance and countless cup medals would be welcome - despite your views on them. All the best to him and hope he continues the years of great football that the supporters have enjoyed.
  4. Free kick takers

    As they say when the raffle goes round - a winner has been found! Craig Thomson is excellent - Steven Thomson is excellent but Chris King is on another planet. If you have a spare 6 hours have a look on you tube. not just the free kicks - anyone can score a free kick, but his consistency and ability to do it under pressure. For me nobody even close.
  5. Montrose Roselea Statement re North Region Move

    All the best to Montrose, cold and windy on every visit up there but the welcome, facilities and farewell was always warm and enjoyable.
  6. West midweek fixtures 2nd May onwards ?

    Wednesday 4 May 2016 D J Laing East of Scotland Cup 3rd Round Bo’ness Utd Linlithgow Rose Dundonald Bluebell Easthouses Lily MW D J Laing East of Scotland Cup ¼ Final Forfar West End Jeanfield Swifts or Dunbar Utd PROVISIONAL You think its tough in the West If Dunbar win against Jeanfield they can look forward to a 215 mile round trip to Forfar - MIDWEEK!
  7. Musselburgh Athletic 2015-2016

    Musselburgh v Auchinleck - Club programme on Ebay - will be joined by every single other programme i own! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331840319667?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  8. Weekend Odds - 2nd Apr

    Guessing the 5 and the 1 are just too close! Fancy Kelty but at 13/8 for a team unbeaten at home in the league this season is tempting!
  9. This post is easily, without doubt, the biggest pile of crap I think i have ever seen. It makes some of the Linlithgow posts look like the works of shakespeare. 1st) At the start of the season as far as i know - We did not have 18/19 players available. I have 15 listed here. 2nd) I have Saturday's team sheet in front of me - 15 players available. Not 11/12. 15. 3) Various youngesters to make up the bench. - Our bench on Saturday 2 guys with over 100 appearances and the other a superb player who was on Hibs books and has at least two super league medals. I believe that 1 player on loan has played 18 minutes combined this season 9 at Newtongrange on the 19th August and 9 at Fauldhouse last month. and another player played 9 minutes at Newtongrange on the 19th August. 4) Your exodus of players is a bit over dramatic: From the team that started the season at Carnoustie 2 players have left. 1 wasn't getting a game and the other was sold to Dalkeith. We also sold 1 player to Berwick, are you suggesting we should have stopped a man who has been a top player and ambassador for the club from getting a shot at a higher level?? 5) Your point about contracts and aggrements - sadly I don't know what contracts the players are on. You clearly know what every player is on (Do you have anything to do with Newtongrange?) So I can't help you there. 6) Where i can help you is with your final two points. Your slating of the chairman is bang out of order. Firstly, your cowardly way of twisting the post and secondly to suggest he doesn't care is frankly disgraceful. I have watched this club for the best part of 20 years and i can safely say there is no one who puts more work in (99% of it you don't hear about or see) than the chairman and his wife. You should step back and take a long hard look at yourself for that. In fact i will go further than that, make yourself known at the next game and i will make it crystal clear to you exactly my feelings on that part of your post. 7) My personal view is that our Squad of players have done superb this season, beating the champions, Linlithgow, Newtongrange etc, unlucky not to progress in the scottish and still in the f & l. I have been fortunate to see the work the management team put in again in my view they have been a huge reason why the club have done so well and woundn't be surprised to see them at a much higher level in the future. It is a pity that throughout your post you failed to mention the huge costs this and other clubs have had to deal with. What with all your knowledge. for example out of the 16 Super league teams Musselburgh have had the most away league matches called off. I believe 3 of them where a bus was paid for. You also failed to mention the club didn't have a home game (despite having one of the best parks in the league) for over two months. Thats before you look at crowds accross the board being down this year. I don't want to write too much....so I will look forward to seeing you at Hill of Beath - (as we attempt for a 3rd time this season to play there this season) where I will be delighted to spend the full 90 minutes and more telling you about the work that Mr and Mrs Chairman and our management put in to this club. - See you there.
  10. Midweek fixtures

    Apart from 'The big two' We don't know what the fixtures are in 10 days time, wouldn't hold much hope. Lowland have started this week at grounds with no lights Would guess two weeks time
  11. Linlithgow Rose 2015-16

