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  1. SNP PPB

    No idea how that photo has attached itself to my post.
  2. SNP PPB

    I thought it was awful. Not a bad idea but the delivery was full blown cringe.
  3. Issues with the App

    When you uninstall and reinstall it works as normal until you come out of the app. When you go back in you get that screen and have to uninstall again.
  4. Issues with the App

    It's not really an error message. It's more like all the content from the site/app is missing.
  5. Issues with the App

    I'm using a galaxy s7
  6. Is the App fucked?

    Tried that and it makes no difference unfortunately.
  7. Issues with the App

    Same here. I tried the link div put in the other thread as well and it still doesn't work. Every single time I want to come on here I have to uninstall and reinstall. Any chance of just rolling back the update for android so that the app is at least functional?
  8. Can SD or someone else in the know tell me the opening hours of the club shop? I'm looking to get a kids top before Wednesday.
  9. Issues with the App

    Me too
  10. Inside No.9

    Fantastic episode.
  11. Detectorists

    Thanks for the reminder king kebab [emoji106]
  12. Red Dwarf X

    You can them early on demand.
  13. This show was much better with Anna kendrick [emoji53]
  14. Red Dwarf X

    Solid start. Looking forward to the rest of the series.
  15. I've tried googling it but when do we enter the Scottish cup this season. And what date will that be?