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  1. I think the misconception about the pitch is that you can lay it and just leave it. Seems it’s touted as all weather and low maintenance although frost and snow can damage it and it’s supposed to be brushed with special equipment. Clearing snow off it with metal shovels on buggys for a cup game must have done some damage.
  2. You can watch live on S4C website.
  3. Going to be an anti climax if he doesn’t go.
  4. Must have shone at the interview. Talks a good game.
  5. St Mirren vs Queen of the South

    Get that keeper to f**k.
  6. Maybe if they appointed a fan rep to the board the fans would be more willing to help.
  7. Someone with a phone could stream it live via periscope.
  8. Bought this in Asda tonight, £6 for 4 bottles.
  9. Berwick Rangers v Queen Of The South

    He's very able.
  10. Berwick Rangers v Queen Of The South

    Do the Dobbie dance.
  11. Berwick Rangers v Queen Of The South

    I think the public need to sit up and take notice.
  12. Berwick Rangers v Queen Of The South

    Dobbie doubles the lead.
  13. Berwick Rangers v Queen Of The South

    Defender showing the forwards how it's done.