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  1. Some shift they've all put in but Curtis Main MofM for me.
  2. Not by Motherwell fans it isn't.
  3. They should have had it drilled into them not to give Thomson a sniff of pulling the red out.
  4. Comey is a republican as is McCabe. Trump isn't.
  5. Then your CoS lets the press know you were sitting on the pan when he called to warn you. Trumps book writer says his father humiliating him is a huge part of Trump life. Seems he wants to do it to anyone who he perceives to be against him.
  6. What's she got on him that the other nineteen woman didn't though? He's been absolutely silent about Stormy whereas he went after all his other accusers. Russian style pee tape imo.
  7. He's suing a pornstar for 20 million dollars. Fox went after Obama for wearing a tan suit.
  8. Went round a 10 am this morning to buy a ticket for tomorrow. I've stood 20-25 minutes in the wind and hail but no sign of anyone opening up. Tv tomorrow then.
  9. Assistant director McCabe sacked at 10pm and one day before his retirement. 1.8 million pension up in smoke. The book deal will need to be decent.
  10. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    He doesn't mention the Secretary of State who came out against Russia and got sacked the next day either. Trumps special relationship is with Putin and no one else.
  11. Craig Tanner out for 4-6 months with a knee injury. That's a big blow.
  12. We played Hearts in a semi at Easter rd that was 'like a home game for them' Didn't turn out to bad if I remember rightly. We play in a half empty ground most home games anyway so it shouldn't be a factor for us.