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  1. Any time, sweet cheeks. When I sober up and look at these threads in retrospect I think I'm going to go into hiding for a few months...
  2. You remind me of me, and I'm a c**t.
  3. More than you realise. They were petty things that got on my nerves, so I posted them in the relevant thread. Is there an issue with that?
  4. Not sure what's worse, the fear of being caught in a horrendous photo in City or the depression phase of a hangover.
  5. Some c**t ripped my shirt, another c**t pushed me off the raised platform at City in Perth and I sclaffed my elbow and dropped my cloakroom ticket so had to wait until everyone left before I got my teckle jacket back. Got captured by the cameraman a few times. Sake.
  6. Still, at least she didn't just say "thanks". Not that that's ever happened ot me, of course. It's a schoolboy error to say straight up you want to shag someone.
  7. Given I'm one of three from a bipolar parent, there's a hefty chance I was "lucky" enough to get the crazy gene. Typical.
  8. To the best of my knowledge, yeah. Worth having a chat with the fether and seeing what's what - given he's a staunch believer in CBT and he knows about my 'issues'. : for the advice.
  9. I've seen a GP who suggested a 7 week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Course based in Perth. Unfortunately, I move to Edinburgh 5 weeks saturday which would make it... awkward.
  10. I thought I had bipolar because I was showing a lot of the signs of it, not so much of the manic side but there were little things which suggested it. I've yet to see a shrink so we'll see, I could yet be even more nuts than I thought.
  11. What a joke. My mother has bipolar and it can be hereditory, God knows it's almost a fate worse than death having it. The amount and potency of the drugs required just to keep someone stable is insane.
  12. Cheers buddy. Had it for three and a bit years bud, it ain't going anywhere soon. As my boss so excellently put it, "no wonder you're depressed, you're a fucking Saints fan!" Spot on. There are no conspicuous factors that could have caused my depression, it's just there. Sack it, moving in 5 and a half weeks, fresh start in Edinburgh should be more than enough "cure" it.
  13. With patter like yours, no wonder 1 in 6 Scots have depression.
  14. Kris Boyd has just discovered an internet meme... maybe one day he'll discover a vagina...

  15. So I was diagnosed with depression on tuesday... And I'm working all weekend. Not sure what's worse.