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  1. Is his wife old enough to travel over with him yet?
  2. I couldn't agree more with this. Heralded as some football deity because he's Dutch. The guy is a zoomer.
  3. Biggest disappointment of the night was Burke yet again, I can't recall him doing anything in a Scotland top other than running the ball out of the park or falling over. He's clearly a good athlete but we need players who can keep the ball. Ritchie and Fraser should start alongside Snodgrass imo. Forrest has been excellent in recent weeks too so wouldn't be against him getting one of the three spots. Stunned at how good Aird was, he's never done that in his career before surely. Defenders consistently backing off helped him though.
  4. Ideal time to be looking out for an astrologist.
  5. Fraser Aird [emoji38]
  6. The only positive I'm going to assume is that every single player from 1-11 will change for Sunday.
  7. He's picked the team to purposely annoy as many people as possible. Wallace? Naismith? Martin? Wild.
  8. We'll win 2 or 3-0 then draw 1-1 on Sunday. Strachan will limp on until England hump us at Hampden.
  9. "I'll stick a blade in you" [emoji38]
  10. Another wonderful signing by Houston.
  11. I could see him at Hibs and I think it'd be a decent move for him. Bigger club, more money, more exposure, higher level and no need to up sticks personally. You'd imagine he'd play as well.
  12. It's not great for pubs/bars but has a brilliant big nighclub called "Rush Hour". Wouldn't stay there for more than a night when you've got Dusseldorf and Koln relatively close by. Both games this afternoon have been dire so far. Bayern the better side so far in Monchengladbach but they really need to lift the tempo. Muller has been off the boil a bit recently, has he been injured or something?