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  1. Can't believe Brechin have signed James Lammond.
  2. Both of our efforts this year are howling. Dreadful shite.
  3. That Pars home kit is lovely....pity about the stupid sponsor ruining it.
  4. You lads could do a lot worse than Sir Danny.
  5. VT has had an absolute shitemare here. Standard really.
  6. Whilst the statement is extremely carefully worded, JR could have posted a picture of him pissing on a Dundee shirt and people would still claim he's likely to leave.
  7. The DR has a piece about Dundee's interest and Saints telling them to forget it. Gordon Parks then wrote "Ross is keen to speak to the club where he spent time as a player at the start of his career - and would make Dunfermline youth coach John Potter part of a new Dens Park backroom team." Of course, there are absolutely no quotes to back this up so it's completely unsubstantiated at this point.
  8. I read somewhere JR is on holiday. I'd imagine if he is interested then he will be in touch with the club at some point today.
  9. Dundee told to GTF.
  10. I'd have thought Dundee would more likely be linked with the likes of Stubbs first.
  11. Please no. I still haven't got over Mallan going to Dundee.
  12. Hopefully GM doesn't suffering constant injury problems like he did the first half of the season. Delighted to get him and Smith tied down. Add Stelios and Loy plus a few others who weren't there last year. It's May and we're off to a flyer.
  13. Sounds to me like Rovers didn't consider the possibility of relegation and don't have any relegation clauses in their contracts. Absolutely hilarious if they have effectively released the entire squad.
  14. The fans who were giving it large earlier in the season are like....
  15. Boxing is weird. That was 4 absolutely abysmal rounds followed 8 brilliant, brilliant, brilliant rounds. Absolutely loved that from the 5th onwards.