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  1. Why do I not believe this?
  2. Of course you can practice taking penalties at the training ground but you can't replicate the match situation when it comes down to how you handle the pressure. Going first has also been proven to be an advantage.
  3. I hope so unless he's coaching the walking football.
  4. Rankin is done but being the captain and Naysmith's pal is unlikely to be dropped. edited to add I hope his best friend doesn't post on here.
  5. What happens in the final games if a draw doesn't mean anything, do you still need a penalty shootout?
  6. Even if it was possible to qualify with 8 points there's no guarantee we will get 8 points.
  7. Not if we shitfest.
  8. I don't want any shitfests.
  9. If true then the board can't be backing him. Another "left for personal reasons " scenario?
  10. I've been critical of managers in the past but I've never seen this amount of criticism after only 2 games.
  11. It was a joke that Skelton was the best candidate for the job and an even bigger joke that JT should be in the dugout.
  12. I can't find anything positive about drawing at home against EK then losing a penalty shoot out. What do you find positive, the fact we didn't get beat?
  13. I feel better now that you pointed out we managed to draw against EK at home.
  14. The BOD panicked after we lost to Albion Rovers in the cup and give Naysmith a long term contract so for those that think Naysmith is a dud then maybe you should focus on those who employed him.
  15. That's not the point though, the club has a segregation policy for every game.