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  1. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    What does that have to do with Livi bullying St Mirren all over the park? They out muscled us all over the park, beat us to the ball, won everything in the air. I don’t understand what is contentious about saying that.
  2. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    Are you suggesting Livi didn’t bully St Mirren?
  3. Livvy v League Leaders 17.2.18

    We’ve just been pumped 4-1. But the real riddy of the day is the Livi tannoy guy announcing all of the sponsors (or lack of) at every substitution.
  4. So Jack Ross has turned Barnsley down and Wycombe had an approach to speak to their manager and Toshack was interviewed......but this Portuguese boy was definitely the first choice.
  5. There will be a few rocks to be slunk under tonight.
  6. He'd probably get homesick at Firhill though.
  7. The absolute pish about McShane being a weak link here is stupid as f**k TBH. He has been a good signing. I can’t really understand why people think he and McGinn should both be doing the same job.
  8. Weegie Overspill v Highland Savages

    What a defender Jack Baird has developed in to. I didn’t think he was ready to be a first pick when he got the opportunity but he has developed in to a very good centre half in a short period of time. I thought he was the MOTM today.
  9. Queens v St Mirren

    Not a way of winding Queens fans up, just a generalised observation. I just don’t recall a game this season where we won because we deserved it. Virtually every victory has been down to us meeting teams on one of their worst defensive games of the season. To be honest, it did irritate earlier in the season, now, I just like to point it out tongue-in-cheek. BTW I have absolutely hated playing Queens when they have Dobbie.
  10. Queens v St Mirren

    He’s a jammy b*****d. Obviously.
  11. Queens v St Mirren

    Can’t believe we have been this lucky all season long. The amount of times we have caught teams when their defence is having a nightmare is remarkably lucky.
  12. The Buddies v Dunfermline

    It’s not a “goal scoring opportunity “ because Murdoch punches it away from goal. As clear cut a red card as there should have been all weekend.
  13. The Buddies v Dunfermline

    We’ve been “rubbish” against virtually every team we’ve played this season. I’ll settle for that.