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  1. The championship is not as bad as you think It's much worse.
  2. I did say smaller midweek games. Looking at that I certainly wouldn't play Wales at Tynie. From memory a lot of those were Weekend games
  3. On point how big will Tynie be once finished?
  4. Yes I see that but I'd rather turn away a few thousand than play infront of 20K empty seats ETA there was only 20,400 at the last game and that was a Sunday
  5. I wouldn't know. I like my sport less egg shaped
  6. No the times I visited in the last decade
  7. Fash As you were gentlemen
  8. The colourful language Jeremy Kyle types use infront of their own children. Car just pulled up next to me and in 5 secs the F bomb got dropped twice infront of the pre Primary school child sitting in the back seat. I hate people.
  9. Are these the c***s that want Next open at 6AM on Boxing day?
  10. Both Scottish and FA cup finals are once more the same day. Doesn't feel as special when we have to share our big day wi our much bigger neighbours. Showing my age here but I miss Scottish cup final Grandstand. They knew how to make the cup final feel special.