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    The pitch at St Andrews was magnificent. No frost nor did it cut up. Players were not sliding around. Well done groundsman.
  2. Today's Scores

    Ft st Andrews 0 Dunbar 1 Better composed team win deservedly
  3. Today's Scores

    St Andrews 0 Dunbar 1

    Fuckkk me reading this thread I don't know if i'm coming or coming NB How St Andrews is on is beyond me. It's Ice station Zebra up here
  5. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Ffs that's worse than frozen sandwiches. Perfectly good airport at dyce they could fly down to prestwick no bother
  6. Friday night inspections

    You 100% cannot have an inspection on Friday night as the op suggests. The criteria of an inspection is the conditions when inspected. Excuse me but every single Junior pitch is unplayable at night unless they have floodlights. Darkness is not my friend.
  7. West Region fixtures "to March"

    Robert Mugabe was bookies favourite to be overthrown 1st. Your duddery old committee's do need to grow a set in their old age
  8. Kelty Hearts & the EOS League

    North juniors 36 teams Hl 18 teams East region North of tay juniors 17 teams All the senior teams 11 I think Caledonian league etc So not sure where you get 61 from
  9. Crossgates v beith

    I take it the park was hard at 1pm but had no actual ice on it ? Much like a park in June. When I think back to what we played on in the 80s and 90s
  10. Crossgates v beith

    Surely the same referee may have done both early inspections?
  11. Today's Scores

    Tayport 4 tulleth broughty 1
  12. Today's Scores

    Tayport 3 broughty 1 Milne 39
  13. Today's Scores

    Tayport 3 tulleth 35 broughty 0
  14. Today's Scores

    Tayport 2 Reid 23 mins broughty 0
  15. Today's Scores

    Tayport 1 tulleth 16 mins broughty 0