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  1. The Falkirk FC Thread

    Shree year deal.
  2. Pars vs St Mirren

    Is this PATG?
  3. De Boer Punted

    Hope they go down now.
  4. St Mirren v ICT

    Ridgers aside, I didn't think ICT looked as bad as their early form suggests. They certainly weren't as bad as Dundee Utd. Does Robertson actually believe the ICT fans feel that way abiut the game. "Carving us open at will" is exactly what ICT didnt do. Apart from the one where the they went through 2 on 1 with Samson and blasted it straight at him, I can't think of a time in the game where Caley "cut us open". As for the Saints TV. Its a hard watch. The lead commentator is actualky pretty good. The co-commentator is an absolute ballbag. Fucking chronic. EDIT - Actually just watched the goals back and they've mistake Trafford and Calder.
  5. St Mirren v ICT

    The Buchanan penalty incident was an absolute stonewaller.
  6. This one should be a cracker. Both teams are scoring and conceding plenty. I'll go 3-2 Saints. A hat trick for our Gav.
  7. St Mirren v ICT

    Also, cheers Morton. Next weeks game should be a cracker.
  8. St Mirren v ICT

    I thought we were fairly average, particularly in the second half. Morgan had a few flashes, but McShane was MOTM by a country mile. I always thought Ridgers was pretty decent for us, but he was absolutely shambolic. The less said about Collum the better. Another shit show from him. Is there anyone fan in Scottish football who thinks he's good?
  9. St Mirren v ICT

    Lots of angry people for the ICT second goal but he absolutely wasn't offside. The ball came off a saints player. The issue is the linesman flagged and the Saints defence seemed to stop.
  10. St Mirren v Arabs

    Black and white fight for the right IMHO.
  11. St Mirren v Arabs

    Who played centre half alongside Quinn? He was a fucking turkey.
  12. St Mirren v Arabs

    That dive by McMullan was hilarious by the way.
  13. St Mirren v Arabs

    In all honesty, there probably won't be a better individual performance in the Championship all season.
  14. St Mirren v Arabs

    Has this been coming fo United? They have been abysmal. I don't recall a shot they have had.
  15. St Mirren v Arabs

    Pumped. United defence is an absolute bomb scare.