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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Naw better you moved along, I think we will manage fine without any "Come on in the waters lovely" brigade
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    There's going to be some void in the Juniors forum when all you East Coaster Posters tootle over to the EOSL forum.
  3. Standards Dropping

    Your right M8 and why do we care?
  4. Standards Dropping

    It was sunburned.
  5. Standards Dropping

    Pleased. You should have seen my face by the 93rd minute.
  6. Standards Dropping

    Wait till the pyramiding starts and then all is lost!!!!!!
  7. Standards Dropping

    Two goals in open play in this years final. Taz's wonder goal and Hyslop's header after a cute chip from the edge of the six yard box.
  8. Junior football, what is the future?

    His statement certainly doesn't fill me with confidence considering we just hadanother season of fixture debacles.
  9. Standards Dropping

    It did provide 5 goals and an amazing comeback unlike the Beith final. I put it down to a surface that was totally alien to both sets of players.
  10. West of Scotland Cup

    The conversation was about the cup final. Seems you are desperate to prove your thicker than shite in the neck of a bottle.
  11. Ash pitches in Scotland

    Talbot had an ash pitch for a season 1945/46. It was a disaster with Talbot sharing with Cumnock the following season as they reverted back to grass. I read also that Talbot played at Edinburgh Emmet who had an ash pitch.
  12. West of Scotland Cup

    The time wasting during our last visit was cringeworthy. They tried it to a lesser effect in the final.
  13. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

  14. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    Is the new pitch at Holm Park?
  15. West of Scotland Cup

    Not the last three minutes though!