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  1. Sons' sorrow

    Bit worried you got aroused at half time though, didn’t think that Steward has ever done that to anyone [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Sons' sorrow

    Make more, sell them
  3. Sons' sorrow

    Brass band
  4. Sons' sorrow

    Great way to encourage the fans
  5. TNS v Dumbarton

    tns scout?
  6. Challenge Cup 2017-18

    Away to tns
  7. The Sons vs The Black and Whites

    Plus, carswell has only played two games since returning from injury, so he needs the game time to get back to full fitness
  8. Wow, Dumbarton , Caley, tns, or crusaders
  9. According to sky sports app, Jason Thomson handled it, spence for foul and abusive language
  10. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

    Even better, higgy and McManus will be suspended for our next game against Dunfermline
  11. Brechin City -vs- Dumbarton

  12. Sons' sorrow

    I’ve put it on twitter and the Facebook page, I hope many people can retweet and share so we can get the numbers up