    Some post Juniornews What is a roaster? Had to look it up. The dictionary came back with a few meanings 1.a contrivance for roasting something, as an oven, a pan for roasting meat, or a machine for roasting coffee beans. Not sure, is that as a compliment? Don't understand why you couldn't have waddled across to the dug out and asked me using the same line as you have on here, possibly because you are the 2nd meaning of your favourite word 2. a pig, chicken, or other animal or article of a size convenient and grade suitable for roasting. Maybe 90 minutes wasnt enough time for you - what with carrying all that weight of knowledge around with you. Next time ask your Nurse to take you over and we can have a good face to face? chat. I should apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Your club giving my club advice on who should be in the dug out, it has taken me a full day to stop pissing myself laughing. (You should be used to that) Lets have a look at your mobs record, - Ditched Mark Bradley despite what ever the unbeaten run was and the football you were playing. - Ditched a club legend in Danny Smith, despite him taking you to the verge of a Scottish final and showing more passion and commitment than your entire team - and now fountain of knowledge, you want to ditch McGlynn! Despite being in the 3 horse race to win the league and taking you to where ever you got to in the big Scottish and being unbeaten at home, and winning the last 6 home league games. Lets move on to your team and your thoughts. Your right about the goalie, hopeless. only 5 league clean sheets with just over half the season gone - You only had 4 the whole of last season. you wanted to start with TC and CS. Ditching Kelbie who has been in my opinion in your top 3 performers this season and scored a hat trick last week! Sorry Kev your on the bench. The rest of you want to play some sort of 0 - 3 - 2 - 0 - 6 formation You want the other goalie to tell the manager to [email protected]@k off - a manager who got it write by bringing on the subs he had. Not even got time to talk about some of the shouts coming from some of your committee/fans during the game! The same ones who weren't going turn up at the start of the season no doubt.... Anyway, reading a long post like this must take it out of you Juniornews so i will let you rest your eyes, take your medication and thank your lucky stars you have the size of squad you do. Sweet dreams
  12. East Super League - fixtures

    I think you have to look at why it is such a tough job and without going on a rant - the SJFA don't help themselves at all. - I went to the East meeting at the start of the season, Listened to it and wrote most of it down. Where on earth did the two week winter break come from? That has set clubs back, if you were going to have a break you should have started earlier. - I would like to see The Scottish Junior Cup, replays cancelled for at least rounds 4, 5 and 6. - The Scottish Junior Cup ,East of Scotland, Fife and Lothian draws should be made at the start of the season right the way through to the final. - The season must be looked at to at least prepare for non winter football - Clubs must be given help to look into 3g or what ever it is pitches. - Clubs should be able to move their home games to other local venues. - for example as soon as a game is called off, clubs have arranged friendlies somewhere else, why not get the games on at these venues - Clubs with a history of prosponments should either double play at a 3g venue for arguements sake, if Camelons game is off then they should play before or after Broxburn - that kind of thing. or if there is no urgency to get matches played then they should be given away games. When you look at the South league - you have Dunbar for example who have only 5 league games left to play - mainly due to them not having a league match at home called off. Yet in the same division Rosyth have played only 8 league games. I know they have been superb in the cups but they have had 5 away league matches called off. so through no fault of their own they are playing massive catch up.
  13. Linlithgow Rose 2015-16

    The last 16 of both Scottish Cups, still in the local cups, and in terms of the league you are positioned like some of your supporters in this thread - hiding in the shadows waiting for a mistake, ready to pounce. With the season now into its 7th month and the management team overcoming the majority of the hurdles put in front of them, isn't it about time those who were greeting at the start of the season came out with an appology for some of the rubbish they have posted on here? Even if you lose every game from now till the end of the season it has already been better than the last two years for you lot - going from easily one of the worst Rose teams in my memory to one that you fear playing again.
  14. Linlithgow Rose 2015-16

    Wasnt at the game but well done to Linlithgow on the result. Great crowd for a team that was in turmoil a few months ago.... Some of you need a wee bit of a reality check - you drew with a decent league side after being 3-1 down with 10 men. Not saying you should have an open top bus parade but a bit of credit to the players and staff for not giving up and earning another big pay day. When a cure for cancer is found - you lot will be in bed with the shits. - Lighten up
  15. Hey, Mr Nice Fixtures Man....

    Credit to the East fixtures man, with the Forth Bridge traffic - he has managed to set the fixtures so that only 3 teams need to cross the bridge. out of about 50 or 60 thats not bad. Fixtures for the East should be done soon now that Linlithgow issue is almost sorted fair play