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  1. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Only allowed to do 1?
  2. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Take it you're not Scottish
  3. Reasons to be Cheerful

    How much cash has that saved You ?
  4. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Went to the post office on Saturday and went to park in the small car park next to it. As I arrived I watched a large 4X4 reverse out the car park as the 1 remaining space was too tight for him due to the terrible parking of the arsehole who parked in the next space. I'm not too precious about my vehicle so I parked in the space and was hoping the useless b*****d would come out before me and struggle to get in his car. Sadly it wasn't to be and I came out 1st and this got on my nerves as I was ready for him/her moaning at me.
  5. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Last week I seen a guy getting a driving lesson from his mate. It was late at night and neither the guy learning or the guy teaching had bothered to notice they didn't have lights on. Several folk including myself had flashed at them (insert joke) and they still didn't twig. I was seething.
  6. Things The Lower Classes Do

    f**k the polis
  7. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Depends which ASDA. Grangemouth one is ok, the one in Falkirk town centre has a bizarre attraction for utter scumbags. Always has done. I was in Asda Falkirk 2 hours ago. You are 100% correct. It's far too handy for bus wankers to jump straight off the bus and into. Bloody poor people
  8. Things The Lower Classes Do

    I'm ashamed and do apologise. Turns out I'm council class
  9. Things The Upper Classes Do

    What class is it that use a public holiday to do DIY because some shitey advert on TV told them it's how they should spend the long weekend?
  10. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Given people vote based on what the BBC/Tabloids tell them I'd far rather they went by FB and not encourage our shitey media any further
  11. Things The Lower Classes Do

    Spotted Milk on the tins shelf in Asda last week. My rage made worse that the Milk section was 3 seconds walk away and yes I walked/timed it to infuriate me more. Lazy fat f**k should probably not avoid exercise.
  12. Who will be Brechin's first?

    Not many games left now for Brechin. March 20 Dunfermline (H) March 24 Morton (A) March 31 Falkirk (A) April 3 Inverness (A) April 7 St Mirren (H) April 14 Dunfermline (A) April 17 Dundee Utd (H) April 21 Livingston (A) April 28 QOS (H) That St Mirren game will probably be 2 teams with nothing to play for and I will make that my new vote for Brechims 1st win
  13. Seems that club have a history of that as they turned up to play us once and McCall was heard almost begging the ref to call the game off. They again had several players out through injury and suspension. Falkirk were raging at the call off and played a game on the pitch anyway as a sort of protest against the decision.
  14. Livingston it was. I was in Newcastle laughing wi some mates about the postponements up the road and I had just finished saying "We've got a plastic pitch so the weather won't be a problem for us" Next minute I got a text saying game off due to wind damage to the West stand
  15. The Guid C*** Thread

    Didn't take long for this thread to go off topic. Twice in page 1.