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  1. We really shouldn't be afraid of anyone in this league. State of that.
  2. Thistle are 4/7 at Airdrie on Tuesday, always a bit wary of going daft in the League Cup but having watched Thistle annihilate St Mirren yesterday and with Airdrie a well renowned shambles that looks a crazy price. Thistle will need to win to try to progress as well so can't see them taking their foot off the gas or taking the game lightly, handicaps could also be a good shout. If this was mid season I'd be baw deep. Small stakes on EK at 13/2 because that's too long considering the teams would be in the same league if a penalty shootout had gone the other way against Cowdenbeath. EK have acquitted themselves fairly well in this competition too if you ignore yesterday.
  3. Ox and Finch is more of a restaurant and is on Sauchiehall Street so wouldn't say it's exactly in Finnieston. No bad though.
  4. You're obviously not thinking of the right place.
  5. The Grove is the best pub in Scotland, we can disregard your taste if you've left it off the list.
  6. What sort of place you after? Old man pubs - Park Bar or The Grove Trendier bars - Lebowskis, Kelvingrove Cafe or Strip Joint
  7. Teams should be able to rejoin at the lowest level if there is space for them. Unfortunately with the juniors and amateurs outside the pyramid, tier 6 is the lowest level.
  8. Munich potentially but three games might be stretching it. Munich is my favourite of the 5 or 6 cities I've been to in Germany in general though so would recommend it. You'd have Oktoberfest at that time as well. I went to a couple of games in Berlin as well, one was fifth tier but it was brilliant fun, 8 euros to get in and 3 euros a beer. Standard probably comparable to League One in Scotland. Nightlife in Berlin is unmatched anywhere else tae. Alternatively could a different city in the region you were in before, Koln is a big place with plenty going on and is within easy reach of loads of BL and BL2 teams.
  9. None of it means anything anyway - "solid", "class", "a level above" = clear sign of someone who has no understanding of what they're watching and can't describe it.
  10. The only thing I will say is we lost 7-0 up at Ross County the season we finished ahead of Hibs with 70 points and got to the playoff final. The hype around St Mirren had been daft though and Jack Ross had signed poorly all summer. A few of us have been saying this for weeks. These are glorified friendlies though.
  11. Anderson seething at the scheduling. Get a grip.
  12. Enjoyable stuff for a friendly, was pretty competitive. Not sure Pollok will get the best out of Heppy at left wing back over the course of the season but it's a minor gripe. Niang looks incredible, won't be in the Juniors long. He's got the lot. He'll be an absolute monster once he fills out. Not sure what length of deal he's on but Pollok would be advised to get him tied down for as long as possible.
  13. Boyce was 500k I believe so less than that certainly. Vaulks was about 300k and I'd guess he's more valuable than Austin. Maybe 200k plus add ons. I would keep him for that money.
  14. I'm genuinely concerned, he's got the lot to play at a higher level and is improving at an exponential rate. Strikers are arguably the most difficult players to find tae.