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  1. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    O'Grady was horrific, but I always thought the comments about his pets were out of order.
  2. Balatoni is leagues ahead of that fat basturt Gasparotto. Quite gutted I won't get the chance to castigate him this weekend.
  3. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    Thank f**k you're here to save the day eh
  4. Scottish Cup 2017/18

  5. The Worst Posters in P&B History (2017 Edition)

    He's an absolute shagger
  6. If we only had five fit first team defenders that was probably as good a back four as he could've put out. To not go Kidd-Muirhead-Grant-McGhee when Gallacher picked up an injury is bizarre.
  7. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Not yet. We were probably the better team at home to St Mirren and were about an inch away from beating Dunfermline, but the away games have been abysmal. Massive game next week, we cannot lose that one.
  8. The Falkirk FC Thread

    You'd gut that full squad in January but not sure how many we can move out and then bring in. Assuming Sibbald isn't completely finished and one of our strikers can give us 6-7 goals between January and May I think the priority (in order) needs to be: An old war horse leader in midfield Central midfielder who can go box to box Winger with pace who isn't a complete shitebag Left back Target man Today is the first time I've genuinely believed we will go down.
  9. In other words, you don't have a clue either. I agree I'd have had Dunne over Harris, Miller wouldn't be starting any games and Craigen probably would've started ahead of one of the three imposters in midfield.
  10. Challenging to win the Championship. I'd say Grant and McGhee. At a real stretch, Muirhead and maybe Longridge, we've not really seen enough either way from him. What would your XI have looked like from this squad of shit then? I went o post one this morning, got to the midfield and was too bewildered to even make a start.
  11. I feel for Hartley inheriting that dross but he's done himself no favours picking that team. Odd substitution as well. Disgusting what Houston has slowly done to this team and hammered home in the summer. How many of that first XI today are of the required level to start for us? Three or four at a push?
  12. Why's Kidd on the bench if we're not going to put him on at full back then?
  13. Gallacher injured or just hooked?
  14. Looking forward to us getting a flukey 1-1 and yer da coming on to tell us "the keyboard managers should stick to Football Manager". Only thing I will say is we're so rotten just now that picking a team is a struggle. Any combo of players he could put out would look poor.
  15. Also is Watson injured? Seems daft dropping him if he's not.