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  1. Didn't realise diving only counted if it was in the box. A lot happened in that 2nd half and after the game. To only flag up 1 incident is typical of the SFA.
  2. King will spend £30M in the summer sorting that.
  3. "Well known Falkirk fan"
  4. I will bankroll Morton next season if 1 of your players takes a dive in the box on Saturday.
  5. After Biabi a few seasons back I can't say I'm surprised. You'd assume Pars fans would want to keep their head down for a bit seen as we don't bother them much.
  6. Asking for a replay eh
  7. Finally snapped after 30 years of dominance from Falkirk where the only break was managed by cheating. The young team don't care so much because Rovers is the big game nowadays seen as Pars can beat them
  8. Been weird. A while back most fans were saying we would be lucky to be in the top 4 at all. We weren't playing well or winning. Nowadays we have a system of start wi a shite team but finish wi our best 11. We enjoy the challenge of going a goal down before the super subs save us. Last season we could rely on Miller and McHugh coming on to score a late goal and this season it's Nathan Austin who is our Maverick. If we finish 2nd and get a reasonable Premiership team then I will fancy us. We don't seem as tired towards the end of this season as we did last year. Staying 2nd ahead of Hibs last season and then beating them in the playoff seemed to exhaust us.
  9. DAFC certainly managed to lose the moral high ground very quickly on Saturday. After complaining about our penalty 1 of your guys took a dive late on. you had a few players lose it and to complete the misery the fans were very classy considering the game was meaningless. To compound the misery whoever controls the twitter account (I suspect a relative of Lee Wallace) really needs to have a word with himself. Posting the penalty and zooming in right after FT, you can tell the tears were rolling down his cheek as he posted it.
  10. The next game at EEP between the sides should be good now the fuse is well and truly lit. Hope it's in the Premiership mind you.
  11. I live near 2 massive Celtic bars. I'm ashamed Falkirk has these and I don't want to close my windows on this lovely evening.
  12. No team could lose 10 goals to another team in their league. Not without a few raised questions.
  13. It couldn't happen AGAIN could it?
  14. Of course. Need to keep the team sexiness average high
  15. Hard to make calls on any out of contract players until we know what league we are in.