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  1. Project Brave rumbles on..

    I haven’t been following this all that closely. Have the selected clubs not been cosen based on track record of progressing players through their system to the first team and beyond? Ranger have an abysmal record of developing young players, St Mirren have one of three elite academies - according to the SFA - yet haven’t been selected. Sounds about right.
  2. St Mirren v Morton

    Well this thread has turned in to a fucking shit show.
  3. St Mirren v Morton

    Enjoyed that second half. Our pen looked outside the box to me. Good finish for Morton’s first, but was clearly a Saints corner that lead to it rather than a goal kick. Cammy Smith has been some signing. Superb for our second. Not quite sure what Buchanan did for the Morton pen as I followed the ball and missed it, but pretty stupid just 10 seconds after being warned. From the north stand that looked a definite foul on Reilly, not entirely convinced it was in the box though.
  4. Shree year deal (never gets old).
  5. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    What os it with these media c***s? Can nobody say a bad word about Strachan - even when he blatantly made numerous mistakes throughout the campaign?
  6. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    The substitutions from Strachan fucked us tonight.
  7. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    That goal will get Strachan a new contract.
  8. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    They chucked it as soon as their second went in. No fucks given.
  9. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Absolute shitebag material, as per.
  10. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    McArthur is murder as well.
  11. Slovenia Vs Scotland - Official Match Thread

    Phillips is absolutely chronic.
  12. Squad face Slovenia and Slovakia

    Terrific result. We really should have been at least 3 goals to the good. In saying that, I can’t believe Bannan lasted 90 minutes. I thought he was terrible.
  13. Brechin City Season 2017/2018

    Do you lads have any half decent strikers om the books? Felt that’s all you were missing to make a good effort of staying up on Saturday.
  14. At the right end of the pitch we look like having enough to mount a right good challenge. At the back though? To say we look dodgy is an understatement. Obviously we’ve had no shortage of injury/suspension problems in our defence already, highlighted by out roastings off of Morton and Pars. The quicker Gary McKenzie returns the more comfortable I’ll be with our title bid.