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  1. League debate

    So you think that because some smaller teams want a go at a big scalp then the league should be put on the back burner? If you want to face the big clubs then get into the big league. We had to do it in the 70's.
  2. League debate

    As another weekend of league games look set to be wiped out, do you think that re-arranged league games should get priority considering its the bread and butter for all clubs. After our Scottish tie next week, Talbot will have Saturday games against Whitletts and St Roch's in what could be described as lesser competitions. Next season we go into a 30 game league. Will these games finally get priority or will we be facing three league games a week at the end of the season just like we will face this season. (Please make this a pyramid free zone)
  3. Bankies nxt season

    I like the Kilbirnie Avitar...very sneaky
  4. Bankies nxt season

    Hi! Shed hows it going you've had more comebacks than Gazza.
  5. Bankies nxt season

    Before you rally the haters to your cause I think you will find not all posters have a god like complex, and definitely not the club. Anybody who has had any dealings with ATFC will find them to be a proud and noble club. This is a forum and the posters who relate to Talbot and are grinding your gears are not speaking for the vast majority of the support. However they are entitled to their views, but tarring us all with the same brush is totally unacceptable.
  6. Fluid Fans?

    You really need to get your own patter. Years of Talbot hand me downs have affected your stability.
  7. Fluid Fans?

    We shall see next Saturday whether the Weegie hordes descend on Gods Little Acre.
  8. Fluid Fans?

    Being at the 2-1 pumping and watching the highlights where the cameraman was distracted from the thuggery and diving to pan on the home support I thought the Pollok contingent wasn't as large as my recent visits.
  9. Weather Watch for Saturday 9 Feb

    Heard they couldn'y get the roller on at Hurlford?
  10. Fluid Fans?

    Linlithgow had a fair amount at Beechwood when they beat us in the Scottish in 1989.
  11. Cumnock v Auchinleck 4th Round Scottish Cup

    Cumnock fans to enter through the sheep dip turnstyles.
  12. West League - SFA Pyramid

    It's good to talk about this league but the silence from the SFA has been deafening. Why should Junior clubs commit to a project that has not got the backing of the governing body who will be in charge of the newly proposed scheme.
  13. Dalkeith, next Junior giant to take the plunge.

    So your saying the Tebbit's are bottom feeders?
  14. Games on

  15. Community Club?

    Talbot did apply for a licence but were told if it was to be awarded they had to join the South of Scotland League. Also we have our own football academy which has teams from Under 5's upwards.