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  1. A) Khan beat Maidana in 2011?Maidana was coming off beating up a hugely hyped Broner who was Floyd's apprentice. Guerrero was highly regarded at the time and a lot of pundits predicted him to win that fight with Floyd coming out of jail. Brings the Mexican fanbase too. Berto was a joke and the tiny buyrate reflected that. Some of Mayweather's worst opponents those three - hardly a ringing endorsement. B) "Global recognition" doesn't equate to dollars though, does it. He was the A side against Algieri and sold THREE THOUSAND tickets. Brook was the A side last night and sold nine times that while fighting on PPV. When was the last time Khan headlined a PPV anywhere as the A side? You can throw "Matchroom" around as an insult if you want but Brook is selling tickets and drawing eyeballs on PPV. Khan is demonstrably doing neither. A strawman in the States doesn't draw a dime. C) The Peterson loss wasn't overturned. Garcia isn't a "monster puncher" by any stretch but OK. I have already acknowledged that Khan has more names on his resume. Khan hasn't won in two years as of tomorrow. People don't care any more.
  2. Penguin and Hippo. Disgusted that I missed the semis. The third place playoff is the real final, IMO.
  3. Mayweather and Pacquiao were not realistic for Khan after getting mauled by guys like Garcia and dropping decisions to Lamont Peterson. Canelo is the money fight for anyone in that weight range and he was expected to get brutally KO'd. He lost nothing taking that fight. I don't think he's ever been "scared" to fight Brook but I take real issue with the arrogance of thinking he's this huge A side. He fought Algieri and they could only sell 3,000 tickets and had to paper the rest. His resume has more names on it than Brook's does but no one gives a baker's f**k about him because he's spent so much time pissing about in purgatory in the States fighting guys who don't make ripples in their own market never mind over here (Alexander, Algieri, Peterson). Brook hasn't fought as many names but there's no way Khan is selling 27,000 tickets fighting anyone except Brook. I also don't see Khan taking a fight like Spence was for Brook last night. When was the last time he fought someone who was hyped as an absolute beast who was favoured to beat him? Garcia was a 5/1 underdog that no one has heard of but I'll give you that one if you want. Everyone since has been safe proven fringe top 5-10 guys without a punch, with the exception of that free swing and career payday against Canelo. Khan has achieved things in the sport which aren't to be sniffed at but let's not pretend he's a huge megastar or that he was embarrassingly calling out Mayweather or Pacquiao all the time for pure noble sporting reasons. He was after a stack of cash and his ego wouldn't let him admit he needed to do more to earn it.
  4. Just use the toilets in Loks if you're not in a position to use the trough behind the terrace. EDIT: The real issue with the stadium is lack of disabled access.
  5. That's exactly what I had.
  6. It's the other one
  8. Some round lads. I've got Spence by 5.
  9. 6-3 Spence. Not that I think we'll need the cards mind.
  10. I have Spence 4-3 up.
  11. 1 and 4 were close but I gave them to Spence. 2 and 5 clear Brook, 3 was clear Spence.
  12. 3-1 Spence for me
  13. Absolute scenes
  14. And by God there it is