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  1. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Yes very good striker
  2. Rutherglen Glencairn 2017-18

    Hope use not panic buying peter
  3. Pollok vs Renfrew

    Aye very good.getting to any final is great.league always takes care of itsself
  4. Irvine Meadow 17/18

    Surely the fans are happy with 6 out of 9.considering use were away to troon..home shetto.n away to peasy...use got to give young ross a chance...instead of being negative...
  5. Auchinleck Talbot 2017 / 2018

    Beat my coupen 193 pounds


    Good luck john

    Albert have started really well.good luck
  9. Fauldhouse United 2017/18

    Might come to that jc
  10. Mark Ritchie Memorial Cup

    St roch won 5 2.tonight ...well done the candy....the main thing waa we raised 770 pounds for St Roch foundation..so big thanks to tommy ritchie n family n both teams for playing tonight....cheers cotter.
  11. Just a wee bump for game tonight mckenna park 7ko battle of the saints .for former captain of both clubs .Mark Ritchie.the big gentle giant........enrty by donation.all proceeds going to St.Rochs kids foundation.so not many games on tonight .come along to the govan san siro....cheers cotter
  12. Midweek friendly results 24-28 July

    Maitland with both
  13. Port Glasgow Vacancy

    Good luck to brian ....coyle...n Eddie..
  14. Cotter shettleston

    Shug i do not know wit friends u think are mine or not. But you are posting rubbish saying i would get sponsors i said the friends .thing to help raise funds..but at no time did i agree to fund tbe team .who in there right mind is wanting to spend a fortune just to get a managers job..i wasnt bothered if i got a job in football u phoned me on the day of my mothers funeral after clydebank beat use n asked me to come in to speak to u...n i did .as for bad mouthing use ..look back in u will see ive only said good things about u..so gies peace..u want to be manager n thats it ..its your call ..
  15. Cotter shettleston

    Shug.thats the most laughable post ever..its fine to have a go..but to blatantly lie.is cringeworthy...the problems arose soon as u got annoyed over evening times comments...shug i dont think i am that desperate to get a job.that i need to come in n raise 20grand.to pay players...as for strips n training stuff ie trackies etc..they were all on the table n ordered from shop.u must have a bad memory...as we sat down n u showed me a budget that we had.with sponsors etc n fundraising nights.we spoke about a friends of shettleston to raise money..which u n les shot down in flames.cos the tote takes 20 pounds in .as for players phoning up .it was players from last year who use had on 2year deals.nothing to do with us.me n keith had brought a squad of 19 players fir 310 a week..but the minute u pulled out i told the players they wouldnt be getting any money.to go n ask for there forms if they wanted .n fairness they didnt .so me n keith were glad to carry on..then u asked me to sugn a lease for pitch.so i am liable for all bills..i asked u what would happen if no obe signed for pitch u said well youse wont be playing on it....again i said no.get committee to do it..but as u know les cant do anything without your say so..so i said to les i would play away from home or play at ants.if needed.your sounding a very bitter guy.n thats the part thats difficult..i told keith n the players after you pulled out we would be lucky to see season start..but we wont quit.to let u have the balls to sack us... n even then u sent players text to say we walked away......i dont want to drag shettleston down..but dont come on n make lies up like the things your saying on this as for theft of stuff.the club had 0.i took hurdles n cones n u came to training n told me to take them back n thats wit i done...n tell me a player i bad mouthed club to..cheers cotter. .i think most people know me well enough on this shug to judge..