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  1. We can renew our rivalry next season.
  2. Sneaking out.
  3. Why do you always knock 4-4-2, what's your option?
  4. What about a goals conceded compilation, that would be hilarious finished off with the creme de la creme.
  5. I thought Robinson was a decent keeper so how he's managed to make Antell look good is a mystery. We're fucked next season if he's our no.1.
  6. I thought we played well, created chances and looked solid at the back till that p***k spoiled it at the end. He should be sacked.
  7. Who signed him for 2 years?
  8. Enjoyable game till clownboy fucks up as per.
  9. Is that roaster back again?
  10. All this talk about trouble will mean double figure cops with dogs and horses.
  11. Ok thanks, I've never seen them being used to buy match tickets.
  12. Would it be worthwhile to have card machines for buying match tickets? Just a random thought I had.
  13. Eh no, you were the one cheering them on and hoping Falkirk gubbed us.
  14. Predictable answer as expected.
  15. Why would I like a part time club finishing above us you clown?