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  1. Yeah I got 1 too
  2. Boxing day is always a larger than normal crowd due to people being desperate as f**k to get away from their family for a bit.
  3. How could he do a full pre season? He didn't sign with us until July. I'm hoping to get to the September break relatively fine and spend some time working on the fitness of a few and clearing up injuries.
  4. Took her hame^^^^^^^
  5. I seem to recall that land being toxic. A former landfill if I'm correct.
  6. According to every expert on p&b Grangemouth isn't a part of Falkirk. I wish it was true
  7. Did you get extra points for a small away support? Quite sad after 6 years you remember the away attendance. I couldn't even tell you how many away fans Dumbarton brought on Saturday. I'm sorry FFC didn't bankroll the financial basketcase that was DAFC in 2011.
  8. The lack of Pars wins at EEP in the last 27 years is truly tragic. I can remember a league cup win in 2002 when Pars were at the height of financial cheating. Also a win in 2011 when it was effectively a friendly. Struggling now with any more.
  9. I was relieved of my cash long before it was trendy and pesky foreigners were at it The year was 2002 and I opened my paper bank statement (We didn't have banking apps then) to find £250 to O2. As i was with Orange at that time the payment stuck out like a sore thumb. I phoned my bank, O2 and the police to deal with this matter. The bank just gave me the amount taken as an overdraft until they could deal with the matter. I believe it took around 3 months. Given the crime was pretty rare in those days i was hoping for some advice and information on how it had came about but I got no feedback.
  10. Reminds me of the game on Boxing day 2016 this 1. Went there not expecting much and a little concerned this is finally gonnae be the 1 Dunfermline win.
  11. I know a guy who constantly wears the sellick shirt abroad and loves to tell you how great the hoops are. Few weeks ago he was telling the reat of us lads that he would love to come with us to watch Falkirk but he's a "dyed in the wool sellick fan" He hasn't been to Parkhead since they made it all seated. I reckon I've been there around 10 - 15 times since then. I must be a die hard Sellick man.
  12. I'm more likely to believe Margaret than anything BBC tells me.
  13. Don't remember if I posted this before. Was leaving Platform 5 with the Mrs heading towards Morrison street when I heard an unholy noise. Turned round to see a cyclist who had been thundering through the Haymarket road junction lying on the track not moving. His face where he had been travelling along the ground on it was bleeding bad and looked like he would need surgery to correct. What a fantastic start to the weekend for the poor chap. Eating my dinner later was rather horrific as I kept hearing the noise and the image of his face just lying there.
  14. From the 5 home teams last Saturday were any of the pricing details wrong and need amended?
  15. And fell at the 1st hurdle